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1. Nativize meaning To make native; to incorporate into native culture

Nativize, Native

2. India has Nativized the English language.


3. Nativize (third-person singular simple present Nativizes, present participle nativizing, simple past and past participle Nativized) (transitive) To make native; to incorporate into native culture

Nativize, Nativizes, Nativizing, Nativized, Native

4. India has Nativized the English language.


5. Nativize (v.) 1933, in linguistics, "adapt (a loan-word) to the phonetic structure of the native language," from native (adj.) + -ize.

Nativize, Native

6. English-born, Chicago-raised music artist Dashdown shares a toke of indigenous love on his forthcoming indie rocker LP 'Nativize'


7. The past tense of Nativize is Nativized

Nativize, Nativized

8. See all forms of Nativize with easy examples.


9. This video shows you how to pronounce Nativized


10. Hello and welcome everyone to my NativizeWP Review where I will be telling you about the details and working of the amazing Nativize WP WordPress Plugin which is a special tool for you, especially if you are an online marketer.

Nativizewp, Nativize

11. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of Nativize; Anagrams []


12. Good Inclusion To Nativize Ayyappanum Koshiyum Remake • By Mirchi9 • January 15, 2021


13. Translate and Nativize your content for a lots of websites, languages, and region


14. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of Nativize; Nativized

Nativize, Nativized

15. Simple past tense and past participle of Nativize; Examples: “A creole is a Nativized pidgin, expanded in form and function to meet the communicative needs of a community of native speakers

Nativize, Nativized, Needs, Native

16. If you're finding your blueprints to be too slow, let Unreal "Nativize" your blueprints before resorting to rewriting the code in c++


17. Nativized Blueprints are stored in a new, separate module, which means that headers from the gameplay module are now used outside of their original module

Nativized, New, Now

18. Specifically, we propose that firms increase flexibility in global value chains in response to skepticism of cross‐border trade, rework the localization of global operations to deal with skepticism of cross‐border investment, use lobbying in global finance to address skepticism of cross‐border finance, Nativize the global workforce in


19. During the Thaw, a general liberalization of Soviet life in the late 1950s and early 1960s, an attempt was made in Latvia to reverse this trend and to Nativize the political and administrative elite


20. Nativize Blueprint assets speed vs C++ 07-27-2016, 09:02 PM


21. With the Nativize BP assets option on in the project settings, do you get any benefits from using C++ outside of the argument that one might prefer it? And by prefer I just mean someone might be more used


22. A concerted effort made to Nativize the party and especially its ruling cadres triggered a wholesale purge in 1959 of indigenous high-level officials


23. Exclusive: This will only Nativize Blueprint assets that are specified in the List of Blueprint assets to Nativize option, below this option For the most part, you will want to choose the Exclusive option, as this will keep the final executable from growing Get quickly up to speed on the latest tech


24. The American accent is truly the very prerequisite of coolness these days: to "Nativize" oneself in the rich American popular culture requires a considerable mastery of that peculiar pronunciation, and such mastery is not that easy to attain unless one is prepared to spend countless hours through immersion in movies and songs, or better yet

Nativize, Not

25. November 7 A Nativize your yard presentation for The Anna Maria Garden Club which has a mission to Nativize the whole island

November, Nativize

26. Using Morphology to Nativize Vocabulary Alice C


27. Go to the BP object you want to Nativize (Block_BP for this example) and open up “Class Settings” and tick the Nativize option


28. Enable Block_BP to be Nativized before packaging


29. This is all you need to do to Nativize a BP object

Need, Nativize

30. Nativize: bool: If true adds -NativizeAssets to the command line

Nativize, Nativizeassets

31. A particularity of peninsular Spanish is that there is a tendency to Nativize the pronunciation of non-Spanish words so that they fit properly into Spanish phonetic patterns

Nativize, Non

32. I am trying to Nativize a few of my Pawns and other expensive actors in my mainly Blueprints based project but I am getting lots of errors like, Code: UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): Module.NativizedAssets.7_of_13.cpp UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): D:\Unreal_Projects\ProcterC\Intermediate\Plugins\NativizedAssets\Windows\Game

Nativize, Nativizedassets

33. Whenthey Nativize foreign words containing the letter <a>, they have to decide whether to go by the spelling and as sign the foreign vowel to English short- or Iong-a, or to go by the sound, in which case British speakers assign it to broad-a - /ah/ -and Americans to short-o -/o/


34. Included an economic case study on China’s efforts to Nativize its information and


35. In fact, the objective of reformist Muslims is to reconcile Islam and modernity or, as some have maintained, to Nativize modernity in Muslims societies


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is nativism and why did it happen?

Nativism is an anti-catholic and anti-immigrant movement. It became really big because in 1834 nativists had burned down a convent in Massachusetts, not 10 years later some rioters then burned down two churches in Phili. There was a long period in which many immigrants came to america which caused many natives of America to feel less valued or taken over and they did not like this.

What exactly is nativism?

Nativism, in general, refers to a policy or belief that protects or favors the interest of the native population of a country over the interests of immigrants .

How can nativism best be described?

Nativism is best described as the belief that the interests of native citizens should come before the interests of outsiders.

What were the causes of nativism?

The term "nativism" refers to a strong preference for the inhabitants of a country or region and an opposition to immigration into that area. Nativism might arise for ethnic, religious, cultural or racial reasons. In many cases, it arises out of fear that the immigrants will reduce the social, economic,...

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