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1. As Frank sees it, Neostructuralism is an essentially French movement, albeit one with adherents all over the world, that owes its impetus to the events of May '68.


2. Summing up four themes of Neostructuralism (Sunkel, 1993, Bielschowsky, 2009, cited by Ocampo, Ros, 2011 are defined as; "1)The adoption of more active and counter-cyclical macroeconomic policies


3. Weber, Parsons, Foucault and Neostructuralism


4. Latin American Neostructuralism focuses entirely on the institutional, intellectual and policy-production generated by ECLAC and ECLAC-associated intellectuals over the last two decades.


5. Neostructuralism Source: A Dictionary of Critical Theory Author(s): Ian Buchanan


6. What is Neostructuralism? This edition was published in 1989 by University of Minnesota Press in Minneapolis


7. Fernando Leiva analyzes Neostructuralism and questions its credibility as the answer to the region’s economic, political, and social woes


8. What Is Neostructuralism? (Theory and History of Literature, Vol


9. About the product Neostructuralism delves more deeply into the issues addressed in structuralism, aiming to improve positioning in the international economy, boost productive employment creation, reduce structural heterogeneity and improve income distribution, while maintaining financial balances capable of sustaining changes in the sphere of production by means of social and State support.


10. I am unaware of Neostructuralism from Germany as I live in the USA and am mainly exposed to postmodernism, post-structuralism and analytic philosophy


11. This new programming—called Neostructuralism by some analysts—reduces the social and political impact of SAPs through temporary job programs and other relief measures

New, Neostructuralism

12. Underlying the ideological retreat of Neostructuralism, both at ECLAC—the intellectual cradle of classical structuralism—and among Latin American policymakers


13. Search Neostructuralism and thousands of other words in English Cobuild dictionary from Reverso


14. You can complete the definition of Neostructuralism given by the English Cobuild dictionary with other English dictionaries : Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster


15. What does neostructuralist mean? A supporter of Neostructuralism

Neostructuralist, Neostructuralism

16. What Is Neostructuralism? (Theory & History of Literature) (English and German Edition) [Frank, Manfred, Wilke, Sabine, Gray, Richard] on


17. What Is Neostructuralism? (Theory & History of Literature) (English and German Edition)


18. A careful study of Neostructuralism shows how in its zeal for commitment it has incorporated essential positions of the neoclassic approach and ignored others of classic 11 Celso Furtado, Breve introducción al desarrollo

Neostructuralism, Neoclassic

19. The ability of Neostructuralism to present an attractive narrative about a twenty‐first‐century “modernity with solidarity” is based on abandoning key tenets of ECLAC's structuralism and the thinking of Raúl Prebisch and Celso Furtado; namely, a focus on the distribution and appropriation of economic surplus and a framing of Latin

Neostructuralism, Narrative, Namely

20. Descola (despite the shade of Heidegger) commits to a causative argument, indeed one that implies a concern with origins, which threatens to contradict the thrust of his post or Neostructuralism.


21. A supporter of Neostructuralism Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary


22. Neostructuralism and the International Aid Regime of the 2000s,” Progress in Development Studies 11(4) (1 July): 307–319


23. This landmark work is the first sustained critique of Latin American Neostructuralism, the prevailing narrative that has sought to replace “market fundamentalism” and humanize the “savage capitalism” imposed by neoliberal dogmatism.

Neostructuralism, Narrative, Neoliberal

24. Fernando Ignacio Leiva: Latin American Neostructuralism: The Contradictions of Post-Neoliberal Development

Neostructuralism, Neoliberal

25. (Frank proposed the alternate term "Neostructuralism.")


26. This approach bears strong resemblance to the rise of Neostructuralism, a development paradigm that has become highly influential in Latin America. In this article we trace the shifts in the aid regime and ask to what extent the contemporary regime can be defined a postneoliberal paradigm.


27. Neostructuralism, though mainly a critique of neoliberalism, keeps the market-friendly characteristic of neoliberalism but has more concern for the environment (kind of a response to the limits to growth previously put forward)

Neostructuralism, Neoliberalism

28. What does neostructural mean? Relating to Neostructuralism

Neostructural, Neostructuralism

29. Fernando Ignacio Leiva: Latin American Neostructuralism: The Contradictions of Post-Neoliberal Development If these binaries recall the Hegelian-phenomenological tradition, the word "binary" itself connotes structuralism , which typically conceived itself as a repudiation of Hegel-and-after--a repudiation premised on the binary of old/new, as

Neostructuralism, Neoliberal, New

30. Frank_Manfred_What_is_Neostructuralism.pdf ‎ (file size: 28.34 MB, MIME type: application/pdf) File history Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time.


31. Neostructuralism A third distinctive successor to the Washington Consensus, Neostructuralism, moves, in contrast, in a more liberal direction


32. Neostructuralism.- Crisolism considers human reality to be a system of intersubjective relations, creative source of structures and superstructures, interconnected in such a way that the particularity of a fact or phenomenon doesn’t get lost in the structure, but is the neuralgical element of the same.

Neostructuralism, Neuralgical

33. Neostructuralism serves to resurrect the field of development economics from its terminal decline experienced in the 1980s


34. Neostructuralism was being formulated in the context of the ascendance of orthodox economics, that is, economics that is the same in both developing and developed countries


35. Aesthetic theorists will find a curiously developed case of Neostructuralism, and cultural critics will be asked to imagine a praxis in which technology no longer represents an authoritarian opposition

Neostructuralism, No

36. Neostructuralism – takes into account that financial markets have been strongly influenced by their historical (colonial) background – source of inequalities on the global economic market, almost equivalent to post-neoliberalism but more from the perspective of decolonised nations.

Neostructuralism, Neoliberalism, Nations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of structuralism?

Definition of structuralism. 1: psychology concerned especially with resolution of the mind into structural elements. 2: structural linguistics.

Did structuralism influence continental philosophy?

Despite this, many of structuralism's proponents, such as Lacan, continue to assert an influence on continental philosophy and many of the fundamental assumptions of some of structuralism's post-structuralist critics are a continuation of structuralism.

Is structuralism the heir apparent to existentialism?

As an intellectual movement, structuralism was initially presumed to be the heir apparent to existentialism.

Is structuralism post-structuralism?

The uncertain distance between structuralism and post-structuralism is further blurred by the fact that scholars rarely label themselves as post-structuralists. Some scholars associated with structuralism, such as Roland Barthes and Michel Foucault, also became noteworthy in post-structuralism.

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