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1. Adjectivenearby, next, near, bordering, surrounding, connecting, adjacent, adjoining, abutting, contiguous, nearestMore parents are sending their children to schools in Neighbouring areas

Next, Near, Nearestmore, Neighbouring

2. Neighbouring This current cannot continue through the Neighbouring poorly conducting parts of the wall, and therefore must close through the liquid, thereby forming the vortex


3. From the Cambridge English Corpus Isolates from the same or Neighbouring


4. Definition of Neighbouring in the dictionary

Neighbouring, Net

5. What does Neighbouring mean? Information and translations of Neighbouring in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


6. Synonyms for Neighbouring include bordering, near, nearby, next, surrounding, abutting, adjacent, adjoining, connecting and contiguous

Neighbouring, Near, Nearby, Next

7. is a grass roots effort to help neighbours connect and support one another

Neighbouring, Neighbours

8. Neighbouring 'Neighbouring' is a 12 letter word starting with N and ending with G Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Neighbouring We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Neighbouring will help you to finish your crossword today.


9. Neighbouring (not comparable) (British spelling) Alternative spelling of neighboringVerb []

Neighbouring, Not, Neighboringverb

10. Neighbouring (British spelling) Alternative spelling of neighboring

Neighbouring, Neighboring

11. Neighbouring places or things are near other things of the same kind

Neighbouring, Near

12. Rwanda is to hold talks with leaders of Neighbouring countries next week.the hotel's boutique and neighboring shops

Neighbouring, Next, Neighboring

13. Synonyms: nearby, next, near, bordering More Synonyms of Neighbouring

Nearby, Next, Near, Neighbouring

14. Neighbouring places are next to or near each other.

Neighbouring, Next, Near

15. Neighbouring is an alternative form of neighboring

Neighbouring, Neighboring

16. Neighboring is an alternative form of Neighbouring. As adjectives the difference between neighboring and Neighbouring is that neighboring is (us) situated or living nearby or adjacent to while Neighbouring is (britishcanada) situated or …

Neighboring, Neighbouring, Nearby

17. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English neigh‧bour‧ing British English, neighboring American English /ˈneɪbərɪŋ/ ●○○ adjective [ only before noun] near the place where you are or the place you are talking about SYN nearby, → bordering The fair attracted hundreds of people from the Neighbouring towns and villages.

Neigh, Neighboring, Ne, Noun, Near, Nearby, Neighbouring

18. What does Neighbouring mean? (UK, Canada) Situated or living nearby or adjacent to

Neighbouring, Nearby

19. Definition of Neighbouring adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


20. Synonyms for Neighbouring in Free Thesaurus


21. 11 synonyms for Neighbouring: nearby, next, near, bordering, surrounding, connecting, adjacent

Neighbouring, Nearby, Next, Near

22. Dictionary entry overview: What does Neighbouring mean? • Neighbouring (adjective) The adjective Neighbouring has 1 sense:


23. Situated near one another Familiarity information: Neighbouring used as an adjective is very rare.

Near, Neighbouring

24. Definition of Neighbouring (adjective): near each other

Neighbouring, Near

25. Neighbouring Countries of India is the general awareness topic which is very essential to crack various government exams


26. Verify the content provided in this article about India and their Neighbouring countries and improve your general knowledge in dealing with the questions related to the Geography of India.


27. Neighbouring China is a research project initiated by Martin Saxer in 2010


28. Neighbouring rights collections have become more important than ever, and are currently one of the music industry’s fastest-growing revenue streams


29. The ‘Neighbouring Countries of India’ is an important General Awareness topic for the various Government exams conducted in the country


30. Here, we identify a lncRNA transcribed from the antisense strand of Neighbouring gene LRK (leucine-rich …


31. Neighbouring Pt monomers were achieved by increasing the Pt mass loading up to 7.5% while maintaining the atomic dispersion of Pt


32. Mechanistic studies reveal that Neighbouring Pt monomers not only worked in synergy to vary the reaction barrier, but also underwent distinct reaction paths compared with isolated monomers.

Neighbouring, Not

33. Neighbouring Rights is increasingly becoming a major player in revenues for performers all around the world


34. Having consistently grown in the past 10 years, Neighbouring Rights are now a steady royalties

Neighbouring, Now

35. Neighbouring rights deals only with the latter – the actual sound recording – and its public broadcast, which covers off retail, restaurants and nightclubs, broadcast media (TV, on-demand TV, etc.), and all forms of radio – digital, online, and that little box thing in the common room at your grandfather’s retirement home.

Neighbouring, Nightclubs

36. The presence of soldiers from Neighbouring Eritrea has been widely documented, but repeatedly denied by Addis Ababa and Asmara


37. Alula Habteab, who heads the interim administration's construction, road and transport department, appeared to openly criticise soldiers from Eritrea, as well as the Neighbouring Amhara region, for their actions during the conflict.


38. The other is performance rights collection agency Kobalt Neighbouring Rights (KNR), which has distributed more than $250 million to over 2,000 artist and label clients since 2013, including the likes …


39. What does Neighbouring-groups mean? Of Neighbouring group


40. All Games > Indie Games > My Train Arrives > Downloadable Content > My Train Arrives - Neighbouring cities


41. My Train Arrives - Neighbouring cities


42. 1 day ago · IPOH – Building a joint water treatment plant (LRA) in the main river basin between Neighbouring states can save construction costs and help treat raw water into clean water supply for the people, said Environment and Water Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

Nbsp, Neighbouring

43. The Neighbouring hills.docx - There can be little doubt that this tortoise is an of the Galapagos for it is found on all or nearly all,the islands even

Neighbouring, Nearly

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of neighbouring?

1. a district or area, especially in a town or city. a poor neighbourhood. 2. a district or area surrounding a particular place. He lives somewhere in the neighbourhood of the station. a system allowing organized groups of people to police their neighbourhoods to prevent crime. near or next in place. France and Belgium are neighbouring countries.

What does neighboring mean?

neighboring (Am) [ˈneɪb/ ... a district or area surrounding a particular place.

What is the adjective for neighboring?

British English: neighbouring ADJECTIVE. Neighbouring places or things are near other things of the same kind. They will hold talks with leaders of neighbouring countries next week. American English: neighboring. Brazilian Portuguese: vizinho. Chinese: 邻近的. European Spanish: vecino. French: voisin.

What is the definition of neighbors?

a person who lives near another. a person or thing that is near another. one's fellow human being: to be generous toward one's less fortunate neighbors. a person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward his or her fellow humans: to be a neighbor to someone in distress.

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