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1. Naysayer definition, a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views: Despite a general feeling that things were going well, a few Naysayers tried to cast gloom

Naysayer, Negative, Naysayers

2. Naysayers synonyms, Naysayers pronunciation, Naysayers translation, English dictionary definition of Naysayers


3. Naysayers are distinguished by their tendency to consistently view the glass half empty, make frequent one-way trips to negative town, and constantly emphasize the worst of a situation

Naysayers, Negative

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6. While searching our database we found 1 possible solution for the: Naysayers crossword clue.This crossword clue was last seen on April 11 2021 New York Times Crossword puzzle.The solution we have for Naysayers has a total of 9 letters.

Naysayers, New

7. “It could be that humans are wired to be natural Naysayers,” according to

Natural, Naysayers

8. Planting Naysayers is an excellent way to lengthen any piece of writing


9. Toxic Naysayers can quickly bring the productivity of a meeting to a standstill by interrupting, spewing negativity, and launching relentless criticisms toward anyone who presents an idea.

Naysayers, Negativity

10. Definition of Naysayers in the dictionary

Naysayers, Net

11. What does Naysayers mean? Information and translations of Naysayers in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


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13. The Naysayers said that a group of young amateurs from this country couldn’t beat the Soviets at ice hockey


14. The Naysayers are not with those who have examined certain programs such as the SGW and found it wanting by means of evaluating the speakers; the true Naysayers are those who refuse to follow the Scriptures as taught by the Lord, Paul, Peter, and John

Naysayers, Not

15. These Naysayers are paid a lot of money to deny the truth about the health effects of mold and other indoor contaminants.


16. Incorporating the concept of "Naysayers" into your writing is a necessary and important skill that one should learn

Naysayers, Necessary

17. They are the same Naysayers who went to town to misinform the populace when ex-president Kufuor introduced the National Health Insurance Scheme to do away with the killer cash and carry system of

Naysayers, National

18. Damn the Naysayers shares the intimate true story of how one man made a differencenot just in medicine but in the lives of many people around the world


19. On this page you will find the solution to Naysayers crossword clue crossword clue


20. Naysayers tend to discourage and speak negatively to anyone who is trying to do something big or great

Naysayers, Negatively

21. Naysayers are negative people often filled with envy who pull down the legs of others

Naysayers, Negative

22. Stakeholder Naysayers: When it comes to the job hunt, your stakeholders are the people whose lives are directly affected by your transition choices.For senior military in their 40s and 50s, this


23. Because of Me, Naysayers and doubters will try to make an example out of you by trying you before rulers and kings


24. Another way to handle Naysayers, even if they’re family, friends, or employees, is to prove them wrong with hard, cold facts


25. 1 day ago · “Naysayers” Atkins told the Florida Theatre crowd that he plans to approach the DIA in July with an official development pitch

Nbsp, Naysayers

26. Atkins recognized what he called likely “Naysayers” who will push back against the project’s viability.


27. Synonyms for Naysayers in Free Thesaurus


28. What are synonyms for Naysayers?


29. Naysayers are like crabs in a bucket


30. Synonyms for Naysayers include cynics, doubters, misanthropes, pessimists, killjoys, defeatists, complainers, downers, sourpusses and wet blankets


31. “The Naysayers, they don’t mean a thing.” – Venus Williams “As an artist you need the Naysayers and nonbelievers to add fuel to your creative fire.” – Ice T

Naysayers, Need, Nonbelievers

32. “Keep moving forward, don’t listen to the Naysayers, persevere, be persistent.” – Rudy Ruettiger


33. "Naysayers" Salted earth and indifferent skies This was not the town that he left behind Killing for a piece of coal Kneel, prey, take the dole Starve em out, and throw 'em in the snow And no That's no way to watch your poor mother go The landlord's dwelling sat on top of the hill

Naysayers, Not, No

34. The Naysayers argue that his was a view of human nature stripped of all love

Naysayers, Nature

35. Times, Sunday Times (2013) If he does that, he can prove his Naysayers wrong


36. Times, Sunday Times (2015) Afren proved Naysayers wrong, met annual production targets and saw in the new year with a bang.

Naysayers, New

37. The truth about Naysayers is, you’ve pushed a button


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NAYSAYERS [ˈnāˌsāər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name naysayers mean?

Wiktionary (3.00 / 3 votes)Rate this definition: naysayer (Noun) One who consistently denies, criticizes, or doubts; a detractor. Etymology: nay + say + -er.

What does the name naysay mean?

A refusal, denial, gainsay, disagreement or negation. (chiefly US) Alternative spelling of nay-say. say no to; deny, disagree, or oppose.

What does naysayers mean?

Definition of naysayer : one who denies, refuses, opposes, or is skeptical or cynical about something There are always naysayers who say it can't be done. formal : a person who says something will not work or is not possible : a person who denies, refuses, or opposes something

What is another word for naysayers?

naysayer - someone with an aggressively negative attitude. obstructer, obstructionist, obstructor, resister, thwarter - someone who systematically obstructs some action that others want to take. technophobe - a person who dislikes or avoids new technology.

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