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1. A deep recess cut into wood for any of several other purposes, as for receiving a Mortise


2. 1. a notch, hole, or slot made in a piece of wood or the like to receive a tenon of the same dimensions. 2. a deep recess cut into wood for other purposes, as for receiving a Mortise lock.

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3.Mortise” comes from Old French mortaise (which unfortunately does not translate to murderess) which means “fastened”. “Tenon” comes from a French noun established in the 14th-century tenir, which means “to hold”

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4. With the tenon partially seated in the Mortise, there should be enough friction that, if you lift the tenoned workpiece, the mating piece comes with it

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5. Yesterday, a member of our Guild Facebook group described some difficulty they were having while making Mortises with a hand-held router

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6. The ankle Mortise is the "hinge"


7. To make a Mortise and tenon joint, always cut the Mortise first because it’s much easier to cut the tenon to fit an existing Mortise than the other way around

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8. So let’s start by learning three fast and effective ways to cut the Mortise, which is typically a rectangular hole


9. All Marks USA Protector Series Mortise locksets feature an "Override Guard" which is designed to result in spindle failure when torque of over 550 foot lbs

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10. Mortise or mortice may refer to: Mortise and tenon, a woodworking joint Ankle Mortise, part of the distal tibia joining the talus bone to form an ankle joint Mortise chisel, a type of chisel

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11. Properly sharpened Mortise chains outproduce any router or milling function

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12. We designed the SwissPro KSP16 chain Mortiser (right) specifically for the professional timber framing trade, improving on existing Mortisers, building in the features that makes your work much more efficient.

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13. The Mortise-and-tenon joint has been used by woodworkers for centuries because of its combination of superior strength, simplicity, and the elegance of its appearance


14. Since 1989, we have been passionate, even a little obsessed, about crafting quality wood, upholstered and metal designs blending old world building methods (as our name Mortise & Tenon implies) with creative, fashion forward designs

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15. Today the Mortise & Tenon is synonymous with bench-made, authentic furniture.

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16. Mortise Either this was simply the result of the lengths of timbers that could be obtained easily or it was to stagger the position of the Mortises in the main beams

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17. Using a router attachment, remove the wood between the pencil lines drawn on the door edge to create a Mortise for the faceplate


18. Use a bevel edge chisel and hammer to square the corners of the Mortise if the faceplate has square corners.


19. The Mortise locksets are here for you to ensure the strongest security


20. Choose from our selection of Mortise door locks, including over 120 products in a wide range of styles and sizes


21. A slot or recess, usually rectangular, cut into a piece of wood, stone, etc, to receive a matching projection (tenon) of another piece, or a Mortise lock 2

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22. Browse our selection of Mortise chisels for all your project needs


23. Mortise locks are where the lock set requires a pocket or “Mortise” to be cut from the door to fit a box like cartridge into the width of the door


24. The Mortise lock originated in Europe but is often found in high end residential construction here in the U.S


25. Specific door prep is required for the door to accept a Mortise lock and we


26. Shop Mortise Locks with unbeatable prices at selection includes a wide variety of Mortise locks.



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 · Mortise locks - the strongest, most secure types of locks you can use - are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and mounts

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28. Ideal for front and back doors at home, commercial applications and more, professionally installed Mortise locks can provide you with the security you need.

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29. A keyed Mortise-and-tenon joint is constructed the same as a doweled Mortise and tenon joint except that the tenon projects far enough through the Mortise to admit the insertion of a tapering key which draws the Mortised piece firmly against the shoulder of the tenon

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30. (transitive, woodworking) To join by a Mortise and tenon.


31. A Mortise lockset is designed for doors using Mortise locks, where a box lock is installed into a deep pocket or Mortise in the edge of the door


32. Mortise lock sets are available in a variety of classic designs and include backplate, door knob, box lock and all the hardware you need.



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34. A Mortise is the second part of a Mortise and tenon joint


35. The Mortise lock is the square hole, or cavity, in which the plug, or tenon, is inserted


36. See 3 authoritative translations of Mortise in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


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38. Trim the ends of the Mortise with a chisel that's the same width as the tenon


39. Our Mortise & Tenon router bits are engineered to deliver clean edges, flat bottoms and perfect shoulders on tenons


40. Replacing a Mortise lock body is a more affordable solution to replacing your entire lockset.

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41. HALF Mortise Chest Lock Half Mortise Box Lock Cabinet Lock Drawer Lock Jewelry Box Lock Humidor Lock Antique Lock Solid Brass with 2 Keys RestoreHardware


42. To Mortise is “to join or fasten securely.” Created by an aspiring furniture-maker and an ageing typographer, Mortise is a solidly constructed new slab serif, and marks Signal’s first collaboration with outside designers.

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43. The YALE® 8800FL Series Augusta Mortise lever lockset is an industry standard


44. Mortise Chisels for woodworking by Crown Hand Tools, Sorby Ltd., Narex and Lie Nielsen at Highland Woodworking.


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46. Mortise Lockset, Mechanical, Different, Satin Chrome, 2 3/4 in Backset, Mortise Item # 36Z276; Mfr

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MORTISE [ˈmôrdəs]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does mortise and tenon mean?

A mortise and tenon is a type of joint that is made up of two parts. The tenon portion of the joint works as a peg, and the mortis is the hole or slot into which the tenon is inserted. The pieces are then glued together during assembly. A mortise and tenon is a popular type of joint that is used to connect two pieces of wood.

What is the plural of mortise?

mortise (plural mortises) (woodworking) A hole that is made to receive a tenon so as to form a joint. [from 14th c.] Stability; power of adhesion.

What does mortise joint mean?

• MORTISE JOINT (noun) The noun MORTISE JOINT has 2 senses: 1. a gliding joint between the distal ends of the tibia and fibula and the proximal end of the talus. 2. a joint made by inserting tenon on one piece into mortise holes in the other.

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