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3. Cartoonist Patrick McDonnell's Mutts comic has won over fans and pet lovers with its classic art style and lovable characters.

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4. Get directions, reviews and information for Mutts & The City in Woodinville, WA


5. Mutts & The City 15234 186th Ave NE Woodinville WA 98072


6. Metro Mutts is an affordable mobile dog grooming service.

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7. Mostly Mutts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and supported by a community of dedicated volunteers

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8. Mutts Canine Cantina® is an innovative dog park concept


9. Mutts offers off-leash parks for small and large dogs, great food, drinks and a fun outdoor space.


10. Strut with Mutts to boost charity's funds Lola is an energetic two-year-old tan and white mutt

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11. Specialties: Mutts is widely known for quirky, homestyle breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring large portions and an eclectic selection of 40 beers on tap served in 32 ounce schooners


12. Mutts is one of my favorite places to eat in Greer

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13. The Marvelous Mutts was founded in 2011 by Nadja Palenzuela and Kara Gilmore, two dog-obsessed women who competed in various dog sports with their own mixed-breed rescue dogs while pursuing their law and architecture careers.

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14. Order food online at Mutts BBQ, Easley with Tripadvisor: See 82 unbiased reviews of Mutts BBQ, ranked #12 on Tripadvisor among 117 restaurants in Easley.


15. Misunderstood Mutts Rescue (MMR) is a registered 501(c)3 volunteer-based organization serving the greater Yakima Valley and Puget Sound region

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16. Mutts explores the special bond between animals and their guardians, and the endearing friendship of Earl, the dog, and Mooch, the cat

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17. Mutts has been recognized for its distinctive style, heartwarming humor and compassionate advocacy for animal issues.


18. THE Mutts can be used in conjunction with the TiTAN disruptor to aid in precisely aiming these tools at various heights/angles


19. Mutts, a daily comic-strip by Patrick McDonnell; Mutt (G.I

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20. View weareMutts’s profile on Facebook; View weareMutts’s profile on Twitter; View weareMutts’s profile on Instagram; View weareMutts’s profile on YouTube

21. Beerbelly, Beerbelly / Get these Mutts away from me / You know, I don't find this stuff amusing anymore· (figuratively, sometimes derogatory) A person of diverse ancestry

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22. Mutts comic strip by cartoonist Patrick McDonnell

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23. Mutts is one of my 3 favorite cartoons, with Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes, and is the only one still being drawn

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24. I LOVE Mutts, and I enjoyed looking at this book


25. Patrick McDonnell's Mutts is up there with Peanuts, Pogo, Krazy Kat, and Calvin and Hobbes-cartoons that are smart and funny, brilliantly drawn and full of heart."-Matt Groening, The Simpsons creator "To me, Mutts is exactly what a comic strip should be." -Charles Schulz, Peanuts creator * The Best of Mutts is an impressively lavish 10-year retrospective featuring Patrick McDonnell's favorite

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26. To help raise money for Magnificent Mutts & Meows Animal Rescue, gracious community members have donated items that are available… Giving Tuesday 2020 December 1, 2020 754 DOG ADOPTIONS SINCE MARCH! 🎉 Despite the challenges of doing adoptions during COVID-19 our volunteers continue to …

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27. Mutts Across America, an annual grant program that gives out $5,000 grants to an animal shelter in each state, selected the Friends of Marshall Animals for this year’s Texas give away

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28. The Latest News and Updates in Mel's Mutts brought to you by the team at News 4 Buffalo: Every Tuesday and Thursday, Mel Orlins will feature a different rescue agency with a dog that’s looking

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29.Mutts” es una tira cómica que nació en 1994 y que se publica en muchos rincones del mundo a través de los principales diarios de cada región

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30. Definition of Mutts in the dictionary


31. What does Mutts mean? Information and translations of Mutts in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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32. I Like Big Mutts And I Cannot Lie T-Shirt, Dog Mom Shirt, Dog Mama Shirt, Dog Lover Shirt, Fur Mama Shirt, Mom Shirt, Gift For Dog Mom bonnytees

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33. "Mutts" has won several prestigious awards, including five Harvey Awards for Best Comic Strip, Germany's Max and Moritz Award for Best International Comic Strip, and the prestigious Reuben Award for Cartoonist of the Year

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34. Besides, Mutts, McDonnell has written several children's books, two of which have become national bestsellers.

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35. Meet-Our-Mutts ♦ We are not open to the public

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36. Mutts n me collars are easy to care for and if your dog does get them dirty simply rinse them in the sink and pat them dry

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37. Mutts n me collars are offered in many designs

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38. The first Mutts collection in the AMP! Comics for Kids series! The beloved characters in Mutts have a special appeal to kids.The warm humor and friendship between unlikely characters create a special blend


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MUTTS [mət]

Frequently Asked Questions

What, exactly, is a mutt?

Mutt can now be used with either affection or disdain to refer to a dog that is not purebred, but in the word's early history, in the U.S. around the turn of the 20th century, it could also be used to describe a person - and not kindly: "mutt" was another word for "fool.". The word's history lies in another insult.

What does the name Mutt mean?

noun mutt An dog that is of inferior quality or of mixed breed.

Why is a dog sometimes called a mutt?

Why is a dog called a mutt? mutt. Dogs called crossbreeds are deliberately bred to combine characteristics of two or more recognized breeds, while mutts - also known as mongrels - are the result of accidental mixing of breeds. In the late 1800s, mutt was a derogatory term meaning either "stupid person" or "stupid dog."

What does the name Mutts mean?

Noun. 1. mutt - an inferior dog or one of mixed breed. cur, mongrel. Canis familiaris, dog, domestic dog - a member of the genus Canis (probably descended from the common wolf) that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times; occurs in many breeds; "the dog barked all night".

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