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1. In economics, near money is a narrowly defined component of the money supply and is used to help determine the actual money supply of the economy. Near moneys are a part of the classification of assets as either M1, M2, and M3

Near, Narrowly

2. On measuring the nearness of Near moneys 181 of money substitutes

Nearness, Near

3. What is included in Near moneys


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5. Local towns Near moneys Corner, VA


6. The Near moneys are certainly not as much liquid as money proper

Near, Not

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of near money?

Examples of near money include:

  • Foreign currencies: especially the most widely-traded ones such as the US dollar, euro, British pound or Japanese yen.
  • Savings accounts.
  • Money market funds: open-ended mutual funds that invest in short-term debt securities such as commercial paper and US Treasury bills.
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    What is the difference between money and near-money?

    What is the difference between Money and Near-Money?

  • Definition: Money consists of coins, currency notes and demand deposits of the banks. ...
  • Liquidity: Money possesses 100 per cent liquidity; i.e., it is perfectly liquid or can be readily acceptable as a means of payment.
  • Function: Money serves as a unit of account or a common measure of value. ...
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    What does near money include?

    Near money or quasi-money consists of highly liquid assets which are not cash but can easily be converted into cash. Examples of near money are as follows: Savings accounts. Money market funds. Bank time deposits (certificates of deposit) Government treasury securities (such as T-bills) Bonds near their redemption date.

    What is near money?

    Definition: Near Money. Near money is a term used in economics to describe the non-cash items or assets which are highly liquid and hence can be quickly converted to cash. Near money can also be defined as those assets which themselves are not medium of exchange but can be readily exchanged or converted into some medium of exchange.

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