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1. What does Neostructural mean? Relating to Neostructuralism

Neostructural, Neostructuralism

2. Neostructural (comparative more Neostructural, superlative most Neostructural) Relating to Neostructuralism.

Neostructural, Neostructuralism

3. What does Neostructuralist mean? A supporter of Neostructuralism

Neostructuralist, Neostructuralism

4. The neoliberal and Neostructural reforms channeled through the region’s aid agenda have impacted the kinds of aid modalities used in the region. These approaches hinge upon the effectiveness and sustainability of aid and severely affect the capacity of national governments to manoeuvre and manage large volumes of aid.

Neoliberal, Neostructural, National

5. Moreover, the neoliberal and Neostructural reforms channelled through the region’s aid agenda have impacted the kinds of aid modalities used in the region

Neoliberal, Neostructural

6. This article seeks to trace the political economy of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) from its Neostructural and neoextractivist roots in the 2006 National Development Plan (NDP) through the economic strategy actually implemented by the MAS during its time in government.

Neostructural, Neoextractivist, National, Ndp

7. MNESIS: Memory Neostructural Inter-Systemic model


8. A Neostructural phase transition in the strained Si-Ge alloy is studied, and the order of instability for various possible structures is given


9. It concludes that Cuba's approach did approximate the Neostructural model in a number of important ways

Neostructural, Number

10. The Tunka section of the Baikal rift system presents a uniform alternation of the following Neostructural forms: tilted horsts and asymmetrical block uplifts on the northern flank; the central system of the rift valleys; and the arched uplift of the southern flank

Neostructural, Northern

11. A Neostructural Perspective Joseph R


12. Thus, if the Neostructural paradigm of narrative holds, we have to choose between pretextual desublimation and Sartreist absurdity

Neostructural, Narrative

13. While Neostructural reforms have been heralded to bring forth a more participatory and decentralised modality, there are criticisms that neoliberal reforms still remain in the way donors distribute aid

Neostructural, Neoliberal

14. Upscaling Goffman: Four Principles of Neostructural Interactionism 3


15. This article examines the Chilean case, and proposes that the state has been the engine of this phenomenon through spatial planning instruments that have both neoliberal and Neostructural features, and that are best defined by the

Neoliberal, Neostructural

16. In a sense, von Junz[2] implies that we have to choose between dialectic narrative and Neostructural Marxism

Narrative, Neostructural

17. This chapter reviews the issue of the 'new aid conditionalities' that have accompanied the implementation of the Neostructural aid regime

New, Neostructural

18. A Neostructural sociological approach is then proposed to frame this example in a more general perspective on institution building


19. The subject is interpolated into a capitalist Neostructural theory that includes culture as a whole


20. Amerita Ravuvu, Alec Thornton, Beyond aid distribution: aid effectiveness, neoliberal and Neostructural reforms in pacific island countries, Assessing the Impact of Foreign Aid, 10.1016/B978-0-12-803660-0.00006-4, (79-93), (2016).

Neoliberal, Neostructural

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is neo institutionalism?

Neoinstitutionalism, also spelled neo-institutionalism, also called new institutionalism, methodological approach in the study of political science, economics, organizational behaviour, and sociology in the United States that explores how institutional structures, rules, norms, and cultures constrain...

What is the definition of neofunctionalism?

Neofunctionalism (sociology) Neofunctionalism is the perspective that all integration is the result of past integration.

What is neofunctionalism in sociology?

In sociology, neofunctionalism represents a revival of the thought of Talcott Parsons by Jeffrey C. Alexander, who sees neofunctionalism as having five central tendencies: to create a form of structural functionalism that is multidimensional and includes micro as well as macro levels of analysis

What is post structural functionalism?

The term may also be used to literally describe a social theory that is "post" traditional structural functionalism. Whereas theorists such as Jeffrey C. Alexander openly appropriated the term, others, such as the post-structuralist philosopher Michel Foucault, have been categorized as contemporary functionalists by their critics.

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