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1. Monolithic definition is - of, relating to, or resembling a monolith : huge, massive

Monolithic, Monolith, Massive

2. How to use Monolithic in a sentence.


3. Monolithic definition, of or relating to a monolith

Monolithic, Monolith

4. Characterized by hugeness, impenetrability, or intractability: a Monolithic government


5. Monolithic The state can no longer be seen as Monolithic, but should rather be understood as a functional body that provides a series of services


6. From the Cambridge English Corpus However, such implications normally involve onsets versus codas, grouping all parameters involved in a segments' production as a Monolithic


7. When something is Monolithic it's big, and made of one thing

Monolithic, Made

8. A large piece of stone jutting from the earth is a monolith, and Detroit's economy when it depended entirely on the auto industry was Monolithic. Broken into its roots mono and lithic, Monolithic means simply "one stone."

Monolith, Monolithic, Mono, Means

9. The definition of Monolithic is something that is literally or figuratively very large or massive, or something made of a single large block of stone

Monolithic, Massive, Made

10. The Monolithic Airform is a balloonlike, inflatable structure that determines the shape and size of a dome


11. Despite representing this large voting bloc, polls such as Quinnipiac continue to frame black Americans as a Monolithic group, while disaggregating white people by age, political identification


12. Adjective If you refer to an organization or system as Monolithic, you are critical of it because it is very large and very slow to change, and does …


13. Characterized by hugeness, impenetrability, or intractability: a Monolithic government


14. The lintel alone, being Monolithic, has a certain independence (Fig


15. II (OF 2) GEORGES PERROT The lateral naves, in contrast, are exceedingly narrow and have high galleries supported by large Monolithic columns.


16. Monolithic literally means ‘single pour,’ which highlights the key point of difference with this type of foundation – it’s poured all in one go

Monolithic, Means

17. Dome Living Ebook: What You Need to Know About a Monolithic Dome Home—Before You Buy One Regular price $ 24.95 Monolithic Portable Concrete Mixer

Monolithic, Mixer

18. 81 synonyms and near synonyms of Monolithic from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 35 antonyms and near antonyms

Monolithic, Merriam

19. Find another word for Monolithic.


20. Monolithic Domes David, Barry and Randy South switched on the inflator fans to construct the first Monolithic Dome in April 1976


21. 2017, Adam Rutherford, A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived, The Experiment, →ISBN, page 71: Farming today is industrial, and dominated by Monolithic corporations who control almost all the food we eat.· (computing, said of an


22. ‘It should be ugly, vast and Monolithic, crude after the bewitching vagaries of the old town, but instead is a streamlined example of aesthetic integration, beautiful in its own right.’ ‘According to Novak, the building's final design will have the sleek, Monolithic look of a tall office tower.’


23. Monolithic application deployed as a container


24. There are benefits to using containers to manage Monolithic deployments

Manage, Monolithic

25. ‘Enormous Monolithic buildings, windowless and scaleless, were separated by vast boulevards.’ ‘The new galleries and studios are not Old-World museums which can be described as architectural wonders, or as Monolithic buildings that have a story behind them.’

Monolithic, Museums

26. Vendor lock-in — Typically, Monolithic systems attempt to cover a broad set of related functions


27. A Monolithic web hosting platform, for instance, might include not just a web server that handles HTTP requests on the server side but also firewalls, load balancing, and a content distribution network.

Monolithic, Might

28. Monolithic, in information technology, means either very large (and possibly imposing) or composed all in one piece, depending on the particular context; the term is used in different ways to describe integrated circuits, organizations, applications and storage systems, among other things.

Monolithic, Means

29. K7 League: Season 3: Match 18 - Monolithic vs Knights Templar

Match, Monolithic

30. K7 League: Season 3: Match 29 - Rated Gold vs Monolithic Gaming

Match, Monolithic

31. K7 League: Season 3: Match 34 - Monolithic

Match, Monolithic

32. Monolithic means “all in one pour” so the foundation is constructed in one single pour that is made up of a concrete slab with thicker areas under load bearing walls and all perimeter edges to take the place of footers

Monolithic, Means, Made

33. Even the gunfire did not convince the Monolithic herd of cattle to change directions


34. 🔊 Because the cult leader’s brainwashing was so Monolithic, it took months for the man to break free of the programming

Monolithic, Months, Man

35. 🔊 The miners were exhausted after smashing through the Monolithic cave wall

Miners, Monolithic

36. 🔊 If the Monolithic pillars collapse, the entire


37. A Monolithic kernel is an operating system software framework that holds all privileges to access input/output (I/O) devices, memory, hardware interrupts and the CPU stack.

Monolithic, Memory

38. His latest release called "Anthology" is a collection of 32 songs, spanning 20 years of songwriting under his Monolithic moniker and can be found at many online music streaming and digital download providers

Monolithic, Moniker, Many, Music

39. Discography as Monolithic Full-length albums


40. Difference Between Monolithic kernel and Microkernel (μ-kernel) A kernel is a software that forms a layer between the hardware and the operating system; it is divided into two main types, i.e

Monolithic, Microkernel, Main

41. Monolithic kernel and MicroKernel; these types are mainly segregated based upon how they manage the process, along with this they also differ in the field of execution-style, size, speed, stability

Monolithic, Microkernel, Mainly, Manage

42. The execution of the Monolithic kernel is quite fast as the services such as memory management, file management, process scheduling etc.are implemented under the same address space

Monolithic, Memory, Management

43. A process runs completely in a single address space in the Monolithic kernel


44. The Monolithic kernel is a static single binary file


45. Disadvantages of Monolithic Kernel


46. Monolithic is a singleplayer adventure that will challenge you to escape a vast nothingness, discover mystical secrets, and climb to the peak

Monolithic, Mystical

47. In simple words, the term “Monolithic beam and slab” means the slab and beam both act as a single body

Monolithic, Means

48. This Monolithic beam action is achieved when slab and beam are casted simultaneously as shown in figure shown below- Such a Monolithic system w


49. A Monolithic architecture is the traditional unified model for the design of a software program

Monolithic, Model

50. Monolithic, in this context, means composed all in one piece

Monolithic, Means

51. According to the Cambridge dictionary, the adjective Monolithic also means both too large and unable to be changed.

Monolithic, Means

52. The Monolithic Architecture is regarded as the conventional method of application development

Monolithic, Method

53. An application in Monolithic architecture is developed as a single package


54. See more ideas about dome, Monolithic dome homes, dome house.

More, Monolithic

55. Monolithic is a free to play real time strategy game about two warring pantheons of gods


56. Opposite is the case with Monolithic kernel if a new service is to be added in Monolithic kernel then entire kernel needs to be modified

Monolithic, Modified

57. Microkernel is more secure than Monolithic kernel as if a service fails in microkernel the operating sytem remain unaffected

Microkernel, More, Monolithic

58. On the other hands, if a service fails in Monolithic kernel entire system fails.


59. Monolithic Concrete Construction Monolithic concrete construction is one of the most innovative forms of concrete construction available to companies today

Monolithic, Most

60. In some situations, Monolithic concrete construction is a highly attractive form of construction that can get the job done faster than other methods

Monolithic, Methods

61. Synonyms for Monolithic in Free Thesaurus


62. 23 synonyms for Monolithic: inflexible, rigid, impenetrable, intractable, unchanging, immovable


63. Advantages of Monolithic Kernel – One of the major advantage of having Monolithic kernel is that it provides CPU scheduling, memory management, file management and other operating system functions through system calls

Monolithic, Major, Memory, Management

64. Monolithic Glass is a single lite of glass that is typically used in the construction of the final Viracon fabricated product


65. A Monolithic glass product is enhanced for strength (see heat treating), design (see silk-screen


66. Monolithic applications If all the functionalities of a project exists in a single codebase, then that application is known as Monolithic application


67. We all must have designed a Monolithic application in our lives in which we were given a problem statement and were asked to design a system with various functionalities.

Must, Monolithic

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