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1. Nasogastrically (not comparable)

Nasogastrically, Not

2. Review Article Therapeutic concerns when oral medications are administered Nasogastrically L.-L


3. Nasogastrically fed patients.30 The incidence of aspiration, however, wasonly 1-4% of634 patients fed by continuous nasogastric infusion, and there was a high percentage of patients at risk.3' To prevent this complication transpyloric feeding has been advocated with simultaneous aspiration of gastric contents.29 If nasogastric feeding is to be

Nasogastrically, Nasogastric

4. To further examine whether this response is triggered at the gastrointestinal mucosa or after the substance has reached the circulation, in a supplementary experiment, amino acids were given either Nasogastrically or iv to healthy men (n = 4)


5. Lansoprazole, 30 mg administered Nasogastrically, effectively controls intragastric pH and is an alternative to i.v


6. Nasogastrically, the solution is generally administered at a rate of 500 mL/h in children 9 months to 6 years, 1000 mL/h in children 6 to 12 years, and 1500 to 2000 mL/h in adolescents and adults


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8. A recent study in France of 153 Nasogastrically fed patients showed that upper digestive intolerance is a frequent event in the critically ill and associated with pneumonia (43% v 24% p = 0.01), longer ICU stay (23 v 15 days p = 0.007), and increased mortality (41% v 25% p = 0.03)


9. METHODS: Sixteen neurologically impaired children (9 were fed Nasogastrically, 7 were fed orally) underwent 12-hour combined pH and multiple intraluminal impedance

Neurologically, Nasogastrically

10. Gently check nostrils for patency if inserting Nasogastrically

Nostrils, Nasogastrically

11. Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow (FEES)-a functional, diagnostic test of deglutition in which a contrast dye, a flexible endoscopic catheter (inserted Nasogastrically), a light source, and an air source (which is used to test sensation of the cricopharyngeal region) connected to a video camera to test and document the oropharyngeal


12. A 30 mg dose of simplified lansoprazole suspension administered Nasogastrically was consistently more effective at controlling intragastric pH than pantoprazole, 40 …


13. “His mother then confessed to inducing the colitis with purgatives and twice giving him salt solutions Nasogastrically.” “The viral solutions would survive the UV lights only because he would seal the syringes in an opaque biohazard container before leaving.”


14. The study medication will be administered orally or, in patients who cannot swallow, Nasogastrically


15. Only 13% of those Nasogastrically fed patients who were initially intolerant of enteral nutrition remained intolerant once fed via a nasojejunal tube, and only 1.4% of all patients met criteria for commencement of parenteral nutrition

Nasogastrically, Nutrition, Nasojejunal

16. We sought to determine whether Nasogastrically administered omeprazole could effectively maintain an intragastric pH greater than 4.0 in patients hospitalized in a medical intensive care unit


17. A single aspiration of the gastric contents may be as useful as lavage • Activated charcoal —50 g may be given orally or Nasogastrically to patients who are cooperative or intubated, particularly if they are admitted within one or two hours or have severe toxicity 21.


18. Gastric intubation of nonhuman primates is similar to other quadrupeds and is usually performed Nasogastrically to prevent biting on the tube

Nonhuman, Nasogastrically

19. Oseltamivir 150 mg was administered Nasogastrically or nasoenterically every 12 hours

Nasogastrically, Nasoenterically

20. May be administered orally or Nasogastrically b


21. Twelve healthy men Nasogastrically received casein, its less allergenic hydrolysate, and placebo


22. USA 87, 5449–5453] recently reported that about 50% of the glucose formed from [U‐ 13 C]fructose infused Nasogastrically in children contained 13 C3 adjacent to 13 C4


23. Six mares were Nasogastrically intubated with isomolar quantities of sodium or calcium as sodium bicarbonate or calcium carbonate or with water during three treatment periods


24. A constant infusion of D-[U-13C]fructose was given Nasogastrically to control and to HFI children.


25. Plasma dantrolene concentration was significantly lower at all sample times when horses were restricted from feed 12 h compared to 0 or 4 h.Conclusions: Absorption of Nasogastrically administered dantrolene is inhibited by feed restriction before administration.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a nasogastric tube?

Definition of nasogastric. : being or performed by intubation of the stomach through the nasal passages. a nasogastric tube.

Which is the correct definition of nasogastric aspiration?

Nasogastric aspiration (suction) is the process of draining the stomach's contents via the tube.

How are nasogastric tubes used to treat eating disorders?

Nasogastric tubes may also be used as an aid in the treatment of life threatening eating disorders, especially if the patient is not compliant with eating. In such cases, a nasogastric tube may be inserted by force for feeding against the patient's will under restraint.

When was nasogastric ( NG ) tubes introduced to boost nutritional status?

When feedings via nasogastric (NG) tubes were introduced to boost nutritional status, length of hospital stay and improved patient satisfaction were studied.

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