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1. Caution: some Mordants are poisonous! The use of Copper, Iron, Tin and Chrome Mordants has decreased over recent years as dyers have become more environmentally aware and health conscious

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2. Heavy metal Mordants can be toxic, presenting real challenges for safe use and disposal

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3. There are different types of Mordants and each type will give a different result


4. Mordants are mineral salts that bind dyes into fiber, assure light- and wash-fastness, prevent color bleeding, brightens or changes some dye colors

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5. Over the centuries many interesting substances were used as Mordants to ensure color fastness, including arsenic and other deadly chemicals.

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6. You may not have any normal Mordants available, due to running out of mordant, or for other reasons, but still want to have some dye fun

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7. Alternatively, you may not like using metal salt Mordants, due to their potential environmental impact, no matter how mild

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8. Read More about Mordants: Two Natural Dyes that …

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9. Using Mordants A mordant is a fixative that allows dye molecules to bind to fiber

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10. In this work, natural dye was extracted from onion skin and used to dye cotton fabrics using selected synthetic and natural Mordants


11. The synthetic Mordants considered in this work are potassium dichromate, iron sulphate, copper sulphate and alum whereas the natural Mordants are aloe vera and lemon.


12. These compounds are called Mordants, and are usually metal salts

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13. Natural dye Mordants include copper, alum, and iron


14. Alum is the safest of the natural dye Mordants, with copper and iron varying in toxicity depending on the form they are in.


15. Mordants are compounds that are used often in the production of various textile products


16. Mordants are employed at several different points in the


17. The Mordants, jaren 60 / 70 band uit Hoorn en omgeving


18. Alum is the least toxic of the metallic salt Mordants.

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19. Mordants include tannic acid, alum, chrome alum, sodium chloride, and certain salts of aluminium, chromium, copper, iron, iodine, potassium, sodium, tungsten, and tin.KAl(SO4)2 12 H2O Iodine is often referred to as a mordant in Gram stains, …

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20. Michel Garcia demonstrating natural Mordants and dyes

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23. Mordants Alum – Potassium aluminum sulfate is the mordant most frequently used by dyers for protein (animal) and cellulose (plant) fibres and fabrics

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24. What is a "Mordant" and why use them? Many natural dyes are enhanced by and made more permanent with the use of "Mordants"

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25. Mordants are "metallic salts" that are used in natural dyeing to help set the dye pigment and improve color and light fastness.

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26. The four Mordants we use in this book are fairly harmless substances easily obtainable from a large chemist (iron and alum) or are to be found in your kitchen cupboard (salt and vinegar)


27. Mordants and Assists available at The Yarn Tree Today I’d like to talk about Mordants.The word mordant comes from the French word “mordre” – to bite

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28. Mordants make the color richer, lightfast and wash-fast.

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29. Mordants not only give the dye an affinity, but in many cases, they produce different colors and improve the fastness of a dye

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30. As the principal modern Mordants are dichromates and chromium complexes, mordant dye usually means chrome dye.

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31. Mordants are water-soluble chemicals, usually metallic salts, which create a bond between dye and fiber thus increasing the adherence of various dyes to the item being dyed

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32. Mordants and dyes may be applied in three ways

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33. As the principal modern Mordants are dichromates and chromium complexes, mordant dye usually means chrome dye

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34. Most mordant dyes yield different colours with different Mordants

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35. Mordants are needed to set the color when using natural dyes


36. Different Mordants will give different results


37. About Mordants by Michele Wipplinger: Earthues, A Natural Color Company 5129 Ballard Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107 Telephone - 206-789-1065 Fax: 206-783-9676

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38. Metallic Mordants could be replaced by some alternative Mordants and modern techniques depending on the type of natural dye, fiber, and mordant

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39. It is generally known that the concentration for metal Mordants such as alum, stannous chloride, stannic chloride, iron sulfate, copper sulfate, and potassium dichromate varies between 0.5% and 40%.

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40. Mordants are used to set the color when using natural dyes


41. Different Mordants will give different results


42. Using different Mordants will create different colors


43. You can create many different colors and tones by using one single dye and mordanting the fiber with different Mordants

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44. Mordants are metal ions that facilitate the bonding of the natural dyestuffs to the fiber

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45. Generally, the molecules of the natural dyes will not adhere to the fiber without the help of Mordants

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46. Soda ash, vinegar, or salts are not Mordants.


47. Mordants for natural dyes - an ebook This comprehensive ebook covers all the basic info about mordanting natural fibres for the plant dyeing process

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48. I share my take on metal Mordants, the way I approach it in my personal practice, and in my dye studio business, as well as the recipes I use and

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49. Mordants (from the Latin verb 'mordere', meaning 'to bite') are metal salts that can form a stable molecular coordination complex with both natural dyes and natural fibres

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50. Historically, the most common Mordants were alum (potassium aluminum sulphate - a metal …

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51. Different Mordants, such as copper sulphate and ferrous sulphate, have been employed for the improvement in colour fastness properties of the irradiated dyed cotton fabrics


52. Mordant (third-person singular simple present Mordants, present participle mordanting, simple past and past participle mordanted) To subject to the action of, or imbue with, a mordant

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53. Mordants Sodium chloride, tannic acid, alum, urine, chrome alum; Bouin’s solution can also be used as a mordant.

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54. Acid Mordants (e.g., tannic acid) are employed with basic dyes; basic Mordants (e.g., alum, chrome alum, and certain salts of aluminum, chromium, copper, iron, potassium, and tin) are employed with acid dyes


55. ‘The application by hand of various Mordants was part of a complex process of dyeing, applying and clearing resists, washing, and bleaching.’ ‘Wearden's text gives good, clear explanations and descriptions of the various weaving techniques, not just pile but also flat woven, and discusses dyes, Mordants


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MORDANTS [ˈmôrdnt]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a "mordant" and why use them?

    What is a "Mordant" and why use them? Many natural dyes are enhanced by and made more permanent with the use of "mordants". Mordants are "metallic salts" that are used in natural dyeing to help set the dye pigment and improve color and light fastness. The word comes from the Latin word "mordere" meaning "to bite".

    What does mordant mean?

    Definition of mordant. (Entry 1 of 3) 1 : biting and caustic in thought, manner, or style : incisive a mordant wit. 2 : acting as a mordant (as in dyeing) 3 : burning, pungent mordant pain.

    What is an example of a mordant?

    The definition of mordant is very sarcastic and painful wit or speech. An example of a mordant person is someone who is always making cruel and sarcastic remarks to others .

    What is a mordant in microbiology?

    In microbiology, a mordant is a compound used to hold down molecules of a stain onto a microorganism. Classically defined, mordants are usually ions such as metal ions or halide ions, but can be any molecule that serves the purpose of holding down a dye. However, a molecule called phenol is a non-ionic mordant that is discussed below.

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