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1. Naturalize definition is - to confer the rights of a national on; especially : to admit to citizenship

Naturalize, National

2. How to use Naturalize in a sentence.


3. Naturalize definition, to confer upon (an alien) the rights and privileges of a citizen


4. Naturalize synonyms, Naturalize pronunciation, Naturalize translation, English dictionary definition of Naturalize


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14. Naturalize: 1 v make into a citizen “The French family was Naturalized last year” Synonyms: naturalise Antonyms: denaturalise , deNaturalize strip of the rights and duties of citizenship Type of: alter , change , modify cause to change; make different; cause a transformation v adopt to another place “The stories had become Naturalized into an

Naturalize, Naturalized, Naturalise

15. Naturalize (third-person singular simple present Naturalizes, present participle naturalizing, simple past and past participle Naturalized) To grant citizenship to someone not born a citizen To acclimatize an animal or plant

Naturalize, Naturalizes, Naturalizing, Naturalized, Not

16. Definition of Naturalize in the dictionary

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17. What does Naturalize mean? Information and translations of Naturalize in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


18. //Naturalize: Change all stone, grass_blocks, and dirt in the region to: - 1 layer of grass on top - 3 layers of dirt underneath - The rest are stones underneath This will only affect stones (ID: 1), grass_blocks (ID:2), and dirt (ID:3)


19. ‘To Naturalize bulbs in your lawn, choose bulbs that blossom and fade before grass grows vigorously and requires mowing: crocus, winter aconite, snowdrops, and scilla.’ ‘If its soil is well drained, this little plant with its peculiarly shaped tubers will have no trouble naturalizing.’

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20. Find 12 ways to say Naturalize, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


21. Naturalize meaning, definition, what is Naturalize: if someone who was born outside the coun: Learn more.


22. Naturalize definition: To Naturalize a species of plant means to start it growing in an area where it is not Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Naturalize, Not

23. What does Naturalize mean? To grant full citizenship to (one of foreign birth)


24. Definition of Naturalize written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Naturalize, Noncount, Noun

25. See authoritative translations of Naturalize in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


26. 1 [transitive] Naturalize somebody to make someone who was not born in a particular country a citizen of that country a Naturalized American who was born in Poland He was Naturalized as …

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27. [transitive] Naturalize somebody to make somebody who was not born in a particular country a citizen of that country a Naturalized American who was born in Poland; He was Naturalized as a British citizen in 1940

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28. Definition and synonyms of Naturalize from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


29. This is the British English definition of Naturalize.View American English definition of Naturalize.


30. Once I Naturalize, can she Naturalize after just three years of permanent residence rather than …


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32. Naturalize Charlotte is a group of organizations assisting in a collaborative effort to increase naturalizations among eligible residents through dissemination of information, classes, community support and volunteerism.

Naturalize, Naturalizations

33. Synonyms for Naturalize in Free Thesaurus


34. 15 synonyms for Naturalize: domesticate, establish, introduce, adapt, acclimatize, grant citizenship to, enfranchise, give a passport to, naturalise, naturalise

Naturalize, Naturalise

35. What are synonyms for Naturalize?


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40. Naturalize Charlotte is a group of organizations assisting in a collaborative effort to increase naturalizations among eligible residents through dissemination of information, classes, community support and volunteerism.

Naturalize, Naturalizations

41. To Naturalize in 2019 were from Mexico and nearly 50 percent were from North America (Tables 2 and 3).5 The next leading country of birth was the People’s Republic of China (China), with five percent, followed by the Philippines, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic with four percent each

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42. Synonyms for Naturalize include absorb, adopt, assimilate, incorporate, accept, acculturate, homogenise, homogenize, accustom and adapt


43. Naturalize (v.) 1550s, "admit (an alien) to rights of a citizen" (implied in Naturalized), from natural (adj.) in its etymological sense of "by birth" + -ize.In some instances from French naturaliser.Of words or expressions, "adopt as native or vernacular," 1590s.

Naturalize, Naturalized, Natural, Naturaliser, Native

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NATURALIZE [ˈnaCH(ə)rəˌlīz]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of naturalization law?

Naturalization Law refers to the legal processes affecting the choice to adopt the nationality of a nation by an individual who is not a citizen of that country at the time of their birth. In the United States, there are several requirements that must be met before a person can obtain citizenship or, in some cases,...

What is the meaning of naturalistic?

Definition of naturalistic : of, characterized by, or according with naturalism : looking like what appears in nature : not looking artificial or man-made : using naturalism in art or literature : showing people or things as they really are

What does the term naturalized plant mean?

Naturalized plants are those that have become established as a part of the plant life of a region other than their place of origin . So, to qualify for such status, two conditions must be met: The plant in question must be foreign ("exotic," "introduced," and "alien" are other names used to tell you that a plant is of foreign origin).

What is the definition of naturally?

Definition of naturally. 1 : by nature : by natural character or ability naturally timid. 2 : according to the usual course of things : as might be expected we naturally dislike being hurt.

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