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Synonyms: 1. Share 2. Slice 3. Quota 4. Part 5. Bit 6. Percentage 7. Amount 8. Quantity 9. Ration 10. Piece 11. Fraction 12. Division 13. Subdivision 14. Allocation 15. Allotment 16. Measure 17. Apportionment 18. Cut 19. Whack 20. Quantum ...
1. It was not possible to ascertain directly how many halogen moieties had ended up on the football
2. He has washed the upper moiety
3. Synthesis of -oxadiazole derivatives containing quinoxaline moiety
4. Furthermore according to the ring-open principle semicarbazide moiety was used to replace amino heterocycle to get semicarbazide derivatives
5. The polysaccharide moiety of glucose oxidase contains N - acetylglucosamine and mannose
6. Though adjusting the content and distribution of thioether moiety we synthesized a series of novel poly ether ether ketone containing thioether moiety
7. Enzymatic hydrolysis of soybean saponin sugar moiety produces new saponins containing lower sugar and higher activity
8. The combination of disc-shaped triphenylene with cholesteryl moiety in one molecule would result in interesting physical properties
9. The primary structure of globin moiety is determined by the plant genome
10. Iron is released from the heme moiety and either stored in the macrophage as ferritin or hemosiderin or released into the circulation for transport back to the marrow
11. The a group at the benzopyran moiety showed reverse photochromic behaviorsentencedictcom others were normal photochromic compounds
12. The development moiety which is released upon heating is usually a mercaptan
13. Experimental evidence later suggested that chloride was the actively transported moiety and that sodium followed passively
14. Controversy exists as to the nature of the toxic moiety within gliadin
15. Not the individuals but the entire groups are married moiety with moiety
16. It was also found that the electron-donating groups in the -position of indoline moiety could stabilize the colored forms and then low the thermal decay date
17. A series of spiro compounds of pyrrole derivatives were synthesized by three components of isatin sarcosine and chalcones with thiazole moiety under ultrasound radiation
18. The conventional treatment for a duplex kidney with a poorly functioning upper-pole moiety is an upper pole heminephroureterectomy
19. Absorption spectra of three novel coumarin sensitizer incorporate benzylidene cyclopentanone moiety were studied
20. Some studies have shown that the introduction of a nitroxyl moiety can lower general toxicity and improved the antitumor activity of the drug
21. Further calculated forces and time by FPMD force-probe molecular dynamics suggest that the opening of the naphthoate moiety should be the most favorable pathway
22. Puromycin aminonucleoside is a semi-synthetic derivative of puromycin lacking the methoxyphenylalanyl moiety
23. The spiropyrans with a nitro group at the benzopyran moiety showed reverse photochromic behavior others were normal photochromic compounds
24. moiety definition is - one of two equal parts : half. How to use moiety in a sentence. Did You Know?
25. In organic chemistry, a moiety (/ ˈ m ɔɪ ə t i /) is a part of a molecule which is typically given a name as it can be found within other kinds of molecules as well.. The term moiety should be reserved to describe the larger characteristic parts of molecules and not used to describe smaller functional groups, which are made up of atoms that participate in similar chemical reactions in most
26. Examples of moiety in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: In this method, biotin moieties were initially attached covalently to discrete…
27. The nucleosides are better models for the bases in DNA and RNA because the sugar moiety eliminates tautomers that cannot occur in the polymers.: Pentoses and tetroses are synthesized from 5-and 4-carbon backbone moieties formed by removing carbon from the 6-carbon arene moiety.: One, DOTAP, is an amphipathic cation consisting of oleic acid chains esterified to a trimethylammonium moiety.
28. The development moiety which is released upon heating is usually a mercaptan: 13. Experimental evidence later suggested that chloride was the actively transported moiety and that sodium followed passively: 14. Controversy exists as to the nature of the toxic moiety within gliadin: 15. Not the individuals but the entire groups are married moiety
29. He seems to be suggesting that others do use the moiety of Jupiter or presumably the moiety of the other planet moving into combustion. 1. 2. Cautious use in people with allergy to sulpha drugs is advised as celecoxib has a sulphonamide moiety. 1. 2.
30. Definition of moiety. half of something or an equal portion of. Examples of moiety in a sentence. If the medicine makes you feel drowsy, you should only take a moiety of the dosage before going to work and the other half when you get home.
31. In the anthropological study of kinship, a moiety (/ ˈ m ɔɪ ə t i /) is a descent group that coexists with only one other descent group within a society.In such cases, the community usually has unilineal descent, either patri-or matrilineal, so that any individual belongs to one of the two moiety groups by birth, and all marriages take place between members of opposite moieties.
32. moiety system, also called dual organization, form of social organization characterized by the division of society into two complementary parts called “moieties.”Most often, moieties are groups that are exogamous, or outmarrying, that are of unilineal descent (tracing ancestry through either the male or female line, but not both), and that have complementary roles in society.
33. The word moiety ( /ˈmɔɪəti/) is often used synonymously to "functional group," but, according to the IUPAC definition,[3] a moiety is a part of a molecule that may include either
34. Moiety: [ moi´ĕ-te ] any equal part; a half; also any part or portion, as a portion of a molecule.
35. moiety in a sentence - Use "moiety" in a sentence 1. An alkyl-aryl moiety is attached to this carbamate ring. 2. The glycosylation of ouabagenin to add the rhamnose moiety produced ouabain. click for more sentences of moiety
36. MOIETY. The half of anything; as, if a testator bequeath one moiety of his estate to A, and the other to B, each shall take an equal part. Joint tenants are said to hold by moieties. Lit. 125; 3 M. G. & S. 274, 283
37. moiety definition: 1. a part or share of something, especially when it is divided into two parts 2. a part of a…. Learn more.
38. Use "moiety" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. moiety in a sentence. Moiety; 1. He has washed the upper moiety. 2. Tom divided the cake and Becky ate with good appetite, while Tom nibbled at his moiety. 3.
39. We are therefore driven to the conclusion that the proteid food is split into a urea moiety and a fatty moiety, that the urea moiety is at once discharged, and that such of the fatty moiety as is not made use of directly by the body is stored up as adipose tissue.
40. moiety definition, a half. See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986
41. English words and Examples of Usage use "moiety" in a sentence The former identifies with the raven as its primary crest, but the latter is variously identified with the wolf, the eagle, or some other dominant animal crest depending on location; occasionally this moiety is simply called the "not Raven" people. It is known that a SO 2 NHCOCH 3 moiety as

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