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1. Mutable definition is - prone to change : inconstant


2. How to use Mutable in a sentence.


3. 10) Derived forms of Mutable mutability or rare Mutableness, noun mutably

Mutable, Mutability, Mutableness, Mutably

4. Mutable is made of wood in a sustainable way, and its sleek Italian design can fit any home

Mutable, Made

5. Mutable is the first multi-activity play table for kids with infinite games and accessories

Mutable, Multi

6. Adjective changeable, changing, variable, flexible, uncertain, volatile, unsettled, unstable, inconsistent, wavering, unreliable, fickle, adaptable, unsteady, vacillating, irresolute, undependable, inconstant, alterable Time, space and matter are Mutable realities.

Matter, Mutable

7. 19 synonyms of Mutable from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 26 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Mutable, Merriam

8. Mutable is a multi-functional activity table with an opening at the center of the table to easily collect toys below in the removable Toy Storage Bags (optional) and the possibility to add up to 3 Side Toy Containers (optional)

Mutable, Multi

9. At its core, Mutable OS is a software solution specifically designed and built for multi-datacenter server… Mutable k8s Platform Deploy, scale and manage the services powering your next-gen application through the Mutable Kubernetes…

Mutable, Multi, Manage

10. WHAT IS Mutable? Mutable is Anticto’s Character Customisation middleware for Unreal Engine

Mutable, Middleware

11. Mutable gives maximum performance on real time in-game character customization and high productivity on offline character creation workflow

Mutable, Maximum

12. Mutable - Character Customisation for Unreal Engine - …


13. Find 12 ways to say Mutable, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Mutable, Most

14. The latest tweets from @Mutablejoe


15. Privacy policy Mutable INSTRUMENTS SARL 2011-2021


16. See 2 authoritative translations of Mutable in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


17. The keyword Mutable is mainly used to allow a particular data member of const object to be modified

Mutable, Mainly, Member, Modified

18. Adding Mutable to a variable allows a const pointer to change members.

Mutable, Members

19. Mutable It is then possible to export variables (Mutable bindings) or functions (read-only bindings)


20. From the Cambridge English Corpus Likewise, a treatment of Mutable storage would require no extensions.


21. Now we have two new terminologies: Mutable and ImMutable in Python


22. The term "Mutable" is a quality assigned to a sign


23. There are three qualities, such as Mutable, cardinal and fixed


24. Mutable signs mediate change and change their modes of expression frequently.

Mutable, Mediate, Modes

25. ‘Flexible, adaptable and Mutable are adjectives not normally applied to Capricorns.’ ‘But all truth isn't Mutable, because some things can't be changed.’ ‘My beliefs are Mutable and transmittable and who I am is constantly changing.’ ‘Everything was Mutable: eye color, hair color, skin tone.’

Mutable, My

26. Mutable signs (Pisces, in particular) can be very moody and unpredictable

Mutable, Moody

27. It’s also common for Mutables to get absorbed in what’s going on for everyone around them, potentially losing


28. The Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces


29. Signs on the Mutable cross are more flexible, changeable, adaptable, and suggestible

Mutable, More

30. The Mutable signs are good with relationships and the details of day-to-day life.


31. We call it Mutable Business™, an approach explaining “How organisations can successfully transform in a continuous way”


32. How Mutable are our feelings, and how strange is that clinging love we have of life even in the excess of misery! (Frankenstein, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley) These UGR researchers have produced more than five joint scientific publications in high-impact journals and have secured two patents—on mechano-Mutable asphalt (PCT/ES2014/071002) and pavement safety systems

Mutable, Misery, Mary, More, Mechano

33. In astrology, Mutable signs are associated with adaptability, flexibility and sympathy


34. Synonyms for Mutable in Free Thesaurus


35. 31 synonyms for Mutable: changeable, changing, variable, flexible, uncertain, volatile, unsettled


36. Beads is a reinvention of Mutable Instruments’ Clouds


37. The Mutable objects are objects whose value can be changed after initialization


38. The three qualities or modalities are: cardinal, Mutable, and fixed

Modalities, Mutable

39. The four Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces


40. ‘Meanwhile, Mutable interpretation and reaction will always be there.’ ‘Daily life gets a different kind of soundtrack, endlessly Mutable and instantly reconfigurable.’ ‘Living in an ex-colony, I've discovered, means that place-names are highly Mutable.’

Meanwhile, Mutable, Means

41. Definition of Mutable in the dictionary


42. What does Mutable mean? Information and translations of Mutable in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Mutable, Mean, Most

43. The following article provides an outline for C++ Mutable


44. On the other hand, the 'day' symbolizes the conscious which overtly and keenly pursues to show dazzling ' Mutable distinctions' or temporary personas 7 in which humans are distinctly wrapped causing cultural discrimination, racial prejudice, religious bias and social differences.


45. Mutable definition: able to or tending to change Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Mutable, Meaning

46. Martina and Elisa Mukako is raising funds for Mutable 2.0: The All-in-One Children Play Table on Kickstarter! A stunning and modular table for kids from 1 to …

Martina, Mukako, Mutable, Modular

47. Mutable objects are nice because you can make changes in-place, without allocating a new object

Mutable, Make

48. So, objects of type int are imMutable and objects of type list are Mutable


49. Now let’s discuss other imMutable and Mutable data types! Mutable Data Types


50. Mutable sequences can be changed after creation


51. Some of Python’s Mutable data types are: lists, byte arrays, sets, and dictionaries


52. As you saw earlier, lists are Mutable.


53. In astrology, Mutable signs are the ones that represent duality and opposite traits within them, and that complement cardinal and fixed signs


54. Likewise, the four horoscopes that are classified as Mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces (which are also known as double-bodied signs, as some experts call them).


55. The Mutable Instruments Clouds is a real-time granular audio processor / texture synthesizer for the Eurorack format with a number of different modes, twists, and under full voltage control

Mutable, Modes

56. What does Mutable mean? The definition of Mutable is a person or thing that changes or can be changed, or changes often

Mutable, Mean

57. The Mutable fire energy of Sagittarius is a little like a hodgepodge of flaming arrows flying across the night sky towards the stars


58. This article shows you the difference between Mutable and ImMutable objects in Java


59. Mutable object – You can change the states and fields after the object is created


60. ImMutable object – You cannot change anything after the object is created

61. Mutable signs see life as a playground and believe there's no point in remaining rigid


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