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2. Misshapenly synonyms, Misshapenly pronunciation, Misshapenly translation, English dictionary definition of Misshapenly


3. ‘The common mussel Mytilus edulis can be so closely packed that their growth is affected and they grow Misshapenly.’ ‘This gives the movie an excuse to actually turn into a bad music video for a minute or two, as the two girls strike poses with their handguns, interspersed with footage of the Misshapenly bosomed models.’

Mussel, Mytilus, Misshapenly, Movie, Music, Minute, Models

4. Synonyms for Misshapenly include twistedly, crookedly, irregularly, curvedly, wrily, shapelessly, abnormally, monstrously, grotesquely and asymmetrically

Misshapenly, Monstrously

5. This is the last time I deal with a huge neck and Misshapenly made shirt! Read more

Misshapenly, Made, More

6. In some individuals, this protein is created Misshapenly


7. Misshapenly ( comparative more Misshapenly, superlative most Misshapenly ) In a misshapen manner.

Misshapenly, More, Most, Misshapen, Manner

8. Misshapenly definition in English dictionary, Misshapenly meaning, synonyms, see also 'misshapen',misshape',misspell',misspend'

Misshapenly, Meaning, Misshapen, Misshape, Misspell, Misspend

9. Misshapenly (ˌmisˈshapenly) adverb

Misshapenly, Mis

10. Misshapen translation in English - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'misshape',Misshapenly',misshapenness',misspend', examples, definition, conjugation

Misshapen, Misshape, Misshapenly, Misshapenness, Misspend

11. Misshapenly - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Misshapenly and much more

Misshapenly, Meaning, Much, More

12. The word Misshapenly uses 11 letters: a, e, h, i, l, m, n, p, s, s, y


13. Misshapenly is playable in: Words With Friends 23


14. Hello! to all who have Misshapenly stumbled upon my blog, for it probably won’t be advertised by myself for a long time

Misshapenly, My, Myself

15. Synonyms for Misshapenly in Free Thesaurus


16. At times this life seemed to take visible form, but as vaguely, as Misshapenly, as the phantom of a nightmare


17. Missed missed out misseem missel thrush missend missending missense missent misses misses out mis-set misset mis-setting missetting missey-moosey misshape misshaped misshapen Misshapenly misshapenness misshaping missile missileer missileman missilery missing missing in action missing link missing movement missing out missing person report

Missed, Misseem, Missel, Missend, Missending, Missense, Missent, Misses, Mis, Misset, Missetting, Missey, Moosey, Misshape, Misshaped, Misshapen, Misshapenly, Misshapenness, Misshaping, Missile, Missileer, Missileman, Missilery, Missing, Movement

18. Toenail fungus is usually characterized by yellowed or discolored, thickened toenails that may grow Misshapenly or be more brittle than usual

May, Misshapenly, More

19. Misshapenly meaning in Urdu is Bad soorti se

Misshapenly, Meaning

20. Pronunciation of Misshapenly in roman Urdu is "Bad soorti se" and Translation of Misshapenly in Urdu writing script is بد صورتی سے.Misshapenly is an English language word that is well described on this page with all the important details i.e Misshapenly meaning, Misshapenly word synonyms, and its similar words.

Misshapenly, Meaning

21. It was Cerys who was straining the few clothes that kind of fit her overflowing blubber as Vi saw Cerys's t-shirt that should look gigantic on the rack squeeze her pale and lumpy belly that was hanging out two inches resting upon her colliding thunder thighs that are barely being constrained by the pair of sweatpants that her Misshapenly large


22. Descending from the skies were hordes of winged, Misshapenly shaped angels, singing


23. Non-nicene ureteropyelonephritis Misshapenly pre-Volstead rancidify oceanfront Pan-european Randlett actuary


24. Despite being Misshapenly mutated beyond any human recognition, the first Narehate they meet is capable of human speech although the Narehate also can …

Misshapenly, Mutated, Meet

25. And frankly -- many of the toothless, Misshapenly-featured people are painful to look at.

Many, Misshapenly

26. Based on the number of swords Misshapenly jammed into him, this wasn’t done without first trying to put him down for good, but the mass outbreak of Hollows likely had his would-be killers pressed for time and attention

Misshapenly, Mass

27. The baby's mouth was barely open, the rosy lips sliding downward Misshapenly, and so cold

Mouth, Misshapenly

28. Willing the Rockboy the yank the wire wrapped around it, the ship sunken into the asteroid Misshapenly bent back and forth as it tried to come free


29. คำศัพท์คำว่า 'Misshapenly' แปลว่า adv-อย่างผิดรูปผิดร่าง..ดูความหมายคำอ่านคําแปลเพิ่มเติม คลิ๊ก !!!


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MISSHAPENLY [misshapenly]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name misshapen mean?

misshapen ( adj.) so badly formed or out of shape as to be ugly; misshapen old fingers. Synonyms: deformed / distorted / ill-shapen / malformed. From

What does misshapen mean?

Definition of misshapen. 1 : having an ugly or deformed shape It is, in fact, a homely and misshapen little gray airplane that looks like it was cobbled together in someone's garage.— Patricia Trenner.

What does mishapen mean?

mishappen (third-person singular simple present mishappens, present participle mishappening, simple past and past participle mishappened) (obsolete) To encounter grief or misfortune. (now rare) To happen through misfortune.

What does misshaped mean?

Definition of misshape. transitive verb. : to shape (something) badly : to give an unnatural shape or form to … cutting back the young trees and brush of other varieties so they won't crowd out or misshape the firs.— Terry Todd.

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