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1. Monodisperse definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation


2. Monodisperse chlorinated methyl styrene is a porous, highly reactive benzyl chloride that can be used as a trigger in the SI-ATRP reaction, simplifying surface modification of the matrix [35-37]

Monodisperse, Methyl, Modification, Matrix

3. Monodisperse polymers are uniform polymers in which all molecules have the same degree of polymerization or relative molecular mass. The polymer has a polydispersity index (PDI, a measure of the broadness of molecular weight distribution of a polymer) equal to 1

Monodisperse, Molecules, Molecular, Mass, Measure

4. Many biopolymers, especially proteins, are Monodisperse.

Many, Monodisperse

5. Monodisperse particles are often used as as calibration standards and tracer particles for qualifying medical devices and in many biotechnology applications. Monodisperse silver-coated silica microspheres offer a high performance conductive spacer for specialized applications.

Monodisperse, Medical, Many, Microspheres

6. JenKem Technology’s Monodisperse PEG products consist of linear chains of up to 108 –CH2-CH2-O– units (MW ~ 5000Da)

Monodisperse, Mw

7. JenKem Technology’s Monodisperse PEG products are produced via very reproducible chemical reactions and lack the polydispersity of traditional PEG polymers.


8. Monodisperse polymers are macromolecular materials having a precise and discrete molecular weight. That means; all the components in the Monodispersed polymer material have the same molecular weight

Monodisperse, Macromolecular, Materials, Molecular, Means, Monodispersed, Material

9. Is that colloid is glue-like; gelatinous while Monodisperse is (of a colloid) having particles of (approximately) the same size


10. Monodisperse microspheres are microbeads with narrow particle size distribution. We use CV, coefficient of variation to evaluate the uniformity of beads

Monodisperse, Microspheres, Microbeads

11. There are various materials can be synthesized as Monodisperse microspheres such as polymer, silica and TiO2.

Materials, Monodisperse, Microspheres

12. Monodisperse (comparative more Monodisperse, superlative most Monodisperse) (of a colloid) Having particles of (approximately) the same size

Monodisperse, More, Most

13. Dendrimers are Monodisperse polymers grown in a fractal manner from a central point

Monodisperse, Manner

14. Monodisperse generators are useful any where a precise, Monodisperse aerosol is needed


15. Search results for Monodisperse at Sigma-Aldrich


16. This should be compared with the Monodisperse diblock phase diagram (Figure 19).The main differences are the presence of the two-phase regions, indicated by 2 − Φ, and the reduction in size of the bicontinuous gyroid region.Apparently, the fractionation that is involved in the two-phase LC equilibrium reduces the free energy compared to the bicontinuous gyroid structure, even though the

Monodisperse, Main

17. Monodisperse / discrete PEGs lack the polydispersity of traditional PEG polymers


18. What does Monodisperse mean? (of a colloid) Having particles of (approximately) the same size

Monodisperse, Mean

19. Abstract Fabrication of Monodisperse porous polymeric nanospheres with diameters below 500 nm remains a great challenge, due to serious crosslinking between neighboring nanospheres during …


20. Monodisperse microporous carbon nanospheres: An efficient and stable solid phase microextraction coating material

Monodisperse, Microporous, Microextraction, Material

21. Al Analytica chimica acta, 884, undefined (2015-6-16) The Monodisperse microporous carbon nanospheres (MMCNSs) were applied in solid phase microextraction for …

Monodisperse, Microporous, Mmcnss, Microextraction

22. Monodisperse silica microspheres and nanospheres are ceramic spherical beads with tight particle size distributions and CV<10%

Monodisperse, Microspheres

23. Nano Letters 2002, 2, 853-856), we prepared soluble Monodisperse discoidal lipid/protein particles with controlled size and composition, termed Nanodiscs, in which the fragment of dipalmitoylphosphatidyl …


24. Monodisperse and Uniform Mesoporous Silicate Nanosensitizers Achieve Low‐Dose X‐Ray‐Induced Deep‐Penetrating Photodynamic Therapy

Monodisperse, Mesoporous

25. Monodisperse PLGA microspheres with four different diameters were also fabricated using capillary microfluidic devices to study the effect of the core size on the drug release kinetics

Monodisperse, Microspheres, Microfluidic

26. We have developed a colloidal synthesis of nearly Monodisperse nanocrystals of pure Cs4PbX6 (X = Cl, Br, I) and their mixed halide compositions with sizes ranging from 9 to 37 nm

Monodisperse, Mixed

27. Here, we present a microfluidics-based route to produce Monodisperse liposomes that can shrink almost 3 orders of magnitude without compromising their stability

Microfluidics, Monodisperse, Magnitude

28. Monodisperse MgH 2 nanoparticles with homogeneous distribution and a high loading percent are developed through hydrogenation‐induced self‐assembly under the structure‐directing role of graphene

Monodisperse, Mgh

29. A Monodisperse sample of gold nanoparticles with a radius of 5 nm will contain very few nanoparticles of any other radius, while a sample containing …


30. Here, we present an ideal system for mechanistic study through the colloidal synthesis of single-crystalline, Monodisperse iron(ii) fluoride nanorods

Mechanistic, Monodisperse

31. Monodisperse systems, which are composed of particles identical in composition and shape, are frequent due to the way that macromolecules are produced in the cell

Monodisperse, Macromolecules

32. Monodisperse Polystyrene Microspheres—with functional group EPRUI promise to supply Monodisperse PS microspheres with high purity,uniform particle size,good sphericity and competitive price! Customization is accepted if for special needs.

Monodisperse, Microspheres

33. Non-spherical nanostructures derived from soft matter and with uniform size—that is, Monodisperse materials—are of particular utility and interest, but …

Matter, Monodisperse, Materials

34. The 3940A is a component-based system that is capable of generating Monodisperse particles


35. Table 3 indicates that the CV of Monodisperse particles (CV=7.2 to 7.6) is smaller than suspension polymerization particles after sieve classification (CV = 18.6 to 25.0)


36. The reduction of swelling ratio in Monodisperse articles due to the increase in cross-linking monomer ratio was shown in Table 3.

Monodisperse, Monomer

37. High–surface area and Monodisperse magnetite (Fe3O4) nanocrystals (NCs) were shown to respond to low fields in a size-dependent fashion.

Monodisperse, Magnetite

38. Non-porous Monodisperse silica particles for a variety of applications


39. Highly Monodisperse silica spheres for photonic crystals and synthetic opals, chemical mechanical polishing, cosmetics, coatings

Monodisperse, Mechanical

40. Synthesis of Monodisperse iron-platinum (FePt) nanoparticles by reduction of platinum acetylacetonate and decomposition of iron pentacarbonyl in the presence of oleic acid and oleyl amine stabilizers is reported


41. Synonym of Monodisperse: English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia Dispersity In physical and organic chemistry, the dispersity is a measure of the heterogeneity of sizes of molecules or particles in a mixture

Monodisperse, Measure, Molecules, Mixture

42. Monodisperse NPs with controlled surface chemistry, morphologies and magnetic properties also show great potential for use in biomedicine

Monodisperse, Morphologies, Magnetic

43. We highlight how Monodisperse iron oxide NPs are made biocompatible and target-specific for biomedical imaging, sensing and therapeutic applications.

Monodisperse, Made

44. Abstract Solution phase syntheses and size-selective separation methods to prepare semiconductor and metal nanocrystals, tunable in size from ∼1 to 20 nm and Monodisperse to ≤5%, are presented

Methods, Metal, Monodisperse

45. Preparation of Monodisperse samples enables systematic characterization of the structural, electronic, and optical properties of materials as they evolve from molecular to bulk in the nanometer size

Monodisperse, Materials, Molecular



47. Currently, a series of Monodisperse aerosols are used to simulate a …


48. The ability to easily create Monodisperse drops supported by a solid phase opens up many new opportunities for molecular and cellular assays

Monodisperse, Many, Molecular

49. EPRUI Biotech cooperate tightly with top microspheres research centers in China and can supply a whole set of Monodisperse silica microbeads for labs, institutions, universities or related industry

Microspheres, Monodisperse, Microbeads

50. Our Monodisperse SiO2 beads includes: Nonporous silica microspheres, mesporous silica microparticles

Monodisperse, Microspheres, Mesporous, Microparticles

51. Monodisperse Au nanoparticles (NPs) have been synthesized at room temperature via a burst nucleation of Au upon injection of the reducing agent t-butylamine-borane complex into a 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydronaphthalene solution of HAuCl4·3H2O in the presence of oleylamine


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MONODISPERSE [ˌmɒnə(ʊ)ˈdɪspəːs]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does monodisperse mean?

    Monodisperse definition is - characterized by particles of uniform size in a dispersed phase.

    What is a monodisperse polymer?

    Monodisperse polymers are uniform polymers in which all molecules have the same degree of polymerization or relative molecular mass. The polymer has a polydispersity index (PDI, a measure of the broadness of molecular weight distribution of a polymer) equal to 1. Many biopolymers, especially proteins, are monodisperse.

    What is the difference between monodisperse and polydispersed polymers?

    The key difference between monodisperse and polydisperse polymers is that monodispersed polymers have a precise and discrete molecular weight, whereas polydispersed polymers have a range of components with a range of molecular weights.

    What does polydisperse mean?

    Medical Definition of polydisperse. : of, relating to, characterized by, or characterized as particles of varied sizes in the dispersed phase of a disperse system — compare monodisperse.

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