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1. Find a Monologue that fits you and your experiences


2. Pick a Monologue that is age-appropriate


3. If you’re in your 30’s, don’t choose a Monologue for a …


4. Monologues Monologue Blogger has the largest collection of great Monologues for actors

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5. Find Monologues from plays for auditions, theater training and film.


6. Hundreds of great Monologues from plays for men and women of all ages

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7. Monologues include video examples, analysis and character descriptions.


8. List Rules Vote up the short Monologues from plays that are the best to memorize for auditions and classes

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9. Anyone who has ever had an acting audition knows how important it is to find the perfect Monologue. These Monologues from plays are all under two minutes and give a performer the opportunity to showcase their unique talents.

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10. Quick Tips for Choosing a Monologue **Find a Monologue with a character around your age and one that you can relate to


11. **Grab a copy of the entire play so you can properly grasp the surrounding circumstances and background of the Monologue


12. **Choose a Monologue that is "active" (ie: one that actively engages the other character).


13. The Monologues MAY be performed by children and teens in educational, competition and audition settings without requesting permission

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14. We are also building a collection of Monologues on video.


15. This famous movie Monologues list is an open list, meaning others can contribute

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16. If you have a favorite film Monologue or even a famous movie speech that isn't on the list, add it! Some are …

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17. A huge archive of Monologues for actors


18. Here you can search Monologues from movies, plays, television and books according to gender, source material, type (dramatic, comic, serio-comic), main action/emotions explored, period, genre or specific keywords (e.g

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19. Quick Monologue Tips: Find a Monologue that fits you and your experiences


20. Pick a Monologue that is age-appropriate


21. If you’re in your 40’s, don’t choose a Monologue for a young ingenue


22. Choose a Monologue that is suitable for the role you want


23. Noun a form of dramatic entertainment, comedic solo, or the like by a single speaker: a comedian's Monologue


24. An assortment of public domain Monologues taken from classic plays organized by gender and type.


25. A Monologue is a speech given by a single character in a play


26. The word is derived from the Greek-"mono" means "one," and "logos" means "speech." Typically, a Monologue serves the purpose of having a character speak his or her thoughts aloud so that the audience and/or other characters can understand what the character is thinking.

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27. These are some incredible film Monologues to sink your teeth into! We generally encourage actors to use theatre Monologues for auditions, but there have been some mighty fine Monologues from the big screen over the years that are definitely worth a look

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28. There is a stigma around auditioning using a movie Monologue, and so often it isn’t done

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29. Film Title/Year and Description of Film Speech/Monologue: Screenshots: JFK (1991) Screenwriter(s): Oliver Stone, Zachary Sklar "Your Only Chance Is to Come Up With a Case" During a secret rendezvous in Washington DC, "X" (Donald Sutherland) delivered a spellbinding, 15-minute long paranoic Monologue about a massive conspiracy to murder the

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30. Monologues For Actors Here you can find all our Monologue for actors, site-wide

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31. We have a range of contemporary, classic and Shakespearean Monologues, as well as resources for Monologues from film and TV, for all ages


32. Working on Monologues for actors, is like using a powerdrill for Tradesmen – it’s an essential part of the job!


33. The inhabitants of a planet named Koppai have almost run out of food, the opening Monologue tells us, due to “a booming population, a booming appetite and a basic lack of planning.” ‘PIKMIN 3 DELUXE’ LOSES SOME OF ITS ORIGINAL CHARM MICHAEL THOMSEN OCTOBER 30, …

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34. Monologues for teen girls from plays for auditions and acting practice.


35. Monologue definition, a form of dramatic entertainment, comedic solo, or the like by a single speaker: a comedian's Monologue


36. In theatre, a Monologue (from Greek: μονόλογος, from μόνος mónos, "alone, solitary" and λόγος lógos, "speech") is a speech presented by a single character, most often to express their thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience.

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37. Monologue, in literature and drama, an extended speech by one person


38. A dramatic Monologue (q.v.) is any speech of some duration addressed by a character to a second person.


39. A Monologue that starts in one place and ends up somewhere entirely different will make the tension more dramatic, the characters more compelling, and your script much better

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40. A good Monologue should be alternatively funny, harrowing, and touching, pointing on …


41. A Monologue is a long speech by a single character in a theatre production or film


42. Monologues can either be addressing other characters in the scene, or they can be one character talking to themselves or to the audience.


43. The Monologue is the first moment the audience sees George as an adult; not only the son of a great man but a great man himself

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44. Monologue Blogger maintains thousands of free contemporary Monologues from published plays you may use for your next acting audition

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45. Monologue (n.) 1660s, "long speech by one person, scene in a drama in which a person speaks by himself," from French Monologue, from Late Greek monologos "speaking alone or to oneself," from Greek monos "single, alone" (from PIE root *men-(4) "small, isolated") + logos "speech, word," from legein "to speak," from PIE root *leg-(1) "to collect, gather," with derivatives meaning "to speak (to

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46. A Monologue is a speech or composition presenting the words or thoughts of a single character (compare with dialogue).Monologues are also known as dramatic soliloquies

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47. Someone who delivers a Monologue is called a monologist or monologuist.

Monologue, Monologist, Monologuist

48. Dramatic Monologue, a poem written in the form of a speech of an individual character; it compresses into a single vivid scene a narrative sense of the speaker’s history and psychological insight into his character


49. Your own Monologue! Next-generation monophonic analog synthesizer in a vivid five-color lineup

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50. Fully programmable, analog synthesis for all players; Monologue is the next-generation monophonic synthesizer that shares the spirit of the acclaimed minilogue, with a completely new voice and powerful new features.

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51. A Monologue for Women From the Play "Tomorrow's Wish" Sharpen Your Acting Skills with "Brumbly the Elf"' Monologue A Funny Christmas Monologue With a Heartbreaking Twist


52. Watch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's hilarious opening Monologue as they host the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards.» Subscribe for More:» Str

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53. Monologue definition: If you refer to a long speech by one person during a conversation as a Monologue , you Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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54. Daniel Levy started the Monologue by talking about the good and bad ways in which the six-season Canadian comedy changed his life, including winning those …


55. Monologue/KORG USB-MIDI Driver (for Mac OS 10.10 to 10.14) 1.2.5 r2 2019.02.21 / DMG : 3.3MB

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56. Tags: Norm MacDonald Monologue, Norm MacDonald talks about being fired from his anchor position at Weekend Update., Norm MacDonald fired, Weekend Update firing, Norm MacDonald anchor, Norm

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57. Stream of consciousness is a narrative device that attempts to give the written equivalent of the character's thought processes, either in a loose interior Monologue (see below), or in connection to his or her actions.Stream-of-consciousness writing is usually regarded as a special form of interior Monologue and is characterized by associative leaps in thought and lack some or all


58. First-time host John Krasinski has to deal with some fans of The Office (Kenan Thompson, Alex Moffat, Pete Davidson, Ego Nwodim) disrupting his Monologue.

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