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1. Mountainbikes garantieren jede Menge Fahrspaß auf nahezu allen Wegen, ob als robuster Begleiter für Stadt und Land, als ideales Bike um den Alltag schnell hinter sich zu lassen, oder als reinrassiges Sportgerät für Touren und Action im ausgesetzten Gelände

Mountainbikes, Menge

2. Man unterscheidet grundsätzlich zwischen Hardtail-Mountainbikes mit Federgabel und

Man, Mountainbikes, Mit

3. Trail Mountainbikes hebben iets meer veerweg dan Cross Country MTB's

Mountainbikes, Meer, Mtb

4. Deze Mountainbikes zijn iets zwaarder dan XC Mountainbikes, maar bieden veel meer controle in …

Mountainbikes, Maar, Meer

5. Mountainbikes er lige hvad du søger, og hos Cykelshoppen finder du et af Danmarks bedste og mest varierede udvalg

Mountainbikes, Mest

6. Vi har Mountainbikes i alle prisklasser lige fra begyndercyklen til Mountainbikes til den professionelle rytter


7. Hos Bikeworld har vi et stort udvalg af Mountainbikes


8. Hvad enten du leder efter en cykel med 27,5” eller 29” hjul .Hos bikeworld finder du naturligvis Mountainbikes med både carbon og alu-stel og vi har markedets største udvalg af både full

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MOUNTAINBIKES [ˈmount(ə)n ˌbīk]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does mountain bike mean?

mountain bike(Noun) A bicycle specially designed for off-road riding, typically with straight, flat handlebars, a heavier frame than road bikes, higher ground clearance, and wider tires, sometimes with knobs on them for greater traction.

Are mountain bikes better than hybrid bikes?

Commuters or recreational and family cyclists may be more comfortable on a hybrid bike. Mountain bikes typically are heavier and have an aggressive frame geometry that keeps riders leaning toward the handlebars. Mountain bikes may be more expensive and are designed for more abuse than many cyclists deliver.

Can I use my mountain bike as a road bike?

Mountain Biking on Pavement – General Theory. The main goal is to make your mountain bike as much like a road bike as possible. That means you want very little rolling resistance, lots of stiffness, and good aerodynamics. But you have to do so without breaking the rules.

Can a mountain bike be used on the road?

4 Answers. If you do not identify as a "cyclist", and yet ride a bike with any regularity, it is likely a basic mountain bike, and it is likely used primarily on the road and in the neighborhood, because there is the perception that mountain bikes are stronger, safer, more stable, more comfortable, and have better traction.

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