Use Moderatos in a sentence


MODERATOS [ˌmädəˈrädō]


  • a passage marked to be performed at a moderate pace.

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What does the name moderato mean?

moderato ( plural moderatos ) ( music) A tempo mark directing that a passage is to be played at a moderate tempo . Synonym: comodo. ( music) A passage having this mark.

What does moderato mean in music?

Definition of moderato. : moderate —used as a direction in music to indicate tempo.

How fast is moderato?

The Italian musical command moderato is an indication to play in a reasonable, moderate tempo; lit. "moderate." BPM of Moderato: 108-120 beats per minute ; between andante and allegro .

What does andante moderato mean?

Andante means a "walking" tempo. Moderato means a "moderate" tempo, or when used as a modifier, it means to perform the other tempo direction to a "moderate" degree.

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