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1. Children have no ego yet, but only an id; the id still reacts alloplastically, not Motorically.The analysis should be able to provide for the patient the previously missing favorable milieu for building up the ego, and so put an end to that state of mimetism which like a …

Motorically, Missing, Milieu, Mimetism

2. What is the definition of Motorically? What is the meaning of Motorically? How do you use Motorically in a sentence? What are synonyms for Motorically?

Motorically, Meaning

3. Motorically definition: by way of motoric or muscular movement Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Motorically, Motoric, Muscular, Movement, Meaning

4. Motorically (not comparable) In terms of the motor faculties

Motorically, Motor

5. 1973, Oliver Sacks, Awakenings She becomes immensely excited, emotionally as well as Motorically, many times a day, and her excitement, at such times, will assume any form which suggests itself or is appropriate […]

Motorically, Many

6. Motorically meaning (biology) In terms of the motor faculties

Motorically, Meaning, Motor

7. Motorically (not comparable) In terms of the motor faculties

Motorically, Motor

8. 1973, Oliver Sacks, Awakenings She becomes immensely excited, emotionally as well as Motorically, many times a day, and her excitement, at such times, will assume any form which suggests itself or is appropriate […]

Motorically, Many

9. Motorically - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Motorically and much more

Motorically, Meaning, Much, More

10. The word Motorically uses 11 letters: a, c, i, l, l, m, o, o, r, t, y


11. Motorically is playable in: Words With Friends 21


12. The siblings and parents are involved in therapy, and encouraged to learn how to best handle the child at home, be it behaviorally, Motorically, or from a sensory standpoint.


13. Awkward Motorically-frequent tripping, stumbling, bumps into things, has trouble skipping, jumping c


14. That is, although some actions were defined as Motorically simple, in that we expected most children to be able to perform them without a struggle (e.g., velcroing a strap in place), we assumed that other, Motorically complex, actions would be outside the motor repertoire of the majority of children in the sample (e.g., tying shoelaces).

Motorically, Most, Motor, Majority

15. Learning begins when these children are seen in the clinic as infants and helped to improve Motorically, stimulating cognitive, social, or speech development


16. Motorically their fine motor control is developed enough to draw circles and maybe even stick parts of the body

Motorically, Motor, Maybe

17. Taken together, these issues inspire intriguing and fascinating questions about the social tendency of our high-level motor computations, and this tendency may indicate that we are “Motorically

Motor, May, Motorically

18. Institutionalized patients with HD are more Motorically, psychiatrically, and behaviorally impaired than their counterparts living at home

More, Motorically

19. Motorically stuck 6 Reach into pocket and state, “Stick out your tongue, I want to stick a pin in it"


20. Title = "Motorically impaired infants: Impact of a massage procedure on caregiver-infant interactions", abstract = "The capacity of both the infant and the caregiver to elicit and respond to behaviors in mutually pleasurable ways is vital for the development of attachment behavior and early social development.

Motorically, Massage, Mutually

21. Further, the Motorically complex group had the most daily training hours across 3 groups

Motorically, Most

22. Sequencing, Motorically complex words, articulation, transposition, and prosody


23. Patient appears Motorically “stuck” in indecisive, hesitant movement

Motorically, Movement

24. Motorically Total Number of words made out of Motorically = 361 Motorically is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 18 points.Motorically is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 21 points

Motorically, Made

25. Motorically is a 11 letter long Word starting with M and ending with Y


26. 10 letter Words made out of Motorically

Made, Motorically

27. These abnormal neurotransmitters profiles mirrored the presence of increased stress-like behaviours in otherwise Motorically asymptomatic 4-week-old HD mice

Mirrored, Motorically, Mice

28. Some children may have difficulties making a vowel sound while other children may not have difficulty until the attempt to produce a Motorically difficult word such as "watermelon." The child uses a sound correctly in one word, but rnisarticulates it in another word.

May, Making, Motorically

29. The Severely Motorically Impaired Student, A Handbook for the Classroom Teacher


30. Ambitendency: Motorically indecisive, “stuck” movements

Motorically, Movements

31. Conversely, 40% of the ADDH children had a codiagnosis of conduct disorder and were rated by their parent as significantly more Motorically active, impulsive, and deviant in the demonstration of age-appropriate social skills.

More, Motorically

32. The topic considered for the selection of articles was the one related to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 and how it has affected psychologically and Motorically children up to 12 years old


33. About “Motorically Ungifted - EP” The EP approaches several genres, including indie and rock music

Motorically, Music

34. The test authors suggested that this MVPT-3 characteristic allows for its use in the assessment of visual perceptual ability in Motorically impaired individuals

Mvpt, Motorically

35. Reviews the history of development of special education in Hungary, noting contributions in philosophy and educational practice and describing trends and practices in the education of the deaf, blind, Motorically impaired, speech and language impaired, mentally retarded, and emotionally disturbed

Motorically, Mentally

36. Hopefully this text will provide basic information and procedures that will enable educators to be more comfortable in working with the Motorically handicapped

More, Motorically

37. Immediately after exposure they rehearsed the modeled activities either mentally, Motorically, mentally and then Motorically, Motorically and then mentally, or engaged in a distracting activity that prevented rehearsal of what they had see

Modeled, Mentally, Motorically

38. Perhaps pre-teach the rules of hopscotch, four square, tag, and other games so that the student is prepared socially as well as Motorically


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