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1. Nansemonds meaning Plural form of Nansemond.

Nansemonds, Nansemond

2. And now, in what has become an annual ritual, Congress is considering legislation that would finally grant federal recognition to the Nansemonds and five other Virginia tribes

Now, Nansemonds

3. The Nansemonds fought frequently with the English colonists who arrived in 1607 as the Indians resisted the newcomers’ attempts to occupy their villages and seize their corn

Nansemonds, Newcomers

4. With the Nansemonds as an identifiable tribe came with the expedition of 16th century English explorer Ralph Lane, who located the Nansemond Indian nation in the general area of its present Pow Wow

Nansemonds, Nansemond, Nation

5. The Nansemonds’ population was about 1,500, according to historical accounts


6. The Nansemonds got on well with tribes to the south in what is now called North Carolina

Nansemonds, Now, North

7. Virginia recognized the Nansemonds as a tribe back in the 1980s


8. She has long been a champion of the Powhatan Indian nation, with which the Nansemonds were associated

Nation, Nansemonds

9. Rountree has helped with the plans to build Mattanock Town on 70 acres the city of Suffolk gave to the Nansemonds


10. The Nansemonds envision Mattanock Town as a way to educate the public about Indians in Virginia, a topic that was taboo even among tribal …


11. "The other Nansemonds warred with the English in 1644, fled southwest to the Nottoway River, and had a reservation assigned them there by the Virginia colony

Nansemonds, Nottoway

12. In fact, only the dwelling of Edward Waters where Adam Thorowgood worked was impacted when Edward and his wife were kidnapped by Nansemonds, though they later escaped


13. The Nansemonds were supposedly part of the "Powathan Confederacy"


14. Would this mean that the leader of the Powathan's was also the leader of the Nansemonds? Chief Powathan, died in about 1618, so he was not the leader of the Powathans in 1638 and probably not the father of Elizabeth, which was the subject of my original question.

Nansemonds, Not

15. The Nansemonds’ quest for recognition was never easy, but in 1984, after years of denying the existence of native Indians, the Commonwealth of Virginia recognized the tribe that now numbers about 300, with members across the country

Nansemonds, Never, Native, Now, Numbers

16. South of what is now known as the James River, they march against the Appomattocs, Weyanokes, Warraskoyaks, and Nansemonds

Now, Nansemonds

17. The Nansemonds were associated at times with the Saponi, and no matter what tribe of American Indian occupied Fort Christiana they all seem have been recognized by outsiders as Saponi

Nansemonds, No

18. Ing here a powerful tribe of Indians called the Nansemonds.l


19. However, they forget that in 1904, several anthropologists conducted a census of several of the Virginia Indian Tribes and the Nansemonds were one of the tribes


20. The Nansemonds were initially wary and often hostile toward the English, but by the 1630's some of them had changed their minds


21. The Nansemonds fought frequently with the English colonists who arrived in 1607 as the Indians resisted the newcomers’ attempts to occupy their villages

Nansemonds, Newcomers

22. "Captain John Smith first entered the Nansemond River in August 1608 and described the Nansemonds as a proud, warlike nation

Nansemond, Nansemonds, Nation

23. Married: Nathaniel Sutton, August 12, 1668 in Nansemonds, Virginia

Nathaniel, Nansemonds

24. In the early 1700s, the Nottoway also absorbed a group of Nansemonds known as the “Traditional Nansemonds.” The Nansemond were the only Powhatan tribe that regularly traded with the Nottoway and spoke the Nottoway language

Nottoway, Nansemonds, Nansemond


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 · Chief Opechanacanough Mangopeesomon Tucker was born in between 1589 and 1591, at birth place, Virginia, to Peter The Great Warrior Tucker and Joan Marr Tucker (born Nansemonds).

Nbsp, Nansemonds

26. The Monacans reside primarily in Amherst County, on or near Bear Mountain; the Nansemonds in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach; and the United Rappahannock in an area between the Rappahannock and Mattaponi Rivers in Essex, King and Queen, and Caroline Counties."

Near, Nansemonds, Norfolk

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Frequently Asked Questions

What did the Nansemond people do for a living?

Nansemond people lived in settlements on both sides of the Nansemond River where they fished (with the name "Nansemond" meaning "fishing point" in Algonquian), harvested oysters, hunted, and farmed in fertile soil.

Who are the indigenous people of the Nansemond River?

We, the Nansemond, are the indigenous people of the Nansemond River, a 20-mile long tributary of the James River in Virginia.

Who is the king of the Nansemonds?

This name is often cited as the King of the Nansemonds along the Nansemond River however this is an error. There were two signatures and this name, Pattanochus, was associated with a King who lived in King George County. The name of the Nansemond King who lived further south was not specifed. Loading...

What kind of language was the Nansemond language?

The Nansemond language was presumably Algonquian, but only six words have been preserved, not enough to identify it.

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