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1. Nephritises synonyms, Nephritises pronunciation, Nephritises translation, English dictionary definition of Nephritises


2. Nephritis (plural nephritides or Nephritises) (pathology) Inflammation of the kidney.

Nephritis, Nephritides, Nephritises

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7. Tareyev and the doctrine of Nephritises]


8. As the objective is to get a model that can diagnose one of the diseases, the variable of acute Nephritises diagnosis will be set as unused


9. Nephritises nephritogenic nephro-nephroangiosclerosis: nephroblastema nephroblastoma nephroblastomas nephroblastomata nephroblastomatosis nephrocalcinoses nephrocalcinosis nephrocapsectomy nephrocardiac; Literary usage of Nephritis

Nephritises, Nephritogenic, Nephro, Nephroangiosclerosis, Nephroblastema, Nephroblastoma, Nephroblastomas, Nephroblastomata, Nephroblastomatosis, Nephrocalcinoses, Nephrocalcinosis, Nephrocapsectomy, Nephrocardiac, Nephritis

10. Nephritises; Literary usage of Nephrism

Nephritises, Nephrism

11. The cause of Nephritises is any kind of infection or toxin but the most cause is autoimmune, that affects the major organs like kidneys


12. Among cases of lupus Nephritises, overlapping between these two molecules has not been detected, even within areas of mononuclear interstitial infiltrates (Fig 2F)

Nephritises, Not

13. Because western medicine often employs hormone to treat Nephritises, kidney disease, and Nephrotic syndrome, which can just moderate symptoms, has obvious side-effects

Nephritises, Nephrotic

14. Nephritises, and nyctalopia in China [1-3]

Nephritises, Nyctalopia

15. A lupus nephritis kezelésének irányelvei, valamint a mycofenolat mofetil hatékonyságának bemutatása intézetünk lupus Nephritises betegeinek körében Authors: Melinda Zsuzsanna Szabó 1 and Emese Kiss 1

Nephritis, Nek, Nyelvei, Nak, Nk, Nephritises

16. Között gondozott lupus Nephritises betegek adatait elemeztük


17. The most often reasons of acute kidneys affection are acute glomerulonephrites, interstitial Nephritises, renotrophic intoxications, clottage of renal vessels, kidney infarct, etc


18. Ephesus, Nephritises, Antioch ; Cenchrea, Antioch, Palestine


19. It will be the example of diagnosing of the acute inflammations of urinary bladder and acute Nephritises


20. Stones, jaundice, pertussis, acute and chronic Nephritises, and keratitis [4,8-12]


21. Question: Echinodermatous planular reimpulse Nephritises heart-bound twofold scherzi


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NEPHRITISES [nəˈfrīdəs]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name nephritis mean?

Definition Nephritis is inflammation of the kidney.

What does nephritis, interstitial mean?

Interstitial Interstitial Lung Disease A group of lung conditions that causes scarring of lung tissues. nephritis Nephritis Inflammation of the kidneys that may involve the glomeruli, tubules or interstitial tissue surrounding them. is a kidney condition characterized by swelling in between the kidney tubules. The main functions of your kidneys are to filter your blood and to get rid of waste from your body.

What does nephritic mean?

Definition of nephritis : acute or chronic inflammation of the kidney caused by infection, degenerative process, or vascular disease : acute or chronic inflammation of the kidney affecting the structure (as of the glomerulus or parenchyma) and caused by infection, a degenerative process, or vascular disease — compare nephrosclerosis, nephrosis

What does acute nephritis mean?

Definition. Nephritis is inflammation of the kidney. The most prevalent form of acute nephritis is glomerulonephritis. Acute glomerulonephritis usually develops a few weeks after a strep infection of the throat or skin. Pyelonephritis usually occurs suddenly, and the acute form of this disease is more common in adult women.

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