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1. Four Modernizations, four areas of development—agriculture, industry, science and technology, and defense—that China focused on beginning in the late 1970s with the goal of fully modernizing those sectors by the end of the 20th century.

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2. At Custom Home Modernizations, we love to help to refresh our customers' properties so they look and feel new again


3. Modernizations synonyms, Modernizations pronunciation, Modernizations translation, English dictionary definition of Modernizations


4. The Dematic Modernizations and Upgrades team works with you to smooth the operations and ensure your system is properly adapted to the needs of your business.


5. Xiaoping's Four Modernizations for China were successful because the economy boomed


6. Modernizations: Concept, Indicators, Nature and Problems of Modernization! Ac­cording to Eisenstadt, some of the indices pertaining to the structural aspects of social organisation (or modernisation) are: specialised roles are ‘free-floating’ (that is, admission to them is not determined by as­cribed properties of the individual), and wealth and power are not inscriptively allocated (as

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7. The goal of the "Four Modernizations" was to strengthen the sectors of agriculture, industry, technology and defense


8. After Deng Xiaoping came to power, the Four Modernizations began to take priority.


9. The Four Modernizations had been written into the party constitution and the state constitution


10. Zhou Enlai was generally credited with initiating the idea of the Four Modernizations in a report to the Fourth National People's Congress in January 1975


11. Not until the smashing of the Gang in October were the Four Modernizations revived.


12. Increase product longevity through Modernizations of Equipment and Control Systems


13. SMS group - Website Expertise "Lifecycle" Partnership Modernizations


14. Press Modernizations can enhance the efficiency of your press


15. Upgrades and Modernizations ANDRITZ helps you to lift existing equipment to state-of-the-art performance for enhanced return on investment and competitive advantage


16. Looking for Modernizations? Find out information about Modernizations


17. Organization Information ASJ Wilson Construction, LLC BID Information BID Due Time: 3:00 pm BID Due Date: 04/05/2021 BID Location: 415 Pisgah Church Rd, PMB 128, Greensboro, North Carolina 27455 Project Information Project Title: Walker Parking Deck Elevator Modernizations Is this Disaster Related (Preparation, Response, or Recovery)?No


18. By replacing CD with Continuous Modernizations (CM), ModOps will achieve the same—the way existing applications are to be modernized.

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19. • Reaffirms that maintenance and Modernizations rely on a robust and highly efficient supply chain to deliver material to the fleet

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20. Rovema Modernizations Due to the global focus on sustainability and responsible resource use, the packaging industry has experienced equivalent pressure to match these initiatives through technical innovations and new packaging ideas.

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21. Renovations and Modernizations Mitigating Risk While Providing Safety

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22. With solutions replacing that module and enabling phased Modernizations of your legacy DF1 equipment, you’ll be able to make the move to EtherNet/IP™ without skipping a beat.

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23. EITC Modernizations: The Cost-of-Living Refund incorporates key Modernizations to the current EITC by: Providing support for more people (reaching further into the middle class, having no upper age limit for recipients, including childless workers, and extending tax credits to all tax filers) to reduce financial instability up the income ladder

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24. Modernizations are tailored upgrades or modifications designed to extend the service life of your overhead crane and meet current regulatory, maintenance and production requirements

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25. Typical Modernizations include upgrading open winch trolleys, electrical and automation systems or modifying structures such as girders, lifting beams and runways.

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26. Instead, the rampant nuclear Modernizations shown in the briefing symbolize struggling arms control and non-proliferation regimes that appear inadequate to turn the tide


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28. What are synonyms for Modernizations?


29. Includes Modernizations to four separate campuses within the District


30. Bid Documents The District intends to reject all bids on 10/14/2020 Additional access to sites has been scheduled for 7/24/2020 @ 9am at OHS, then to PHS Final Bid 627 Notice 9.28.2020 Bid 627 Consideration and Status 9.21.2020 Notice Bid Results – Bid 627 New HVAC Modernizations OHS & PHS Nazerian Bid Response Bid 627 […]


31. 48 minutes ago · That money can be used to help with a home down payment or closing cost assistance within the city; help pay for repairs improvements or Modernizations of an Evanston property; or …

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