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1. Moiety is one of thousands of words that English speakers borrowed from French


2. The Anglo-French moitè (meaning "a half" or "part of something") comes from Late Latin medietat-, meaning "half." Around the same time that "Moiety" was borrowed from Anglo-French, "medietat-" was also borrowed directly from Latin as mediety

Moit, Meaning, Medietat, Moiety, Mediety

3. In chemistry, a Moiety is a specific group of atoms within a molecule that is responsible for characteristic chemical reactions of that molecule

Moiety, Molecule

4. Although sometimes the terms Moiety and functional group are interchanged, a functional group is a smaller group of atoms


5. The first Moiety indeed of these ten ages is almost absolutely barren, and presents little but a catalogue of evils


6. 3 (OF 3) HENRY HALLAM One Moiety of it is taken up by a square fabric twelve yards high, built for a charnel-house


7. Moiety is a crossword puzzle clue


8. Moiety is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 18 times


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11. Moiety: [ moi´ĕ-te ] any equal part; a half; also any part or portion, as a portion of a molecule.

Moiety, Moi, Molecule

12. A Moiety is one of two equal parts


13. If you cut a sandwich in half, you can have one Moiety for lunch and give the other Moiety to a pigeon


14. One Moiety plus one Moiety equals a whole


15. Moiety is a synonym for the noun half; a semicircle or your better half can be referred to as a Moiety.


16. Definition of Moiety half of something or an equal portion of Examples of Moiety in a sentence If the medicine makes you feel drowsy, you should only take a Moiety of the dosage before going to work and the other half when you get home

Moiety, Medicine, Makes

17. What does Moiety mean? Either of two kinship groups based on unilateral descent that together make up a tribe or society

Moiety, Mean, Make

18. The Black Moiety (as the other Rivenese called them) are a group of dissident Rivenese who rebelled against Gehn


19. Moiety is a type of title to real estate in which the owner owns a share of the total land on the title and leases a certain portion of the land back for themselves from the other owner(s)


20. It is derived from the French word meaing "half", although a Moiety does not necessarily need to refer to equal halves.

Meaing, Moiety

21. Moiety systems occur in two basic forms: as a feature related to but not necessarily determining the regulation of marriage, and as a system through which to divide a community into two groups for ceremonial or other purposes.

Moiety, Marriage

22. ‘A sulfonamide is a chemical entity characterized by a sulfur dioxide and nitrogen Moiety directly linked to a benzene ring.’ Origin Late Middle English from Old French moite, from Latin medietas ‘middle’, from medius ‘mid, middle’.

Moiety, Middle, Moite, Medietas, Medius, Mid

23. Moiety n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


24. Moiety Meaning: "an equal half, a half part or share," mid-15c., moite, from Old French moite, earlier meitiet (12c.,… See definitions of Moiety.

Moiety, Meaning, Mid, Moite, Meitiet

25. Moiety definition: a half Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Moiety, Meaning

26. Other articles where Moiety is discussed: Native American dance: Socially determined roles in dance: …of the Iroquois, between the moieties, the complementary divisions of the tribe based either on kinship or on ceremonial function

Moiety, Moieties

27. Because of the high incidence of lower pole reflux in complete duplications, decreased, delayed, or absent function in a hydronephrotic lower pole Moiety is usually initially attributed to reflux nephropathy


28. Obstruction occurs commonly in the upper pole Moiety due to an ectopic ureteral orifice or …


29. Moiety never fails to impress and deliver awesome meals with exciting flavours and techniques

Moiety, Meals

30. The two terms (Moiety and functional group) are often used synonymously, however, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAL) makes a distinction between the two, although in common practice this distinction can be ambiguous

Moiety, Makes

31. Definition of Moiety in the dictionary


32. What does Moiety mean? Information and translations of Moiety in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Moiety, Mean, Most

33. Active Moiety: The molecule or ion which is responsible for the physiological or pharmacological action of the drug or chemical substance

Moiety, Molecule

34. Active Moiety does not refer to the appended portions of the molecule which define it as an ester, salt, including a salt with hydrogen or coordination bonds, or other noncovalent derivative—e.g., a

Moiety, Molecule

35. The nucleosides are better models for the bases in DNA and RNA because the sugar Moiety eliminates tautomers that cannot occur in the polymers.: Pentoses and tetroses are synthesized from 5-and 4-carbon backbone moieties formed by removing carbon from the 6-carbon arene Moiety.: One, DOTAP, is an amphipathic cation consisting of oleic acid chains esterified to a trimethylammonium Moiety.

Models, Moiety, Moieties

36. We found 2 answers for the crossword clue Moiety


37. If you haven't solved the crossword clue Moiety yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g

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38. Together, then, with the necessary multiplication of specialism, one of the chief lessons of the latter Moiety of the 19th century was the unity of medicine in all its branches - a unity strengthened rather than weakened by special researches, such as those into medical and surgical pathology, w

Multiplication, Moiety, Medicine, Medical

39. Think of other cultures that have a Moiety structure


40. Moiety n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


41. Formal (half) metà nf sostantivo femminile: Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere femminile: scrittrice, aquila, lampada, moneta, felicità : Both children received a Moiety of the inheritance.

Met, Moneta, Moiety

42. An alkyl-aryl Moiety is attached to this carbamate ring


43. The glycosylation of ouabagenin to add the rhamnose Moiety produced ouabain


44. Click for more sentences of Moiety: 30

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45. In organic chemistry, a Moiety (/ ˈmɔɪəti /) is a part of a molecule which is typically given a name as it can be found within other kinds of molecules as well

Moiety, Molecule, Molecules

46. Active Moiety means the portion of a Research Construct and/or Licensed Product, in either case that is an engineered protein sequence, non-naturally occurring protein sequence, or a native protein sequence (including analog derivatives based on a native sequence) with binding affinity to a GLP-1 receptor Target Set that is responsible for biological activity.

Moiety, Means

47. Get the Moiety neck gaiter and mug.

Moiety, Mug

48. The Moiety is the central region of the planetary orb, upon entry of which two planets are said to be in 'application' of aspect, or as we say in modern astrology 'within orb'

Moiety, Modern

49. May 25, 2007 pterodactyl commented on the word Moiety

May, Moiety

50. In Moiety systems, everything, including people and the environment, are split into two halves


51. A person's Moiety can be determined by their mother's side (matrilineal) or their father's side (patrilineal).

Moiety, Mother, Matrilineal

52. Synonyms for Moiety in Free Thesaurus


53. Moiety is an online service created to offer you intangible value of service in accomplishing your tasks and requirements.


54. Moiety is in Dunedin, New Zealand


55. In old records, a demidietas is a “half or Moiety.” 8 It’s sometimes spelled dimidietas


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MOIETY [ˈmoiədē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a moiety?

1a : one of two equal parts : half. b : one of two approximately equal parts … war, pestilence, and famine had consumed … the moiety of the human species.— Edward Gibbon. 2 : one of the portions into which something is divided : component, part an ether molecule with a benzene moiety.

What does moiety mean in French?

Did You Know? Moiety is one of thousands of words that English speakers borrowed from French. The Anglo-French moitè (meaning "a half" or "part of something") comes from Late Latin medietat-, meaning "half."

What does moiety mean in medical dictionary?

They are well-known for their totemic system of social classification: animals are signs or labels for social groups such as clans and moieties. Changes in concentration of lipid moieties are 'sensed' by these receptors, which respond by modifying gene transcription i n the host cell. What is the pronunciation of moiety ?

What does moiety mean in chemistry?

The term moiety should be reserved to describe the larger characteristic parts of molecules and not used to describe smaller functional groups, which are made up of atoms that participate in similar chemical reactions in most molecules that contain them.

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