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1. Moratorium definition is - a legally authorized period of delay in the performance of a legal obligation or the payment of a debt


2. How to use Moratorium in a sentence.


3. A Moratorium is most commonly an official suspension or delay of some activity

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4. Moratorium often specifically refers to the postponement of the requirement to make some kind of payment, such as rent.

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5. A suspension of an ongoing or planned activity: a Moratorium on timber cutting


6. A Moratorium is a temporary halt of business as usual, or a suspension of some law or regulation


7. Most of the time, Moratoriums are intended to …

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8. Find 22 ways to say Moratorium, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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9. CDC Likely To Extend Eviction Moratorium With Millions Of People Behind On Rent The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is moving to extend an …

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10. The federal eviction Moratorium issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) remains in effect through March 31, 2021, despite the Federal District Court of Eastern Texas ruling in Terkel v

Moratorium, March

11. "The federal government cannot say that it has ever before invoked its power over interstate commerce to impose a residential eviction Moratorium. It did not do so during the deadly …


12. The federal eviction Moratorium, put in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in September to stop the spread of coronavirus, prevents …


13. The national Moratorium on evictions was extended into this year – to keep families suffering during the pandemic from ending up homeless, but many Tri-Staters are still facing eviction.

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14. The Moratorium is a grace period of sorts after the loan amount has been disbursed to the borrower


15. However, interest accrues during the Moratorium period and the borrower must pay it.

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16. Walensky, MD, MPH, on Extending the Eviction Moratorium; Public Inspection: Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions to Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19 external icon; Declaration Form (English) pdf icon [76 KB, 1 page] Alternative Language: Spanish pdf icon [127KB, 1 page] FAQs: HHS/CDC temporary halt in residential evictions …

Md, Mph, Moratorium

17. Nearly 40 million have been protected by some form of an eviction Moratorium since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic

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18. A Moratorium is a temporary suspension of activity until future events warrant lifting of the suspension or related issues have been resolved. Moratoriums are often enacted in response to temporary financial hardships

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19. How does a Moratorium work? A Moratorium is often effected in response to a crisis that disrupts normal routine.


20. A federal judge in Texas on Thursday ruled unconstitutional a national Moratorium the U.S


21. The continuing eviction Moratorium protects renters who meet income requirements ($99,000 for single filers, $198,000 for joint filers) and notify their landlord of their financial situation.

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22. The eviction Moratorium remains in effect through March but was not included in the actions announced Tuesday

Moratorium, March

23. The Moratorium acted as a much-needed stabilizing force during a time of unprecedented volatility, said Eric Sawyer, an area manager for employment agency BBSI

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24. Plural Moratoriums or moratoria a period of time during which a particular activity is stopped: a Moratorium on sth The European Union imposed a two-year Moratorium on new GM imports

Moratoriums, Moratoria, Moratorium

25. A Moratorium period is the time during a loan term when the borrower is not required to make any repayment

Moratorium, Make

26. However, due to the Moratorium period, the payment starts after some time.


27. 22 hours ago · The Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance would put a six-month Moratorium on construction of places like apartments and restaurants if those …

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28. 19 hours ago · The Moratorium, which was initially for a period of three months till May 31, was later extended till Aug

Moratorium, Months, May

29. The case in the Supreme Court started with a public interest litigation by Gajendra Sharma, a borrower seeking relief on interest payable during the Moratorium period.


30. A Moratorium is a delay or suspension of an activity or a law


31. The CDC eviction Moratorium was signed in September by President Donald Trump and extended by President Joe Biden until March 31

Moratorium, March

32. CDC eviction Moratorium exceeded authority, federal judge in Ohio rules The Justice Department is appealing another ruling two weeks earlier in …


33. While extending the Moratorium is critical, it is not sufficient to protect renters during the pandemic


34. As outlined in a letter sent to the president by NLIHC and 2,000 national, state, and local organizations and elected officials , the Moratorium has significant shortcomings that undermine its public health impact.


35. President Joe Biden is extending the foreclosure Moratorium and mortgage forbearance through the end of June as part of his efforts to address the economic impact of …

Moratorium, Mortgage

36. Moratorium to other sectors will wipe out banks: Govt to SC 09 Dec, 2020, 09.14 AM IST


37. A Moratorium is sometimes agreed upon by the interested parties, or it may be authorized or imposed by operation of law.

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38. 11 synonyms of Moratorium from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 20 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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39. Find another word for Moratorium


40. Moratorium: a state of temporary inactivity


41. To much aplomb from the public and to the great chagrin of landlords everywhere, President-elect Joe Biden announced plans to extend the eviction Moratorium to …

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42. The Moratorium's limits on legal evictions may be tempting some landlords to resort to what are called “self-help evictions," said Barbara Reitzloff, a Legal Aid attorney

Moratorium, May

43. Moratorium definition, a suspension of activity: a Moratorium on the testing of nuclear weapons


44. News More Courts Rule Against CDC's Eviction Moratorium Last week, a federal court in Ohio ruled that the CDC lacked the authority to enact its recent national eviction Moratoriums.

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45. President Joe Biden's administration is at odds with the petroleum industry in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond for imposing a Moratorium on leasing federal lands for oil and gas production.

Mountain, Moratorium

46. The Moratorium on commercial whaling led Iceland to withdraw in protest from the IWC, as it had threatened to do if the Moratorium was extended


47. Both Moratoriums were first proclaimed in mid-March 2020, and since then their renewal has been scattershot and last-minute

Moratoriums, Mid, March, Minute

48. 15, Durkan extended Seattle’s Moratorium


49. 20 hours ago · The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had on March 27, 2020 announced a Moratorium on loan instalments due between March 1 and May 31

March, Moratorium, May

50. 19 hours ago · India’s apex court has ordered the waiver of interest on interest on all loans under Moratorium, not just those amounting to ₹2 crore


51. Eviction Moratorium, Legal Aid & Rental Assistance Virtual Town Hall (Clark County/YouTube) By Subrina Hudson / Las Vegas Review-Journal March 17, 2021 - 4:22 pm

Moratorium, March

52. 2 days ago · PORT ANGELES — A year-long extension to the now 10-year old Moratorium on commercial and recreation fishing on the Elwha River and its tributaries through July 1, 2022 has been announced by the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, Olympic National Park and the …


53. NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The CDC announced the Moratorium on evictions will extend through March after it was set to expire January 31

Moratorium, March

54. A Moratorium is sometimes agreed upon by the interested parties, or it may be authorized or imposed by operation of law

Moratorium, May

55. A Moratorium period, which is similar to forbearance or deferment, is when your lender allows you to stop making payments for …

Moratorium, Making

56. The Moratorium does nothing to address the long-term problem — specifically, the persistent lack of affordable housing


57. There has been a Moratorium


58. Despite the Moratorium, staff at the High Plains Fair Housing Center say there have been dozens of evictions throughout Grand Forks County


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MORATORIUM [ˌmôrəˈtôrēəm]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name moratorium mean?

Culture definitions for moratorium. A period of delay agreed to by parties to a dispute or parties who are negotiating. A moratorium may also be an authorized delay in the repayment of a loan, especially by a nation (as in a moratorium on war debts).

What does moratorium mean in psychology?

What is Psychosocial Moratorium. 1. Coined by Erik Erikson, this term refers to a process that individuals suspend their responsibility and commitment in search of their new identities.

What does moratoriums mean?

Updated Jun 14, 2019. A moratorium is a temporary suspension of an activity or a law until future events warrant lifting the suspension or related issues have been resolved. A moratorium may be imposed by a government or by a business. Moratoriums are often enacted in response to temporary financial hardships.

What is the plural of moratorium?

The plural form of moratorium is moratoriums or moratoria.

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