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1. Intr.v. Narked, nark·ing, narks To be an informer

Narked, Nark, Narks

2. To secretly tell the police or someone in authority about something bad or illegal that someone has done SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases (Definition of Narked from the Cambridge Advanced …


3. Narked Also known as Nitrogen Narcosis is a condition in which divers face when underwater

Narked, Nitrogen, Narcosis

4. Being Narked makes you feel invinsible, which can lead to doing potentially deadly things.


5. Narked at 90 Ltd is first and foremost a engineering company, manufacturing rebreather and technical diving equipment


6. Narked Jun 20, 2020 Sounds good, Mais a fave, I'd turn it into a funny though, but i can't work on it right now, I'm bogged down with work and other projects, the virus cost us a lot of workers at my job, If i get some time i'll do a quick sketch and show you what i have in mind.

Narked, Now

7. Pressure in the vault creates the safe high known as being 'Narked' by Divers


8. In itself, being Narked is not dangerous and creates symptoms of mild drunkedness.

Narked, Not

9. Adjective [verb-link ADJECTIVE] Someone who is Narked is annoyed about something.


10. British, Australian and NZ to annoy, upset, or irritate he was Narked by her indifference (intr) British, Australian and NZ to inform or spy, esp for the police (intr) British to complain irritatingly nark at …

Nz, Narked, Nark

11. ‘I was Narked at being pushed around’ ‘The introduction of tabs was the point where I started to get a little Narked.’ ‘Admitting to being Narked appears to be another matter entirely.’ ‘I was a bit Narked that the Italians didn't really do Pepsi, being monopolised by Coca Cola instead.’


12. Brit and Austral and NZ to annoy, upset, or irritate: he was Narked by her indifference

Nz, Narked

13. How does a diver feel when Narked? When Narked on a dive most people feel a similar feeling to being drunk, which is why it’s called the Martini Effect


14. In general these Narked feelings only really come on at depths below 30 metres (98 feet).


15. Synonyms for Narked include annoyed, irritated, exasperated, irked, vexed, aggravated, angry, cross, disgruntled and displeased


16. Narked at 90 Ltd provide services to many manufacturers, dealers and systems integrators


17. Narked : English Russian Common Words Pro Dictionary translates words, phrases, idioms and sentences.


18. Photography, Websites, Wordpress By Narkedesign December 1, 2020 SouthWest Aerial Photography Looking for a modern and stylish website, that met all their needs, they turned to Narkedesign to create a website that would promote their business with the flare it deserved.

Narkedesign, Needs

19. Definition of Narked adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


20. Answer 1 of 14: Do Americans use (or understand) the British expression "Narked"? (or narky)

Narked, Narky

21. Narked RECORDS is proud to announce the release of “ PILOT ”, the first single by THE GROOVE PROJECT The current 8 man lineup of the musical group, fronted by GRAMMY® Award nominated Musician & Producer ARUN SHENOY and acclaimed producer MATTHEW SHELL, also includes pianist LONNIE PARK, and saxophonist MARCUS MITCHELL.

Narked, Nominated

22. Italian Translation of “Narked” The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online


23. Synonyms for Narked in Free Thesaurus


24. What is the definition of Narked? What is the meaning of Narked? How do you use Narked in a sentence? What are synonyms for Narked?


25. Becoming Narked is going to happen if you go deep


26. As verbs the difference between Narked and narced is that Narked is (nark) while narced is (narc)

Narked, Narced, Nark, Narc

27. Learn to Dive with Narked Scuba


28. Examples from the Corpus Narked • And Davis wondered why Allen was getting Narked


29. Get Narked • And Davis wondered why Allen was getting Narked


30. Origin Narked (1800-1900) nark “ to act as an informer ” ((1800-1900)), from nark “ a (police) informer ” ((19-20 centuries)), from Romany nak “ nose ”

Narked, Nark, Nak, Nose

31. Narked Scuba, High Springs, Florida


32. Antonyms for Narked include happy, pleased, calm, collected, untroubled, relaxed, unworried, good-humored, good-humoured and contented


33. Question: Questan 2 Not Wet Answered Narked Out Of 100 Flag Question The Personal Dosimeter Should Be Applied During Routine X-Ray Examinations In The Area Of Above The Shield In The Back Of The Body On The Collar Level B

Not, Narked

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NARKED [närk]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Narked mean?

2. verb To act as an informer or spy for an authority figure. It turned out that she had been narking on the cartel for years. Don't nark on them, Tommy—no one likes a snitch! Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved. mod. annoyed. (Usually with at or with.) He’s really narked at us.

What is the noun for Nark?

nark 1. noun Someone who acts as an informer or spy for an authority figure, especially law enforcement. The FBI offered to let me avoid jail time if I agreed to be a nark for them. 2. verb To act as an informer or spy for an authority figure. It turned out that she had been narking on the cartel for years.

What does narced mean?

(redirected from narced) 1. noun A police officer or federal agent, especially one working undercover, specializing in narcotics and related crimes. Word moved around town that I was a narc, and most people suddenly started refusing to talk to me.

What does narc'd mean?

Top definition. narc'd. is when someone talk things about other person, and that things are private, personals or secrets. hey yo muthafucka you narc'd me to the police that i sold drugs, i narc'd you to the police too but first i gun you up.

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