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1. Find 15 ways to say Modulated, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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2. Modulated wideband power amplifiers Instrument Systems has introduced a versatile photometer, the DSP 200, which has an extremely broad measuring range from 0.1mlx to 200klx for all common light sources, including pulse-width Modulated LEDs

Modulated, Measuring

3. Modulated DSC is a technique which also measures the difference in heat flow between a sample and an inert reference as a function of time and temperature

Modulated, Measures

4. Modulated 0 As a result of the sinusoidal change in temperature, the heat flow also changes sinusoidally as seen in Figure 2


5. It is important to realize that the two signals in Figure 2, Modulated Heat Flow (MHF) and Modulated Heating Rate (MHR) are the measured 2 4 6 8 10 Deriv

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6. Definition of Modulated in the dictionary


7. What does Modulated mean? Information and translations of Modulated in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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8. Modulated cash represents money that has been top-sliced from other subsidies due to farmers, and which is earmarked for distribution for agri-environmental projects like …

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9. 1 a Modulated voice is controlled and pleasant to listen to Synonyms and related words Definition and synonyms of Modulated from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

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10. Such a thermally Modulated LFP battery designed to operate at a working temperature around 60 °C in any ambient condition promises to be a well-rounded powertrain for mass-market EVs.

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11. The TS200 Modulated Power Supply is a unique instrument for many test and measurement applications such as LDO PSRR measurement, battery simulator, op amp CMRR measurement, function generator amplifier, transient response test, four-quadrant power supply, lab power amplifier and more

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12. Accel Instruments Introduced TS200 Modulated Power Supply


13. Schemes of light modulators: (1 0) luminous input flux, (l) Modulated output luminous flux, (a) Interference modulator.The effect of the control (modulating) voltage U on the phase cell (1) causes a shift of the interference maximum in the output flux l as a result of a change in the index of refraction of the medium filling the cell

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14. Modulated shadows will only work with Directional lights that have their Mobility set to Stationary

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15. Select the Directional Light and in the Details panel under the Light section, click on the small white triangle to expand the Advanced options to expose the Modulated shadows options


16. The entire Modulated Library on a single CHIP $ 695.00 Add to cart


17. More Mozart for Modulation – Modulated

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18. SKU: MZT03-P Categories: Modulated/Modified Music, Music

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19. Clear: More Mozart for Modulation - Modulated quantity.

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20. The phenomenology of these patterns, and of the shapes of their constituent domains, is reviewed here from a point of view that interprets these patterns as a manifestation of Modulated phases

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21. A carrier wave, after being Modulated, if the Modulated level is calculated, then such an attempt is called as Modulation Index or Modulation Depth

Modulated, Modulation

22. The maximum and minimum values of the envelope of the Modulated wave are represented by A max and A min respectively.

Maximum, Minimum, Modulated, Max, Min

23. IMRT (intensity-Modulated radiation therapy) is a special type of cancer treatment that targets your tumor but spares your healthy tissue


24. The Modulated signal is said to be phase Modulated


25. The instantaneous frequency of a phase Modulated signal is given by $ i % d


26. Recently, volumetric-Modulated arc therapy (VMAT) has demonstrated the ability to deliver radiation dose precisely and accurately with a shorter delivery time compared to conventional intensity-Modulated fixed-field treatment (IMRT)


27. Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Treatment involves three basic steps: diagnosis, treatment planning, and delivery


28. Directly Modulated semiconductor lasers are shown to be able to operate with bandwidths exceeding 65 GHz thanks to a cavity design that harnesses photon–photon resonances.


29. The three planning techniques are intensity-Modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), volumetric Modulated arc therapy (VMAT; …


30. Microbiota-Modulated CART + iEANs are viscerofugal and glucoregulatory

Microbiota, Modulated

31. To test possible functional roles for microbiota-Modulated iEANs in intestinal physiology, we focused on CART +, NPY +, and AGRP + neuronal populations because of their distinct features.

Microbiota, Modulated

32. A Modulated diode laser is a CW laser system in which its output power can be manipulated in accordance to an input signal triggering it

Modulated, Manipulated

33. One of the most common application for a Modulated diode laser is to input a periodic analog or digital signal, such that it will be Modulated between an "on"state and "o "state, as seen in Figure 3.

Most, Modulated

34. AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: The aim was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of transcutaneous frequency-Modulated electromagnetic neural stimulation (frequency rhythmic electrical modulation system, FREMS) as a treatment for symptomatic peripheral neuropathy in patients with diabetes mellitus

Modulated, Modulation, Mellitus

35. “The Modulated Scream, based on a stunning array of primary sources, takes a close look at the many meanings of pain in the later Middle Ages

Modulated, Many, Meanings, Middle

36. Intensity Modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) is a type of conformal radiotherapy


37. In Modulated Waves: Theory and Applications Lev Ostrovsky and Alexander Potapov consider linear and nonlinear waves such as solitons, waves in inhomogeneous media, and many others

Modulated, Media, Many

38. They discuss Modulated waves—those characterized by a slow variation of the macroscopic parameters of amplitude, frequency, and profile.

Modulated, Macroscopic

39. Pytorch implementation of the paper "Modulated Fusion using Transformer for Linguistic-Acoustic Emotion Recognition"


40. @inproceedings{delbrouck-etal-2020-Modulated, title = "Modulated Fusion using Transformer for Linguistic-Acoustic Emotion Recognition", author = "Delbrouck, Jean-Benoit and Tits, No{\'e} and Dupont, St{\'e}phane", booktitle = "Proceedings of the First International


41. Modulated CNC Turning: How a Reversal in the Tool Path Can Deliver Greater Cutting Speed UNCC researchers introduce modulation into the tool path

Modulated, Modulation

42. Explode your instruments’ horizons with the Meris Polymoon super-Modulated delay! Related Videos: Polymoon Super-Modulated Delay Pedal

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43. Intensity Modulated treatment delivery, single or multiple fields/arcs, via narrow spatially and temporally Modulated beams, binary, dynamic MLC, per treatment session : G6016 ; Compensator-based beam modulation treatment delivery of inverse planned treatment using 3 or more

Modulated, Multiple, Mlc, Modulation, More

44. An example of PWM in an idealized inductor driven by a voltage source Modulated as a series of pulses, resulting in a sine-like current in the inductor


45. 3 hours ago · This is an Electro-Harmonics Modulated Filter Pedal


46. 9 hours ago · Data Carrier WWW WWWW Modulated Signal FSK(1) = sin( 20,1)


47. For bit 1 sin(2.1f ) for bit United Statesi Activity-1 Generate an FSK Modulated signal and display its spectral characteristics Set the function parameters


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MODULATED [ˈmäjəˌlāt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does modulate mean?

Definition of modulate. transitive verb. 1 : to tune to a key or pitch. 2 : to adjust to or keep in proper measure or proportion : temper. 3 : to vary the amplitude, frequency, or phase of (a carrier wave or a light wave) for the transmission of information (as by radio) also : to vary the velocity of electrons in an electron beam.

What is an example of modulation?

An example of modulation is early telegraph technology. A demodulator is typically known as a radio tuner.

What is over modulation and under modulation?

It states the level of modulation that a carrier wave undergoes. It is called as Under-modulation. Such a wave is called as an under-modulated wave. If the value of the modulation index is greater than 1, i.e., 1.5 or so, then the wave will be an over-modulated wave.

What does modulations mean?

a. the act or process of superimposing the amplitude, frequency, phase, etc, of a wave or signal onto another wave (the carrier wave) or signal or onto an electron beam. mod•u•la•tion. n. 1. the act of modulating.

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