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1. Definition of Mistrial : a trial that has no legal effect with regard to one or more of the charges brought against the defendant because of some serious error or prejudicial misconduct in the proceedings or a hung jury Examples of Mistrial in a Sentence The judge declared a Mistrial.

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2. Mistrial A courtroom trial that has been terminated prior to its normal conclusion. A Mistrial has no legal effect and is considered an invalid or nugatory trial


3. There are several reasons that a judge might declare a Mistrial, including a hung jury, which is when the jury can't come to a unanimous decision

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4. A Mistrial usually means having to start all over again.

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5. Mistrial, in law, a trial that has been terminated and declared void before the tribunal can hand down a decision or render a verdict. The termination of a trial prematurely nullifies the preceding proceedings as if they had not taken place.


6. Mistrial A courtroom trial that has been terminated prior to its normal conclusion. A Mistrial has no legal effect and is considered an invalid or nugatory trial


7. A Mistrial, according to the American Bar Association (ABA), is a trial that is not successfully completed -- meaning that it’s “terminated and declared void before the …

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8. A Mistrial is a term that refers to a trial that is ended before its conclusion because of some error or problem with the trial itself. A Mistrial must be declared by the judge overseeing the trial, and renders the entire trial invalid.

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9. Anything can happen and, when things go awry, sometimes a Mistrial is declared, which is a trial that is terminated before a verdict can be reached. Here’s a look at some common grounds for a Mistrial and what happens after the fact: When Can a Judge Declare a Mistrial?


10. / ˈmɪs.traɪəl / a trial that cannot be completed or whose result has no legal value, usually because a legal mistake has been made: The judge declared a Mistrial after newspapers printed a juror's name

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11. A Mistrial is the termination of a trial before its natural conclusion because of a procedural error, statements by a witness, judge or attorney which prejudice a jury, a deadlock by a jury without reaching a verdict after lengthy deliberation (a "hung" jury), or the failure to complete a …


12. A Mistrial is a trial that is not completed


13. Mistrials may occur for a variety of reasons

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14. For example, the judge may determine that a hung jury will not be able to resolve its differences through further deliberation and declare a Mistrial.

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15. Mistrial Photos View All Photos (11) Movie Info

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16. "Mistrial is the story of extraordinary careers as the go-to lawyers for the celebrated (or notorious, or both) defendant


17. A judge may cancel a trial prior to the return of a verdict; legal parlance designates this as a Mistrial

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18. A judge may declare a Mistrial due to: The court determining that it lacks jurisdiction over a case

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19. Mistrial is declared in criminal law trials when a case is dismissed prior to its normal conclusion


20. A Mistrial has no legal force and is considered null.


21. Mistrials are trials that are not successfully completed


22. Mistrials can occur for many reasons: death of a juror or attorney

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23. A Mistrial occurs when a judge terminates the trial proceedings before judgement has been determined


24. The reasons a judge might declare a Mistrial are: Improper advisement of jurors

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25. Mistrial, as you might expect, is also long on attitude

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26. The term of Mistrial applies to any court case that reaches an unexpected or insoluble end without returning a verdict


27. While any number of factors can claim responsibility, most Mistrials revolve around such fundamental procedural errors as:

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28. Mistrials are trials before a judge or jury that the judge has permanently halted mid-trial

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29. The most common source of a Mistrial is the jury’s failure to return a unanimous verdict (a situation known as a hung jury).

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30. Mistrial A Mistrial occurs when 1) a jury is unable to reach a verdict and there must be a new trial with a new jury; 2) there is a serious procedural error or misconduct that would result in an unfair trial, and …

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31. In law, a Mistrial occurs when a trial is cancelled without a verdict


32. Mistrial may also refer to: Mistrial (film), a 1996 American drama written and directed by Heywood Gould Mistrial (album), the fourteenth solo album by Lou Reed

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33. Reprosecution Following Mistrial The common law generally required that the previous trial must have ended in a judgment, of conviction or acquittal, but the constitutional rule is that jeopardy attaches much earlier, in jury trials when the jury is sworn, and in trials before a judge without a jury, when the first evidence is presented.71 Therefore, if after jeopardy attaches the trial is

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34. Mistrial Based on Misconduct of a Party

Mistrial, Misconduct

35. If the defendant moves for a Mistrial based on the defendant’s own misconduct, which he or she now claims has prejudiced the jury, the argument should not be given much weight by the judge.

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36. The Clemens Mistrial was the biggest embarrassment for the Justice Department in a high-profile case since the prosecution of Sen


37. Mistrial definition: A Mistrial is a legal trial that is conducted unfairly, for example because not all the Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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38. A judge on Monday declared a Mistrial in the case of the Colorado father accused of killing his 13-year-old son near Durango in 2012 after defense …

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39. Mistrial; finding of facts required


40. Before granting a Mistrial, the judge must make finding of facts with respect to the grounds for the Mistrial and insert the findings in the record of the case

Mistrial, Must, Make

41. A Mistrial due to manifest necessity can be retired because it was determined that there is a necessity to gain for information or evidence to present a proper judgment.

Mistrial, Manifest

42. A Mistrial has been declared following a hung jury in the case of a Watertown man who said he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot a fellow …

Mistrial, Man

43. A Mistrial with prejudice will occur in cases that involve prosecutorial misconduct or judicial misconduct.This is possible in high profile cases when it appears that assembling an impartial jury is not possible

Mistrial, Misconduct

44. 16—SANTA FE — The 2018 case of a teenager accused of fatally shooting a Michigan man ended in a Mistrial Tuesday morning shortly after the trial began

Michigan, Man, Mistrial, Morning

45. First Judicial District Judge Glenn Ellington declared a Mistrial during opening arguments due to "manifest necessity" in order to protect the Constitutional rights of a key witness in the case, who is facing federal charges in …

Mistrial, Manifest

46. Sometimes, a judge may declare a Mistrial on their own

May, Mistrial

47. If the prosecution requests a Mistrial and/or a judge declares a Mistrial over the defendant’s objections, then the concept of “double jeopardy” will apply and an accused can raise it as a defense if the state decides it wants to try again to seek a conviction.


48. While the Double Jeopardy Clause offers broad protection, it does not protect a defendant from the same charges being brought again after an appropriate declaration of a Mistrial


49. (51) A retrial after an appropriate declaration of a Mistrial does not offend the principle of double jeopardy because there is no conviction or acquittal.


50. On Mistrial, Reed opted to handle both lead and rhythm guitar parts as he had on New Sensations, but with a few shades less precision, and while Fernando Saunders once again did yeoman work as a bassist, as a co-producer he didn't fill out Reed's sound especially well.


51. Tuesday’s Mistrial is the second for Mark Redwine, who is charged with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in the 2012 death of his 13-year-old son, Dylan Redwine.

Mistrial, Mark, Murder

52. Lou Reed's 1986 album "Mistrial" tends to be considered a dud in his discography


53. Although that's being harsh, it's understandable in the sense that "Mistrial" does often sound tossed off, plus some of the lyrics are really weak--it seems Lou was either going through a bit of writer's block, and/ or feeling a little lazy.


54. A Mistrial was ruled when the judge felt that a problem with a witness would make it impossible for a fair decision to be reached

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55. 🔊 Unfair comments whispered in the jury’s presence led to a Mistrial and the start of a new hearing


56. A judge declared a Mistrial Monday afternoon in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man at the hands of a South Carolina former patrolman, …

Mistrial, Monday, Man

57. Mistrial declared in Phil Spector murder case Music producer Phil Spector ’s trial for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson ends in a Mistrial when the jury cannot come to a unanimous verdict.

Mistrial, Murder, Music

58. A Madison County judge fined an Anderson woman $1,000 for contempt of court during a jury trial and declared a Mistrial.

Madison, Mistrial

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MISTRIAL [ˈmisˌtrī(ə)l, ˌmisˈtrī(ə)l]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major reasons for a judge to declare a mistrial?

Mistrials can occur for many reasons, the most common of which is probably a hung jury. But any time the judge finds that there has been a significant mistake or a corruption of the process that cannot be cured with jury instructions or other rehabilitative measures, he/she can declare a mistrial.

What can cause a mistrial?

Essentially, mistrials can happen at any stage of a court case. They can be caused early-on by the mishandling of evidence, at the very end of a trial when it’s time for a verdict, or anytime in between.

How do I declare a mistrial?

You do NOT declare a mistrial. Only a judge can declare a mistrial based on a well-articulated motion for one. I do not see any basis for a mistrial based on what you have written. The information provided in this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship.

What does a mistrial mean in criminal law?

A mistrial being declared simply means that the criminal case starts all over. The case will remain on the court's docket, and all parties to the case must decide how they want to proceed. The case will remain on the court's docket, and all parties to the case must decide how they want to proceed.

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