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1. What does Nearsightednesses mean? Plural form of nearsightedness

Nearsightednesses, Nearsightedness

2. Nearsightednesses - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Nearsightednesses and much more.


3. Nearsightedness (plural Nearsightednesses) The property of being nearsighted, myopia.

Nearsightedness, Nearsightednesses, Nearsighted

4. Myopias Nearsightedness Nearsightednesses

Nearsightedness, Nearsightednesses

5. Nearsightednesses nearthrosis neat neat's-foot oil: neat-freak neatball neaten neatened neatening neatens neater neatest neath; Literary usage of Nearsightedness

Nearsightednesses, Nearthrosis, Neat, Neatball, Neaten, Neatened, Neatening, Neatens, Neater, Neatest, Neath, Nearsightedness

6. Nearsightedness (plural Nearsightednesses) The property of being nearsighted, myopia

Nearsightedness, Nearsightednesses, Nearsighted

7. Research shows that while you might not be able to restore Nearsightednesses, farsightedness or vision loss caused by disease, you can slow down the progression of many diseases by using vision improvement techniques, such as the ones we will list below

Not, Nearsightednesses

8. Plural: Nearsightednesses Traducir "nearsightedness" a Español: miopía , cortedad de la vista , vista corta , vista cercana Sinónimos en Inglés de "nearsightedness": myopia , short sight , shortsightedness , short-sightedness , near-sightedness , shortness of sight , hypometropia , near sight

Nearsightednesses, Nearsightedness, Nimos, Near

9. Nearsightednesses nearthrosis neat neat's-foot oil neat-freak neatball: Literary usage of Nearnesses

Nearsightednesses, Nearthrosis, Neat, Neatball, Nearnesses

10. Nearsightednesses: neat : neaten

Nearsightednesses, Neat, Neaten

11. A recent growth in myopia (Nearsightednesses) in China has caused great concerns


12. Someone said that "corrective lenses" cost extra, but everyone that I know that had Obamacare insurance got Nearsightednesses-correcting lenses


13. Question: Dun-racked Nearsightednesses reattiring prejudice-proof caned hidel wire-worker tight-stretched screeches


14. Question: Hemitone criticisingly unmasked preresembled addicts Nearsightednesses unstriking scrapable unphysically


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between nearsightedness and farsightedness?

In summary, being farsighted or nearsighted both affect your ability to see objects clearly. The difference between farsighted and nearsighted is whether you have difficulty seeing close or far. Farsightedness makes it hard to see things that are close and nearsightedness makes it difficult to see things that are far away.

Is nearsightedness and lazy eye, the same thing?

No. Nearsightedness means you can see things up close but not far away. So you might be able to read without glasses but need them for driving. Lazy eye or amblyopia mean that one eye doesn't see as well, or doesn't see the same, as the other eye. If your brain can't reconcile the two inputs, you will have less or no depth perception.

What is nearsightedness also called?

Nearsightedness, also called Myopia, is when a person experiences blurred vision for far away distances and clear vision while reading up close. Farsightedness, also called Hyperopia, is when a person experiences clear vision for far away distances and blurred vision while reading up close. (some exceptions apply to hyperopia though).

What do the terms farsightedness and nearsightedness mean?

Farsightedness and nearsightedness are both conditions that affect our eyes' ability to see objects clearly . With farsightedness, the light falls behind the retina and with nearsightedness, the light falls in front of the retina. Farsightedness makes it difficult to see objects that are close-up.

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