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1. Monomorphic definition is - having but a single form, structural pattern, or genotype

2. How to use Monomorphic in a sentence.

3. Monomorphic definition, having only one form

4. Monomorphic synonyms, Monomorphic pronunciation, Monomorphic translation, English dictionary definition of Monomorphic

5. The percentage of Monomorphic bands (MMB), polymorphic bands (PMB), maternal segregated bands (MSB), paternal-specific bands (PSB), and nonparental bands (NPB) in hybrid families of H

6. Sustained Monomorphic VT VT termination Therapy guided by underlying heart disease Effective Therapy to prevent recurrence preferred Typical ECG morphology for idiopathic VA Structural heart disease 12-lead ECG, history & physical Consider disease speci˚c VTs Cardioversion (Class I) Cardioversion (Class I) Yes Cardioversion (Class I)

7. These rhythms include Monomorphic ventricular tachycardia and polymorphic ventricular tachycardia both of which are wide-complex tachycardias.

8. Monomorphic- maintain a single shape pleomorphic- many shapes

9. Monomorphic VT is the most frequent cause of WCT (≤80%), especially in patients with structural heart disease (>90%)

10. Monomorphic VT may be idiopathic, but most of patients have underlying cardiac disease

11. Sustained Monomorphic ventricular tachycardia (SMVT) is defined by the following characteristics: A regular wide QRS complex (≥120 milliseconds) tachycardia at a rate greater than 100 beats per minute The consecutive beats have a uniform and stable QRS morphology The arrhythmia lasts ≥30 seconds or causes hemodynamic collapse in <30 seconds

12. Monomorphic ventricular tachycardia means that the appearance of all the beats match each other in each lead of a surface electrocardiogram (ECG)

13. Scar-related Monomorphic ventricular tachycardia is the most common type and a frequent cause of death in patients having survived a heart attack, especially if they have weak heart muscle.

14. Monomorphic VT: This ECG is a difficult one! Although there is a broad complex tachycardia (HR > 100, QRS > 120), the appearance in V1 is more suggestive of SVT with aberrancy, given that the the complexes are not that broad (< 160 ms) and the right rabbit ear is taller than the left.; However, on closer inspection there are signs of AV dissociation, with superimposed P waves visible …

15. Monomorphic epitheliotropic intestinal T-cell lymphoma (MEITL) is a provisional entity in the 2017 World Health Organization classifications

16. Monomorphic VEBs represent a focal arrhythmia arising from a single site

17. Generally, individuals with frequent Monomorphic premature ventricular …

18. Newer vesicles continue to appear in Monomorphic crops for about one week

19. Monomorphic to me means that the interpreter of the object handles the EXACT type that it is expecting, and no inheritance or modifications to the type expected is possible

20. From my understanding Monomorphic SNPs : "A SNP for which a single form or allele can be identified in the population of interest"

21. Now i would like to know how many Monomorphic

22. What does Monomorphic mean? Having only one form, as one crystal form

23. Examples of how to use “Monomorphic” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs

24. Bird species in which the male and female look the same are called Monomorphic

25. Several of our favorite backyard bird species are Monomorphic, such as Black-capped Chickadees, Blue Jays, House Wrens and Mourning Doves

26. Other Monomorphic species in Minnesota include American Crows and Bald Eagles

27. ‘The carcinoma consisted of nests of tumor composed of a relatively Monomorphic cell population with round nuclei, evenly distributed chromatin, and scanty cytoplasm.’ 1.2 (of an animal species) having sexes that are similar in size and appearance.

28. Polymorphic ventricular tachycardia that is associated with a normal resting QT interval may be managed in the same way as the Monomorphic form

29. Monomorphic VT is most commonly seen in patients with underlying structural heart disease

30. Antonyms for Monomorphic include polymorphic, diverse, varied, miscellaneous, disparate, numerous, motley, assorted, several and heterogeneous

31. Monomorphic animals are generally monogamous and display long-term pair-bonding

32. Looking for Sexually Monomorphic? Find out information about Sexually Monomorphic

33. In many animals, the sex of an individual can be determined at a Explanation of Sexually Monomorphic

34. Monomorphic PTLD (M-PTLD) should be diagnosed as a PTLD and further subclassified based on the WHO lymphoma classification (e.g., posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorder, diffuse large B cell lymphoma type)

35. Among PTLDs, Monomorphic PTLD (m-PTLD) is the largest category; however, its characteristics and survival outcome are not fully understoo …

36. Mouse anti Cat MHC Class II antibody, clone vpg3 recognizes a Monomorphic determinant on feline MHC class II molecules

37. MonomorphicThe major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is a cluster of genes that are important in the immune response to infections.

38. Sexually Monomorphic Species To confuse things further, many finches are not sexually dimorphic at all

39. These sexually Monomorphic species do not have any obvious or subtle morphological differences between the genders, making visual sexing impractical, even during the breeding season.

40. Monomorphic definition: (of an individual organism ) showing little or no change in structure during the entire Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

41. The term polymorphic and Monomorphic, denotes whether your sequence of interest is present in different loci (polymorphic) or same loci (Monomorphic) across the population, kindly find the figure

42. Salivary gland Monomorphic adenoma

43. Start studying Mycology #12 - Monomorphic vs Dimorphic

44. ‘The carcinoma consisted of nests of tumor composed of a relatively Monomorphic cell population with round nuclei, evenly distributed chromatin, and scanty cytoplasm.’ 1.2 (of an animal species) having sexes that are similar in size and appearance.

45. Ischemic heart disease: Monomorphic NSVT around myocardial scars, active ischemia associated with both mono/polymorphic VT and VF

46. (6) We have found that domestic dogs and dingoes are Monomorphic for the same electrophoretic alleles at a further 15 loci, and polymorphic for the same alleles at a 30th locus

47. Monomorphic Applied to a population in which all individuals have the same allele at a particular locus

48. Source for information on Monomorphic: A Dictionary of Ecology dictionary.

49. Invitrogen Anti-MHC I Monomorphic Monoclonal (CVS22), Catalog # MA5-28479

50. Monomorphic ventricular arrhythmias (MMVA) are not uncommon in athletes,1,2 yet their presence appropriately raises concern among practitioners for possible increased risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD) during sports activity and competition

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What does monomorphic mean?

(of an individual organism) showing little or no change in structure during the entire life history (of a species) existing or having parts that exist in only one form (of a chemical compound) having only one crystalline form Derived forms of monomorphic

What is monomorphic chemistry?

Monomorphic. (n.d.). In YourDictionary. Retrieved from Chemistry Having only one form, as one crystal form. Biology Having or existing in only one form, as having only one allele of a gene or having males and females that look alike.

Is a morphism a monomorphism?

Every morphism in a concrete category whose underlying function is injective is a monomorphism; in other words, if morphisms are actually functions between sets, then any morphism which is a one-to-one function will necessarily be a monomorphism in the categorical sense.

How many monomorphic cancers are there?

In this genus, males and females appear to be monomorphic at hatching, although they show extreme reversed sexual size dimorphism at adulthood (Kaston 1970). These 6 cancers included 2 mucoepidermoid carcinomas and 4 carcinomas of unspecified nature, while the 25 benign tumours consisted of 23 pleomorphic and 2 monomorphic adenomas.

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