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1. Mollifications synonyms, Mollifications pronunciation, Mollifications translation, English dictionary definition of Mollifications


2. Mollification (countable and uncountable, plural Mollifications)

Mollification, Mollifications

3. In the context of the usual bland Mollifications of fine dining atmosphere, the art disturbs admirably: an exploding apple against a creepy night sky, an abstract that seems to depict a racecar


4. What does Mollifications mean? Plural form of mollification

Mollifications, Mean, Mollification

5. Guo Theorem 4 (parameter selection) There is a unique radius of mollification, 5, such that lip * g' -- g'll: = " (30) This particular parameter choice criterion is characterized by selecting, among all possible discrete Mollifications of the noisy

Mollification, Mollifications

6. In Section 2, we give a brief review of the derivation of the mollification based on orthogonal wavelets, and then give revised estimations of EA applicable to the Mollifications based on the rdH

Mollification, Mollifications

7. The mother of all Windows books : being a compendium of incantations, imprecations, supplications, and Mollifications known to appease the daemons within Windows Item Preview cd_scan.png

Mother, Mollifications

8. In Section 3, we study these Mollifications, and then Mollifications based on unorthogonalized system of B-splines, in particular unorthogonalized Franklin’s wavelet ( [p


9. First we characterise elements f belonging to the Besov spaces B p q s (ℝ n) with s ∈ ℝ, 0 < p ≤ ∞, 0 < q ≤ ∞, in terms of their Mollifications


10. Synonyms for Mollifications in Free Thesaurus


11. Noting that the estimations are applicable even when the orthogonality of the wavelets is not satisfied, we study Mollifications using unorthogonalized wavelets, as well as those using orthogonal wavelets


12. Specifically we studied functions in the space-time cylinder of a Euclidian space and took Mollifications of these functions with respect to time


13. Mollifications of the tariff laws of the German empire as to certain products of the United States


14. Wondering how to hyphenate the English word Mollifications? This word can be hyphenated and contains 5 syllables as shown below


15. mol-li-fi-ca-tions Definitions of Mollifications: 1

Mol, Mollifications

16. Mollification (可算 及び 不可算; 複数 Mollifications) 宥 ( なだ ) めること。 (怒り・悲しみなどを) 和 ( やわ ) らげること。 鎮 ( しず ) めること。 「

Mollification, Mollifications

17. Pence offered bland Mollifications, forced to calm and cajole European countries that, in the post-Cold War order, until recently never had cause to question the support of the United States.


18. Their original version of this deep result involved the use of Cheeger's differential structure, and therefore exhibited some limitations; here, we shall see that the definition and the formal properties of the parabolic Sobolev spaces themselves actually allow to infer that such convergence for the time Mollifications can be shown in a much

Mollifications, Much

19. Mollifiers technique and the easy fact that Mollifications do not increase the total variation

Mollifiers, Mollifications

20. These quantities may, for example, represent averaged stresses on the surface of inclusions or Mollifications of pointwise stresses or displacements or, in general, local features of the “fine-scale” solution characterized by continuous linear

May, Mollifications

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MOLLIFICATIONS [mollifications]

  1. noun form of mollify

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