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1. Moderate definition is - avoiding extremes of behavior or expression : observing reasonable limits


2. How to use Moderate in a sentence.


3. Moderate definition, kept or keeping within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense: a Moderate price


4. Moderate synonyms, Moderate pronunciation, Moderate translation, English dictionary definition of Moderate


5. Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme: a Moderate


6. Moderate opinions, especially…


7. 50 synonyms of Moderate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 91 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Moderate, Merriam

8. Moderate: avoiding extremes in behavior or expression


9. Synonyms: temperate, central, centrist… Antonyms: imModerate, intemperate, extremist…

10. Find 209 ways to say Moderate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Moderate, Most

11. Moderate gives you better tools, designed to experience your feed the way you want to


12. The folks at Third Way, a Democratic think tank that urges Moderate positions, decided to find out


13. Moderate Impact systems accounts for nearly 80% of CSP applications that receive FedRAMP authorization and is most appropriate for CSOs where the loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability would result in serious adverse effects on …

Moderate, Most

14. A Moderate would call the bank president, write a letter to the editor of the newspaper, and might or might not close his account

Moderate, Might

15. A Moderate portfolio is designed to balance out risks while still accepting some risk


16. In their current usages, liberal, conservative and Moderate are fairly recent terms


17. Moderate physical activity, such as walking for a total of three hours a week, can help


18. Manage Stress Levels Stress can contribute to and worsen symptoms of Moderate depression, so finding ways to relax and manage your stress levels can be helpful.

Manage, Moderate

19. The Moderate group’s goal is to show “that leaders from service backgrounds have a lot to offer our politics, and can be part of the solution of getting Congress and our political system


20. A transmission level (high, Moderate, low) is determined if a county has two of the three metrics in the designated level of transmission

Moderate, Metrics

21. If you have mild or Moderate flu-like symptoms, including fever (over 100.4) or cough, please avoid visiting hospitals or ambulatory locations

Mild, Moderate

22. 2 days ago · Moderate Democrats are urging party leaders not to meddle in a contested Iowa House race, warning that the potential benefit of flipping a seat in their favor this cycle isn’t worth the long

Moderate, Meddle

23. Moderate Democrats are having a moment, with candidates looking to woo the middle and polls showing voters uneasy with the left

Moderate, Moment, Middle

24. Moderate stage Alzheimer's is the second and longest stage of this brain disease, likely marked by increased forgetfulness, confusion, and trouble speaking

Moderate, Marked

25. Moderate to heavy rains lashed the Wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid, including the villages of Muqul, Badha, Muzaure, Saih Al Rafi, Shrajidil, Al Quhum, accompanied by Moderate to strong winds, resulting in the flooding of Wadi Absan and Al Ajma and Wadi Al Sum, in addition to a number of mountain passes.

Moderate, Muqul, Muzaure, Mountain

26. The term “Moderate” is thrown around an awful lot


27. We’re given to understand that Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke and Amy Klobuchar are Moderates currently running for …


28. Department of Health and Human Services and the American Heart Association give a prescription for the kind and amount of exercise needed for the best health benefits: Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day for five days a week (or a total of two hours and 30 minutes per week)

Moderate, Minutes

29. This Moderate exercise can be as simple as brisk walking.


30. In terms of symptomatic severity, Moderate depression is the next level up from mild cases

Moderate, Mild

31. Moderate and mild depression share similar symptoms.

Moderate, Mild

32. Moderate definition, kept or keeping within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense: a Moderate price


33. Moderate definition: being within reasonable or average limits; not excessive or extreme synonyms: cautious, average, moderation, mild, intermediate, temperate

Moderate, Moderation, Mild

34. Moderate-intensity activity is usually made up of exercises that get your heart rate up to 50% to 60% higher than its rate when you are at rest

Moderate, Made

35. Moderate-intensity activities are those that get you moving fast enough or strenuously enough to burn off three to six times as much energy per minute as you do when you are sitting quietly, or exercises that clock in at 3 to 6 METs

Moderate, Moving, Much, Minute, Mets

36. As adjectives the difference between Moderate and mild is that Moderate is not excessive; acting in moderation while mild is gentle and not easily provoked

Moderate, Mild, Moderation

37. As nouns the difference between Moderate and mild is that Moderate is one who holds an intermediate position between extremes, as in politics while mild is (british) a relatively low-gravity beer, often with a dark colour; mild ale.

Moderate, Mild

38. Science around Moderate Alcohol Consumption


39. Moderate politicians are becoming an endangered species.The most liberal Republican in Congress nowadays is still ideologically to the right of the most conservative Democrat, reflecting the …

Moderate, Most

40. On Trump’s watch, the remaining Moderate Republicans in Congress have nearly all retired or been defeated


41.Moderates, at this point, are a severe minority of …

Moderates, Minority

42. Asthma is classified as Moderate persistent if symptoms occur daily


43. 2 days ago · Some Moderate Democrats are concerned with their party leadership’s plan to overturn a Republican election victory


44. Moderate sedation/analgesia provides patient tolerance of unpleasant or prolonged procedures through relief of anxiety, discomfort, and/or pain


45. Moderate intensity activities are defined as activities ranging between 3 - < 6 METS

Moderate, Mets

46. Some examples of Moderate physical activities include: sweeping the floor, walking briskly, slow dancing, vacuuming, washing windows, shooting a basketball.


47. Moderate - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


48. Inflections of 'Moderate' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Moderates v 3rd person singular moderating v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Moderated v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man."

Moderate, Moderates, Moderating, Moderated, Man

49. ‘A Moderate climate produces an average winter temperature of 50 degrees, while the summer average is 82.4 degrees.’ ‘On a Moderate level of intensity, such feelings would amount to what is usually categorized as cheerfulness.’ ‘Although it prefers no frost, it will tolerate a Moderate amount of it.’


50. Moderate to strong winds 2 PPG Moderate having opinions or beliefs, especially about politics, that are not extreme and that most people consider reasonable OPP extreme the more Moderate members of the party a Moderate politician 3 SENSIBLE staying within reasonable or sensible limits OPP imModerate a Moderate smoker Moderate wage demands

Moderate, Most, More, Members

51. Kabara, diagnosed with Moderate B.E.D


52. Vyvanse is the first and only approved treatment for Moderate to severe Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D.) in adults.


53. Are You Conservative, Liberal, or Moderate? When it comes to guns: You believe gun control has gone too far and should be rolled back


54. Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury is a Lifelong Condition Moderate and severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to a lifetime of physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes


55. Stage II Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, also known as Moderate stage COPD


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MODERATE [moderate]

moderate (adjective)

  • average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree.
  • (of a person, party, or policy) not radical or excessively right- or left-wing.
Synonyms: average . modest . medium . middling . ordinary . common . commonplace . everyday . workaday . tolerable . passable . adequate . fair . decent . mediocre . indifferent . uninspired . undistinguished . unexceptional . unexciting . unremarkable . lackluster . forgettable . inferior . second-rate . reasonable . acceptable . inexpensive . low . cheap . bargain-basement . abstemious . temperate . restrained . controlled . sober . steady . regular . easy . even . mild . tolerant . lenient . great . massive . outrageous . unreasonable . immoderate . dispassionate . nonextreme . equitable . impartial . extreme .

moderate (noun) · moderates (plural noun)

moderate (verb) · moderates (third person present) · moderated (past tense) · moderated (past participle) · moderating (present participle)

  • make or become less extreme, intense, rigorous, or violent.
Synonyms: abate . let up . lessen . decrease . diminish . slacken . ebb . recede . dwindle . weaken . subside . curb . control . check . hold in . temper . regulate . restrain . restrict . subdue . still . damp . repress . tame . break . deaden . lower . reduce . remit . mitigate . alleviate . allay . appease . assuage . ease . palliate . soothe . soften . calm . modulate . pacify . mellow . mince . tone down . get up . increase . exacerbate . aggravate .
  • (in academic and ecclesiastical contexts) preside over (a deliberative body) or at (a debate).
  • preside; act as a moderator.
Synonyms: chair . arbitrate . mediate . referee . judge .
  • monitor (an internet forum or online discussion) for inappropriate or offensive content.

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