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Looking for sentences with "Navigate"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Steer 2. Helm 3. Traverse 4. Negotiate 5. Cover 6. Sail 7. Cruise 8. Cross 9. Traverse 10. Negotiate 11. Steer 12. Pilot 13. Guide 14. Maneuver 15. Direct 16. Handle 17. Drive 18. Skipper 19. Captain 20. Con ...21. Helm 22. Legal See more »
1. Sailors have special equipment to help them navigate
2. I'll drive you take the map and navigate
3. Pigeons navigate less accurately when the earth's magnetic field is disturbed
4. Larger ships will be able to navigate the river after the main channel is deepened
5. I don't like having to navigate London's crowded streets
6. Early explorers used to navigate by the stars
7. The river became too narrow and shallow to navigate
8. I'll drive and you can navigate
9. Such boats can navigate on the Nile
10. We managed to navigate our way through the forest
11. The river is too dangerous to navigate
12. These birds navigate by the sun
13. How do you navigate your way through a forest?
14. My duty is to navigate
15. The magazine's website is easy to navigate
16. He's too tired to navigate
17. We had to navigate several flights of stairs to find his office
18. Even ancient ships were able to navigate large stretches of open water
19. Those who successfully navigate this social minefield are accepted by the royal family
20. In tests the bees navigate back home after being placed in a field a mile away
21. He was the first man to navigate the Atlantic alone
22. There weren't any road signs to help us navigate through the maze of one-way streets
23. In the corridors he let her navigate her own way round the trolleys and other obstacles
24. He left her to navigate her own way round the trolleys and other obstacles
25. A solicitor will help you navigate the complex legal system
26. He was not able to walk without a cane and could only navigate steps backwards
27. Their website is fairly plain but very easy to navigate
28. The rocks and sandbanks make the river hard to navigate
29. When travelling on fast roads at night it is impossible to drive and navigate at the same time
30. How to use navigate in a sentence. Example sentences with the word navigate. navigate example sentences.
31. navigate definition is - to travel by water : sail. How to use navigate in a sentence.
32. You can handle the failure directly in the event handler, or you can set the NavigationFailedEventArgs.Handled property to true and use the navigate method return value to respond to the failure. Apps typically use GetNavigationState to serialize the frame’s state when the app suspends.
33. Navigate, our Student Success Management System, is an enterprise-level technology that links administrators, advisors, deans, faculty, other staff, and students in a Coordinated Care Network designed to help community colleges and universities proactively manage student success and deliver a return on education.
34. To navigate programmatically in Angular, use the Router service that we inject into our component. The Angular 10 Router service provides two methods that you can use to navigate from one component to other components in your component class instead of using the RouterLink directive in the template, as we have just seen.
35. How to navigate by the Stars. Before the GPS, before the compass, your main means of finding your way was to navigate by the stars. Although today's technology makes finding your way easier, it's still fun to learn how to navigate by the
36. Windows has many keyboard shortcuts available to navigate and work across the operating system faster and more efficiently. Most Windows keyboard shortcuts rely on the Windows logo key, Alt, and
37. navigate transforms the traditional teaching and learning environment by bringing together authoritative and interactive content aligned to course objectives. Access Codes to navigate course materials, including a complete eBook with interactive tools, are more affordable than the print textbook.
38. EAB navigate is the primary system advisors and support network members at CSU use to record interactions with students. It features: Advanced Search – Student Population Lists
39. DUS navigate is public. However, Form 4660 is only accessible to registered Fannie Mae Multifamily users. If you have access to other Fannie Mae Multifamily applications, please use the same credentials to access the DUS navigate by clicking on "Login" link located at the top right corner on https://.
40. Corporate trainer Hannah Githuki is using Vision Board Parties to help people navigate the Covid economy. The founder of Insideout Development is set to hold a series of Vision Board Parties
41. You can use navigate to create or update context variables of the new screen. As an optional third argument, pass a record that contains the context-variable name as a column name and the new value for the context variable. This record is the same as the record that you use with the UpdateContext function.
42. Navigating Using Code You can also navigate imperatively by using the code. This is done using the router service, which provides navigate and navigatebyUrl methods via which you can perform route changes.
43. navigate is here! Stay connected to your advisors and fellow students with the navigate Student app. Use it to: Schedule an appointment with your SEEK Counselor, Honor’s Advisor, or Undergraduate Academic Advisor Connect with campus resources
44. navigate is designed to assist you with your academic success by centralizing advising and tutoring appointment scheduling. For specific questions about Navigate, contact your academic advisor. How to access navigate The first step is to log-on to navigate by heading to the navigate web portal.
45. What is Navigate? navigate is a software designed specifically for STLCC students. navigate has been designed to help students get ready for college and access campus resources quickly and easily. Stay updated on important deadlines, events, and activities
46. navigate is a student success management system. The software supports the advising workflow and student planning by incorporating the best practices into UW-Green Bay’s student success and advising programs.

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