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1. Neckmould meaning (architecture) A small convex moulding surrounding a column at the junction of the shaft and capital.


2. Neckmould (noun) a small convex molding surrounding a column at the jinction of the shaft and capital How to pronounce Neckmould?

Neckmould, Noun

3. Neckmould (plural Neckmoulds) (architecture) A small convex moulding surrounding a column at the junction of the shaft and capital.

Neckmould, Neckmoulds

4. What does Neckmoulds mean? Plural form of Neckmould

Neckmoulds, Neckmould

5. Plain Shaft with Neckmould Applied Optional Adhesive Split Kit


6. Required for a quote: Column shaft width Tuscan or Attic cap and base Height including cap and base Tapered or Non-Tapered With Neckmould (as pictured) Milling options if anyInterior Plain Stain Grade Columns in virtually any specie - Hardwood or Softwood.

Non, Neckmould

7. Neckmould là gì: đường trang trí viền quanh cổ cột,

Neckmould, Ng

8. What is the meaning of Neckmould


9. Alternative form of Neckmould Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary


10. Neckmould Brunsell Lumber & Millwork Neck-14 1 1/2” 1/16” radius Neck-9 Neck-10 Neck-11 Neck-12 Neck-13 Neck Mould-14

Neckmould, Neck

11. Neckmould - A small convex molding surrounding a column at the junction of the shaft and capital


12. Plain Shaft with Neckmould Applied


13. Fluted Shaft with Neckmould Applied


14. Download Image of Neckmould - Free for commercial use, no attribution required

Neckmould, No

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16. Missing Neckmould above right pillar


17. The jambs, of two square orders, have a nookshaft in each jamb with enriched capitals: the eastern, of cushion form, has a small pelleted angle-mould rising from a human head set upside down, and its vertical faces have sunk panels with pellet edging; the Neckmould is cabled.

Nookshaft, Neckmould

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Nichole, Neckmould

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Neckmould, Neckyoke

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