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1. Myosinogen (countable and uncountable, plural Myosinogens) (biochemistry) A globulin, one of the two principal proteins of muscle tissue, from which the myosin formed during rigor mortis is derived.

Myosinogen, Myosinogens, Muscle, Myosin, Mortis

2. Objective: To identify the IgE epitopes of the Myosinogen allergens in S


3. Myosin, Myosinogen is a potential initiator of food allergy.

Myosin, Myosinogen

4. All of the Myosinogen allergens triggered basophil activation; surface expression of CD63 and CD203c was higher in patients allergic to AK and FLN c than in patients allergic to SCP and TIM


5. Of the coagulation of the Myosinogen and paraMyosinogen, it disappears after 1 to 6 days or when decomposition begins Dependent lividity: Definitions Dependent lividity: A purple coloration of the dependent parts, except in areas of contact pressure, appearing within one half to two hours after death, as a result of gravitational movement of

Myosinogen, Movement

6. Examples – Serum globulin, vitellin (egg yolk), tuberin (potato), Myosinogen (muscle), legumin (peas)

Myosinogen, Muscle

7. (1) rig·or mor·’tis – stiffening of the body, 1-7 hours after death, from hardening of the muscular tissues as a consequence of the coagulation of the Myosinogen and paraMyosinogen; it disappears after 1-6 days or when decomposition begins.

Mor, Muscular, Myosinogen

8. As muscles further acidify, coagulated Myosinogen dissolves and muscles become flaccid again

Muscles, Myosinogen

9. Myosinogen prevents me from making a definite statement as to the amount of alcohol required for its precipitation, but such results as I have obtained indicate that paraMyosinogen (v

Myosinogen, Me, Making

10. Fimrth's myosin) is a body requiring but a smnall proportion of alcohol for its precipitation and the relation between this bodyand Myosinogen (called myogen by v.

Myosin, Myosinogen, Myogen

11. Crayfish Myosinogen preparation


12. The resulting supernatant contained crayfish Myosinogen


13. Upon heating, they are coagulated and include vitellin (egg globulin), fibrinogen (blood protein), Myosinogen (muscle protein), etc

Myosinogen, Muscle

14. It is probably due to the formation in the muscle of myosin, a substance which probably comes from Myosinogen in the living muscle and which is closely akin to the fibrin of blood.

Muscle, Myosin, Myosinogen

15. Myosinogen.-This is coagulated byheatat 56°C., and the co-agulum so formed is a sticky one


16. Another major allergen described in crayfish Myosinogen is arginine kinase, which was reported to be involved in cross-reactivity among invertebrate (Chen et …

Major, Myosinogen

17. A comprehensive analysis of the allergenicity and IgE epitopes of Myosinogen allergens in Scylla paramamosain


18. Tial process is a coagulation of the Myosinogen, although, as Beneke2 pointed out, in rigor mortis of uninjured muscles there is a coagulation of the Myosinogen without the production of any-thing resembling the characteristic hyaline appearance of waxy degeneration

Myosinogen, Mortis, Muscles

19. The muscle-albumins include "myosin" or paraMyosinogen, a globulin, which by coagulation induces rigor mortis, and the closely related "Myosinogen" or myogen; myoglobulin and myoalbumin are also found in muscles

Muscle, Myosin, Mortis, Myosinogen, Myogen, Myoglobulin, Myoalbumin, Muscles

20. Results: The content of protein, myofibril protein and Myosinogen gradually descend, and nonprotein nitrogen(NPN) gradually increase along with the extend of fermented time

Myofibril, Myosinogen

21. Caseinogen andcasein to Myosinogen and myosin appears to me to be exceedingly close." Prof

Myosinogen, Myosin, Me

22. The body stiffens due to glycogen levels changing to Myosinogen, a gel like substance due to the pH level of the body lowering from lactic acid build up


23. The hardening of the muscular tissues of the body, from one to seven hours after death as a result of the coagulation of the Myosinogen and paraMyosinogen: The

Muscular, Myosinogen

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