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1. Monotonic synonyms, Monotonic pronunciation, Monotonic translation, English dictionary definition of Monotonic


2. Monotonic definition, of, relating to, or uttered in a monotone: a Monotonic delivery of a lecture

Monotonic, Monotone

3. ‘The logarithm is only one of many nonlinear but Monotonic functions that can be applied to measurements prior to analysis.’ ‘What leads us astray is the assumption that interval calculations can be based on end points alone, which is true only for Monotonic functions.’

Many, Monotonic, Measurements

4. A Monotonic function is a function which is either entirely nonincreasing or nondecreasing.A function is Monotonic if its first derivative (which need not be continuous) does not change sign.


5. The term Monotonic may also be used to describe set functions which map subsets of the domain to non-decreasing values of the codomain.In particular, if is a set …

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6. A non-Monotonic function is a function that is increasing and decreasing on different intervals of its domain


7. A strictly Monotonic function either increases or decreases steadily as x increases from point a to point b.The difference between strictly monotone and plain old “monotone” is that a Monotonic function can have areas where the graph flattens out (i.e

Monotonic, Monotone

8. The Monotonic function is an undocumented SAS function


9. What does Monotonic mean? Unvarying in quality or characteristics, such as pitch, tone, style, or color.

Monotonic, Mean

10. The term Monotonic relationship is a statistical definition that is used to describe a scenario in which the size of one variable increases as the other variables also increases, or where the size of one variable increases as the other variable also decreases.


11. Monotonic (not comparable) of or using the Greek system of diacritics which discards the breathings and employs a single accent to indicate stress


12. An implementation of time.Monotonic() for Python 2 & < 3.3


13. This module provides a Monotonic() function which returns the value (in fractional seconds) of a clock which never goes backwards.

Module, Monotonic

14. On Python 3.3 or newer, Monotonic will be an alias of time.Monotonic from the standard library


15. Monotonic definition: of a sequence or function; consistently increasing and never decreasing or consistently decreasing and never increasing in value synonyms: decreasing Monotonic, increasing Monotonic, monotone antonyms: nonMonotonic, unidimensional, stimulating, cubic

Monotonic, Monotone

16. Monotonic is a simple service that promises to give you strictly Monotonically increasing sequences

Monotonic, Monotonically

17. A Monotonic scale is a musical scale consisting of only one note in the octave.Having a deliberate fixed note, the Monotonic is still a musical form rather than a total absence of melody.The Monotonic stands in contrast to more common musical scales, such as the pentatonic (five notes) and modern, common Western heptatonic and chromatic scales

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18. Deadline Monotonic algorithm is similar to rate Monotonic except that it assigns priorities reversely to relative deadline instead of period


19. In that sense, it is weakening one of rate Monotonic algorithm's constrains (A2) so that RM is a degenerative form of DM when the period is equal (or proportional) to relative deadline.


20. Synonyms for Monotonic in Free Thesaurus


21. 4 synonyms for Monotonic: monotone, monotone, monotonous, flat

Monotonic, Monotone, Monotonous

22. What are synonyms for Monotonic?


23. In this section, we will be talking about Monotonic and bounded sequences


24. We will learn that Monotonic sequences are sequences which constantly increase or constantly decrease


25. Monotonic Stack is a special variation of the typical data structure Stack and appeared in many interview questions

Monotonic, Many

26. As its name shows, Monotonic stack contains all …


27. Q: What is a non-Monotonic converter? In a non-Monotonic converter, this “same direction” correspondence between input and output direction reverses at one or more points of the transfer curve, Figure 1

Monotonic, More

28. (FWIW, often in a casual calculus context one will hear a function which reverses the order everywhere also called a Monotonic function or "Monotonic decreasing function", but technically a better term from a theoretician's pov is "anti-Monotonic" or "antitonic" function, since this is still a change of order.


29. Monotonic transformation is a way of transforming a set of numbers into another set that preserves the order of the original set, it is a function mapping real numbers into real numbers, which satisfies the property, that if x>y, then f(x)>f(y), simply it is a strictly increasing function.

Monotonic, Mapping

30. Monotonic definition: a single unvaried pitch level in speech, sound, etc Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Monotonic, Meaning

31. An array is called Monotonic if it is either monotone increasing or monotone decreasing.

Monotonic, Monotone

32. Return true if and only if the given array A is Monotonic.


33. This calculus 2 video tutorial provides a basic introduction into Monotonic sequences and bounded sequences


34. A Monotonic sequence is a sequence that is alwa


35. A Monotonic function is one of the simplest classes of functions and is continually encountered in mathematical analysis and the theory of functions

Monotonic, Mathematical

36. If f(x) is a Monotonic function, then the following limits exist for any X 0: and


37. Monotonic classification is a mathematical property of an AI model closely related to the concept of a Monotonic function

Monotonic, Mathematical, Model

38. Monotonic reasoning is a form of reasoning that can underlie the AI system’s logic.


39. A Monotonic clock is a clock that can not go backwards


40. As the reference point of the returned value of Monotonic clock is undefined, only the difference between the results of consecutive calls is valid


41. Syntax: time.Monotonic() Parameter: No parameter is required.


42. Monotonic sequence: a sequence in which each value in a set is greater than the preceding value.


43. We will determine if a sequence in an increasing sequence or a decreasing sequence and hence if it is a Monotonic sequence


44. Monotonic trend (continuous rate of change, increasing or decreasing) analysis; for a step trend (abrupt shift up or down), at least two years of monthly data before …

Monotonic, Monthly

45. Monotonic Definition: speaking in an unchanged tone or pitch or (Mathematics)of a sequence or function; consistently increasing and never decreasing or …

Monotonic, Mathematics

46. In a Monotonic relationship, the variables tend to move in the same relative direction, but not necessarily at a constant rate

Monotonic, Move

47. This is the template for Monotonic queue solving problem


48. NonMonotonic: 1 adj not Monotonic Antonyms: monotone , Monotonic of a sequence or function; consistently increasing and never decreasing or consistently decreasing and never increasing in value decreasing Monotonic consistently decreasing increasing Monotonic consistently increasing show …

Monotonic, Monotone

49. For Monotonic and for cyclic loading in Chapters 4 and 5 respectively


50. 6.2.1 Capacity and Drift Capacity and corresponding drift are important parameters to compare between Monotonic and cyclic tests


51. Synonyms for Monotonic include monotonous, tedious, boring, dull, tiresome, ho-hum, humdrum, repetitive, wearisome and mind-numbing

Monotonic, Monotonous, Mind

52. Monotonic Queue is a data struc t ure that keeps it’s elements either entirely in non-increasing, or entirely in non-decreasing order


53. For some problems just a stack can be of use, although for a more standardized approach we can apply queue (or deque), and from this point forward I will be using the term Monotonic Queue (or MQ for short).

More, Monotonic, Mq

54. Inverses for strictly Monotonic Up: Composition Previous: Rigorous construction of an Increasing, decreasing and Monotonic functions Let sets and in be given and let there be given a function .


55. Is said to be increasing iff given and in , with , then .; is said to be decreasing iff given and in , with , then .; is said to be Monotonic iff either is increasing, or is decreasing.


56. Monotonic counters allow trusted applications to detect offline storage data replay attacks


57. A separate Monotonic counter is available for use by each applet, and is shared between instances of the same applet (i.e., if multiple applets are running on a platform, each applet will use a separate Monotonic

Monotonic, Multiple

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does monotonic function mean?

Monotonic function. In mathematics, a monotonic function is a function between ordered sets that preserves the given order. This concept first arose in calculus, and was later generalized to the more abstract setting of order theory.

What do you mean by monotonic functions?

Monotonic function. In mathematics, a monotonic function (or monotone function) is a function between ordered sets that preserves or reverses the given order . This concept first arose in calculus, and was later generalized to the more abstract setting of order theory .

Is a monotonic function a bijection?

Given a bijective function f: [ a, b] → [ c, d], prove that it is a monotone function (i.e. it is either monotonically increasing or monotonically decreasing.)

What does decreasing monotonic mean?

monotonic decreasing (Adjective) always decreasing or remaining constant, and never increasing; contrast this with strictly decreasing How to pronounce monotonic decreasing?

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