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1. Examples of Musing in a Sentence Adjective he was clearly in a Musing mood, and did not feel like talking just then Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The Space Force, however, was not merely a …

Musing, Mood, Merely

2. A product of contemplation; a thought: "an elegant tapestry of quotations, Musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections" (James Atlas).


3. Music theatre, music to one's ears, music video, Musigny, Musil, Musing, musique concrète, musjid, musk, muskallonge, musk bag Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged …

Music, Musigny, Musil, Musing, Musique, Musjid, Musk, Muskallonge

4. 10 synonyms of Musing from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 22 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Musing, Merriam

5. Musing: given to or marked by long, quiet thinking.

Musing, Marked

6. Musing In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives

Musing, Many

7. Interspersed with his infectious humour, his Musings were a …


8. Use the adjective Musing to describe something that's reflective or thoughtful, like a Musing diary entry that explores the meaning of life

Musing, Meaning

9. When you ponder or contemplate, you muse, and anything that appears this way can be described as Musing.

Muse, Musing

10. Musing is a period of deep thought, meditation or reflection

Musing, Meditation

11. When you are sitting in your house staring out the window and thinking deeply about your life, this is an example of Musing.


12. Find 15 ways to say Musing, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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13. Synonyms for Musing include thinking, contemplation, introspection, reflection, meditation, reverie, abstraction, cogitation, dreaming and rumination

Musing, Meditation

14. Franklin and his colleagues used a detailed experimental protocol to show that the negative effect of mind wandering on mood only holds for run-of-the-mill Musings: in contrast, creative Musings are a sign of mental wellbeing.

Mind, Mood, Mill, Musings, Mental

15. Related to Musing: Musingly, preliminary, potentially, sought muse over (someone or something) To ponder thoughtfully or distractedly about someone or something.

Musing, Musingly, Muse

16. Musing 'Musing' is a 6 letter word starting with M and ending with G Crossword clues for 'Musing' Clue Answer; Often-idle thought (6) Musing: Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Musing We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Musing will help you to finish your crossword today


17. Musing Meaning: "act of pondering, meditation, thought," verbal noun from muse (v.)

Musing, Meaning, Meditation, Muse

18. The latest tweets from @royalMusing

19. ‘For all its casual, Musing style, this is an ambitious book.’ ‘I could send you an advance version of the book, and you could do a review, a related article, or a Musing right here.’ ‘She brings a deep Musing regret to her recital of a sad poem about true love untimely slain, how it …


20. Musing definition: reflection Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Musing, Meaning

21. Definition of Musing noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


22. Musing Mediterranean was such a lovely heartwarming book, I loved every minute if it

Musing, Mediterranean, Minute

23. Musing - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


24. Birx Waves Off Trump’s Disinfectant Comments, Says ‘This Was a Musing’ ‘IT BOTHERS ME’ Dr

Musing, Me

25. Mound Musing: Analyzing fantasy baseball's most polarizing pitchers

Mound, Musing, Most

26. Synonyms for Musing in Free Thesaurus


27. 29 synonyms for Musing: thinking, reflection, meditation, abstraction, contemplation, introspection

Musing, Meditation

28. 2 days ago · Musing


29. Musing is a decentralized question and answer platform where you earn cryptocurrencies by answering questions


30. He was Musing upon the rushing torrents of the river


31. I sat quietly, Musing on the events of the day


32. Even as I was Musing on these matters, I was astonished at the things a mind can think

Musing, Matters, Mind

33. 2 days ago · Musing: Clouds


34. Another word for Musing: thinking, reflection, meditation, abstraction, contemplation Collins English Thesaurus

Musing, Meditation

35. I hate driving slow, particularly on the four-lane part, and therefore Musing is not only a creative way of being cheap, it is good for my mental health

Musing, My, Mental

36. Musing - traduction anglais-français


37. Forums pour discuter de Musing, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions


38. Musing, With Stacey, New Zealand


39. Musing Mediterranean: Fun, Family, and Faraway Places Transform an Anxious Traveler - Kindle edition by Daigle, Beth

Musing, Mediterranean

40. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Musing Mediterranean: Fun, Family, and Faraway Places Transform an Anxious Traveler.

Musing, Mediterranean

41. The Musing Link is a blog that aims to share content that's honest, informative, fun, inspiring and empowering through my (Cha's) …

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42. Below is everything you'll need to beat the mission A-Musing Tale in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

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43. Shanvrolijk commented on the word Musing "Ours is a privileged moment: never before has it been so easy to gain access to the errant Musings, rapid-fire opinions, and random proclivity-ies of venture capitalists and others we enrich."

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44. At Moments of Musing, I write from my heart

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45. Posts about Ann’s Blog written by parnassusMusing

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