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1. Mixed definition is - combining characteristics of more than one kind; specifically : combining features of two or more systems of government

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2. How to use Mixed in a sentence.


3. Blended together into one unit or mass: Mixed baby formula

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4. Mixed definition, put together or formed by mixing

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5. Synonyms & Antonyms of Mixed (Entry 1 of 2) 1 being offspring produced by parents of different races, breeds, species, or genera our Mixed dog has a greyhound's body but the features of a collie


6. Find 49 ways to say Mixed, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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7. A Mixed development PROPERTY UK a building project consisting of different types of buildings with different purposes or uses: This is a Mixed development of shared ownership and rented homes now being built in Ilford, East London


8. Originally developed in the 1940s, the Moscow Mule has made a big comeback is now one of the most popular Mixed drinks

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9. The mxd blood test stands for Mixed Cell Count, and it forms a part of a complete blood count test or a WBC differential count

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10. Do math calculations with Mixed numbers (Mixed fractions) performing operations on fractions, whole numbers, integers, Mixed numbers, Mixed fractions and improper fractions

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11. The Mixed Numbers Calculator can add, subtract, multiply and divide Mixed numbers and fractions. Mixed Numbers Calculator (also referred to as Mixed Fractions):

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12. Meet Mixed earners This term describes a worker who earns money both through traditional W2 employment and also through self-employment income, for example, someone who sells crafts online but also earns money as a bartender

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13. Mixed episodes are defined by symptoms of mania and depression that occur at the same time or in rapid sequence without recovery in between.

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14. Don't add the cream until the eggs and sugar are completely Mixed up


15. Watch the official Mixed-ish online at


16. As a Mixed race family - and mom to two kids that absolutely love mixing paint colors - I was excited to see such positive reviews and really wanted to love this book

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17. This is the official website of Mixedmartialarts LLC


18. Multiracial Americans are Americans who have Mixed ancestry of two or more races

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19. The term may also include Americans of Mixed race ancestry who self-identify with just one group culturally and socially (cf

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20. Mixed adjective Referring to a racially Mixed person


21. Noun A person who, for the purposes of equal opportunity monitoring, is of Mixed ethnic background, meaning he or she is a mixture of White …

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22. Mixed Reality is a blend of physical and digital worlds, unlocking the links between human, computer, and environment interaction


23. Some good, some bad) [results] mitigé (e) [reactions, responses] mitigé (e) The idea has already had a fairly Mixed reception in the House of Representatives

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24. To produce Mixed results produire des résultats mitigés → Employee ownership has produced Mixed results in other industries

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25. Mixed-ish (stylized as Mixed· ish) is an American single-camera sitcom television series created by Kenya Barris, Peter Saji and Tracee Ellis Ross that premiered on ABC part of the Tuesday night lineup in September 24, 2019


26. Curly Hair Products - Mixed Chicks Learn how Mixed Chicks curly hair products will define your curls by locking in moisture

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27. Check out the official music video for "Mixed Personalities" by YNW ft

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28. Kanye West - Mixed Personalities [Official Music Video] (Pr

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29. Mixed dementia is a condition in which brain changes of more than one cause of dementia occur simultaneously.

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30. The Mixed Reality ecosystem is an emerging landscape of physical and digital interactions, limited only by your imagination


31. Whether you're an experienced developer or a new convert, we recommend beginning your Mixed Reality journey with the resources we've laid out below


32. Not all Mixed nuts are the same, though


33. There are healthy Mixed nuts and nut trail mix, and then there are your not-so-healthy options

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34. You can buy Mixed nuts in bulk for frequent entertaining or you can buy Mixed nuts in individual, single-serving packaging for easy snacking on the go


35. What are Mixed Numbers? When we think of the word 'Mixed,' we may think of something that consists of different qualities or elements

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36. Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) is a rare autoimmune disorder that is characterized by features commonly seen in three different connective tissue disorders: systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, and polymyositis.Some affected people may also have symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

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37. What does Mixed mean? Blended together into one unit or mass

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38. (adjective) Mixed baby formula.


39. Provided to YouTube by Three HundredMixed Personalities (ft

40. However, standard Mixed bases will potentially have variation from the designated ratio


41. By requesting custom Mixed bases, defined ratios can be added during synthesis, which includes unequal ratios


42. Pricing for custom Mixed bases is calculated by the number of unique ratios per order with a maximum of 4 distinct formulations per oligonucleotide.

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43. Mixed cropping, also known as polyculture, inter-cropping, or co-cultivation, is a type of agriculture that involves planting two or more plants simultaneously in the same field, interdigitating the crops—like interlocking your fingers—so that they grow together.

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44. A malignant Mixed müllerian tumor (MMMT), also called a carcinosarcoma, is a type of cancer that contains two types of cancer cells - carcinoma and sarcoma cells

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45. Let's write it is a Mixed number


46. Mixed, Multiracial, Eclectic, & Exotic Race Celebrities! by horne_jeffrey created - 16 Feb 2013 updated - 15 Jun 2014 Public Sort by: View: 85 names 1

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47. Mixed economy, in economics, a market system of resource allocation, commerce, and trade in which free markets coexist with government intervention

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48. A Mixed economy may emerge when a government intervenes to disrupt free markets by introducing state-owned enterprises (such as public health or

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49. Making Mixed media sculpture can remind you of your grade-school glory days and your first forays into creating with strange, fun, found materials

Making, Mixed, Media, Materials

50. Here are some ideas to make some more grown-up Mixed media sculpture: Building: With the right kind of glue, you can make a Mixed-media sculpture out of anything, from a Lego minifigure to a backpack.

Make, More, Mixed, Media, Minifigure

51. Windows Mixed Reality minimum PC hardware compatibility guidelines

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52. Windows Mixed Reality Setup FAQ


53. Install Windows Mixed Reality software


54. Windows Mixed Reality immersive headset health, safety, and comfort


55. Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality


56. Motion controllers in Windows Mixed

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57. Switch between relative, absolute, and Mixed references


58. Mixed-method tools allow for more flexible evaluation design options, with a possibility of combining evidence in various ways, as dictated by the purposes of an investigation and object of inquiry

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59. The advantages and disadvantages of Mixed-method designs stem from the properties and limitations of particular quantitative or qualitative approaches.

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60. A Mixed complex type element can contain attributes, elements, and text


61. Complex Types with Mixed Content An XML element, "letter", that contains both text and other elements:


62. It is the right term 2 describe someone of who is a mixture of two race (also known as Mixed or biracial)

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63. Mixed race people are you usually thought of as half black & white, but there are all sorts of mixes out there

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64. Mixed people do often go through a different experience than that of


65. 'Mixed' è un termine alternativo per 'coed', 'coeducational'


66. 'Mixed' is an alternate term for 'coed', 'coeducational'


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is mixed definition?

    Definition of mixed. 1. : combining characteristics of more than one kind; specifically. : combining features of two or more systems of government. a mixed constitution.

    What does mixed number mean?

    Mixed number definition is - a number (such as 52/3) composed of an integer and a fraction.

    What does mixed feelings mean?

    (mɪkst) adj. 1. formed or blended together by mixing. 2. composed of different elements, races, sexes, etc: a mixed school. 3. consisting of conflicting elements, thoughts, attitudes, etc: mixed feelings; mixed motives.

    What is an example of a mixed fraction?

    A whole number and a fraction combined into one "mixed" number. Example: 1½(one and a half) is a mixed fraction (Also called a Mixed Number) Mixed Fractions Copyright © 2018

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