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1. Muezzins synonyms, Muezzins pronunciation, Muezzins translation, English dictionary definition of Muezzins


2. Traditional Muezzins relied on acoustics and the strength of their voices to ensure that the call to prayer was heard by the faithful


3. Watch how to say and pronounce "Muezzins"!Listen our video to compare your pronunciation!Want to know how other words sound like? Look for scream, too, muezz

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4. Muezzins Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Muezzins in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu

Muezzins, Meaning

5. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Muezzins in Urdu is موذن, and in roman we write it Muezzin.

Meanings, Meaning, Muezzins, Muezzin

6. Muezzins take to the minarets Bilal started the tradition of sounding the call to prayer from a rooftop but, as Islam spread, the idea of building a tower for the muezzin appeared

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7. ‘The main religious figures in the Muslim community are Muezzins, who are scholars of the Koran and sound the call to prayer from mosques.’ ‘He has twice visited Mecca, has 18 grandsons and is held in great respect by everyone in Barra where he is the main …

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8. At least 15 imams, Muezzins and khatibs interviewed by Bangla Tribune said the average honorarium of an imam in Dhaka is between Tk6,000 and Tk15,000


9. Muezzins get a maximum of Tk10,000 per month

Muezzins, Maximum, Month

10. 'Muezzins are venerate in Islam, but the first in it to become one, in this case an African Arab, is held in special regard because he is viewed as a symbol of how Islam does not define human beings by their national, ethnic, racial or class background, but by their taqwa, or piety.'


11. Mulla, named as the Sheikh of Muezzins, has worked at the Grand Mosque since 1975

Mulla, Muezzins, Mosque

12. Yogev also said the Muezzins use the loudspeakers to incite violence


13. "On the Day of Judgment": When Allah resurrects the people, the Muezzins will enjoy a privilege that is peculiar to them alone: they will have the longest necks


14. The authority invited Abu Dhabi's soon-to-be-dismissed Muezzins


15. Synonyms for Muezzins in Free Thesaurus


16. What are synonyms for Muezzins?


17. The official channel of the General Directorate of Imams and Muezzin Affairs The official channel for the public administration of the affairs of the imams and Muezzins

Muezzin, Muezzins

18. The Muezzins themselves (none of them actors) tell the audience their stories, thereby presenting the human face of those who stand to lose out to the radio


19. Media in category "Muezzins" The following 25 files are in this category, out of 25 total.

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20. A survey covering about 100 mosques located in middle income and low-income group localities in the city revealed that Imams and Muezzins lead a …

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21. Muezzins have to pass exams, he explained, but, “in the past, the exam wasn’t as hard as it is now.” Unskilled singers had apparently been grandfathered in


22. The two Muezzins -- Ibrahim and Aba Rahemeto -- who led the call to prayer told Anadolu Agency that Bilal’s Islamic personality serves as …


23. They say in many mosques the use of loudspeakers defeats the purpose for which the Muezzins call out to the faithful five times a day

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24. Muezzins 28 is a valid Scrabble Word in CSW, formerly SOWPODS (Other Countries) Muezzins 31 is a valid word in WWF


25. Definitions for the word, Muezzins


26. Unscrambled Words in the letters, Muezzins


27. 7 letter words made by using the letters Muezzins.

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28. I still prefer the chorus of a multitude of Muezzins

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29. The fight against the Muezzins - the pre-dawn, loud, mournful calls to prayer by Islamic prayer leaders, or recordings thereof - has reached the Knesset, where MK …

Muezzins, Mournful, Mk

30. Did Masjid e Nabawi had two Muezzins during the Prophet's lifetime simultaneously? Ask Question Asked 2 years, 10 months ago

Masjid, Muezzins, Months

31. 1,000 Kuwaitis apply for imam and Muezzins positions at mosques

Muezzins, Mosques

32. The sequence of sound in 56A is divisible into three sections: chanted phrases which are more or less regularly repeated, with periods of silence between them, then the call to prayer, which is followed by a resumption of the chanting by several Muezzins in various

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33. Muezzins stopped climbing the minarets to recite the call and instead mounted loudspeakers connected to microphones inside the mosques

Muezzins, Minarets, Mounted, Microphones, Mosques

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of a muezzin in a mosque?

What is a Muezzin? Calls to Prayer. A Muezzin is a mosque (Islamic place of worship) official who recites the call for Muslims to come to prayer five times a day. Making the Call. In earlier times, the muezzin used to stand at the door or at the side of the mosque from where people could hear his call (known as ... Embracing Technology. ... The Adhan as an Art Form. ...

What is the Muslim prayer called?

The Muslim is called to prayer or solah five times a day. This call to prayer is called Adhan. The muezzin, a man chosen to make the call to prayer, uses a loudspeaker, which carries his voice to the people nearby. The call to prayer is often done out loud, in public, in Muslim countries.

What is the Muslim prayer time called?

The Muslim is called to prayer five times a day. The call to prayer is heard at dawn, at the midday, about the middle of the afternoon, just after sunset, and at night fall about two hours after sunset.

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