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1. Negationist definition: a person who denies or refutes something Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


2. All together, these dynamics are seen as producing a Negationist or apologetic outlook, which minimizes Stalin's crimes, relativizes them in comparison to other injustices wrought domestically or by other states abroad, and justifies them as instrumentally necessary for some greater cause (especially for victory in the Great Patriotic War).

Negationist, Necessary

3. Negationist (Noun) One who revises history in order to omit something that actually happened. How to pronounce Negationist?

Negationist, Noun

4. Negacionista (masculine and feminine plural negacionistes) denialist, denier, negationist (relating to denial in a controversial debate)

Negacionista, Negacionistes, Ne

5. The Negationist offers a cohesive and measured take on the genre, brimming with leads and melodies from not only the guitar but occasional strings as well, and accented with plenty of blast-beat passages and impassioned yowls

Negationist, Not

6. 3 hours ago · Reginaldo Faria proves that he took the vaccine: ‘I am not a Negationist’ – 03/24/2021 – Hello

Nbsp, Not, Negationist

7.Negationist by Suntetic & Sasha Makin on Apple Music Album · 2012 · 10 Songs


8. "The Negationist" Digipack CD and lady t-shirt design by Jon Toussas (Graphic No Jutsu)

Negationist, No

9. Includes unlimited streaming of The Negationist via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more


10. None among us would defend a Holocaust Negationist paper

None, Negationist

11. What can be called ‘Negationist’ and ‘bollox’? Negationism: The revision of history in order to omit something that actually happened

Negationist, Negationism

12. Journalistic imbroglio against a backdrop of Negationist theses


13. “The Negationist is Aeolian’s sophomore album, after releasing "Silent Witness" back in 2018, and details their environmental concerns and the disastrous impact the human race has had on ‘Mother Nature’ over 11 pulsating songs.

Negationist, Nature

14. The Negationist is a beautiful ode to the majesty of the natural world and a call to action for mankind

Negationist, Natural

15. Congratulations on the upcoming release of The Negationist


16. What is the definition of Negationist? What is the meaning of Negationist? How do you use Negationist in a sentence? What are synonyms for Negationist?


17. Key to appreciating The Negationist is a recognition of the key mood in this style.Æolian have grasped the essence of juxtaposing extreme and melodic metal, namely that the struggle and effort of the heavier parts should accentuate and contrast the freedom of the melodies, creating a particular bittersweet feeling.

Negationist, Namely

18. Negationist inscriptions; On a photo uploaded by the Popular in the center, we see the word “martyr” scratched in paint, a blue tarpaulin covering inscriptions


19. But perhaps none compares with the outright Negationist attitude the Brazilian head of state has adopted toward the corona pandemic

None, Negationist

20. 2 days ago · Caneladas do Vitão: Pandemia is not the only factor that is killing the Negationist Brazilian football – 03/21/2021 – Sport; James Middleton reveals method for training a dog to ‘sit and stay’ Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News March 21; Palestinians and Israelis Both Vote Soon

Nbsp, Not, Negationist, News

21. The Negationist by Æolian, released 20 November 2020 1

Negationist, November

22. Reborn their second album titled ‘The Negationist’ where darkness and hope merge in an introspective trip marked by the damage we are doing to our own planet and how …


23. Definição de Negationist: a person who denies or refutes something Significado, pronúncia, traduções e exemplos

Negationist, Ncia

24. AEolian The Negationist review Melodic Death Metal


25. Spanish act Æolian impressed the hell out of me with their debut Silent Witness, and I'm happy to say that their latest album, The Negationist, has further cemented my belief that these lads are onto something special.This is very much a continuation of the last album, with a striking sense of melody that does a great job balancing out their


26. Negationist tendencies can mainly be found in internet forums that generally do not attract the attention of historians

Negationist, Not

27. Negationists also maintain blogs and succeed in …


28. Negationist / DENIER — Their name for anyone who speaks the truth and says its a Scamdemic not a pandemic

Negationist, Name, Not

29. Koichi Sugiyama is a fool old man and a Negationist of Japan's WW2 crimes, but his work on the Dragon Quest series is very good and I like it (I repeat, I like his work, but not what he is or what he think)

Negationist, Not

30. The Lost Cause of the Confederacy, or simply the Lost Cause, is an American pseudo-historical, [1] [2] Negationist ideology that advocates the belief that the cause of the Confederate States during the American Civil War was a just and heroic one


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does negationist mean?

Definition of negationist. : an adherent of a doctrine or theory of mere negation.

What is the definition of negation?

Definition of negation. 1a : the action or logical operation of negating or making negative. b : a negative statement, judgment, or doctrine especially : a logical proposition formed by asserting the falsity of a given proposition — see Truth Table. 2a : something that is the absence of something actual : nonentity.

What does the name negation mean?

something that is without existence; nonentity. the absence or opposite of something that is actual, positive, or affirmative: Darkness is the negation of light. a negative statement, idea, concept, doctrine, etc.; a contradiction, refutation, or rebuttal: a shameless lie that demands a negation.

What does negacioun mean in Latin?

Middle English negacioun "denial, negative assertion," borrowed from Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French negaciun, borrowed from Latin negātiōn-, negātiō "denial, refusal," from negāre "to deny, say no" + -tiōn-, -tiō, suffix of action nouns — more at negate.

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