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1. What does Mishandlings mean? Plural form of mishandling

Mishandlings, Mean, Mishandling

2. Synonyms for Mishandlings include mismanagements, maladministrations, misapplications, misgovernments, maltreatments, misrules, mistreatments, misuses, abuses and

Mishandlings, Mismanagements, Maladministrations, Misapplications, Misgovernments, Maltreatments, Misrules, Mistreatments, Misuses

3. Rex Murphy: Why the WE spree won't go quietly the way of other Liberal Mishandlings Back to video According to the number I see most frequently, our deficit is expected to hit $343 billion.

Murphy, Mishandlings, Most

4. Due to these Mishandlings of the investigations, President Trump issued a dismissal to James Comey on May 7th, 2016

Mishandlings, May

5. Under new leadership, the Nome Police Department says it is changing practices in response to a call for reform from a local advocacy group after past Mishandlings of …


6. Please help me bring attention to Columbia University's intentional Mishandlings of these cases so that more students can become involved in crafting a solution to protect people from sexual assaults AND false accusations

Me, Mishandlings, More

7. Mishandling (countable and uncountable, plural Mishandlings) Incorrect handling; mismanagement

Mishandling, Mishandlings, Mismanagement

8. Now, with just tens of thousands more signatures needed from angry, frustrated Californians, Newsom could potentially face the consequences of his Mishandlings

More, Mishandlings

9. When comparing the Mishandlings in the inhalation technique conducted during the first and second visit the majority of the errors conducted by the patients were repetitive

Mishandlings, Majority

10. Matthew Cowan, as well as other administrative Mishandlings, as major reasons for the transfer.

Matthew, Mishandlings, Major

11. A solution to AEW’s Mishandlings is to listen to the fans


12. But he performed much more strongly in both than he did in 2016 — despite all of his anti-immigrant rants and COVID-19 Mishandlings

Much, More, Mishandlings

13. Under new leadership, the Nome Police Department says it is changing practices in response to a call for reform from a local advocate group after past Mishandlings of sexual assault investigations


14. Other Mishandlings of insecticides mentioned in the report (and attributed to injuries and poisonings) included mass quantities of insect repellent, as well as use of agricultural and outdoor pesticides inside a house

Mishandlings, Mentioned, Mass

15. Myths, Mix-ups, and Mishandlings Understanding the Eurozone Crisis Servaas Storm and C.W.M

Myths, Mix, Mishandlings

16. The Mishandlings include that of protests in the Fairfax District, adjacent to West Hollywood, on


17. Campus Mishandlings of Rape Traditionally, many colleges have discouraged students from reporting sexual assaults to the police by claiming that they’ll handle the situation internally

Mishandlings, Many

18. The number of Mishandlings was calculated as the ratio of the number of errors to the number of inhalers used by an individual subject


19. Despite the solid 40 minutes, Karlenzig struggled handling the puck in the third period as Adrian scored their fourth and fifth goals from Austin Kuhn and Luke Burke off of a few Mishandlings

Minutes, Mishandlings

20. Bent or out of round wheels can cause vibrations and Mishandlings that can damage your vehicles brake systems, steering components, suspension system and tires.


21. On July 1, records requests revealed Mishandlings and dismissals of a civilian complaint


22. This company blantently disregarded their Mishandlings of their services at my in-laws

Mishandlings, My

23. Dorrance’s Mishandlings were one example of something Clapp feels had plagued the Hawks to start the season.


24. Sophia and Pamela talk about the allegations that Governor Cuomo covered up Mishandlings of the COVID-19 crisis and the firing of actress Gina Carano from Disney’s the Mandalorian.

Mishandlings, Mandalorian

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name mishandling mean?

1. To deal with clumsily or inefficiently; mismanage: mishandled the project. 2. To treat roughly; maltreat: The package was mishandled during shipping. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

What does mishandling mean?

Meaning of mishandling in English. mishandling. noun [ U ] uk ​ /ˌmɪsˈhæn.d əl.ɪŋ/ us ​ /ˌmɪsˈhæn.d əl.ɪŋ/. › the act or an example of dealing with something without the necessary care or skill:

What does mishandled mean?

English Language Learners Definition of mishandle : to deal with or manage (something) badly or incorrectly : to touch or treat (something) in a way that causes damage sports : to fail to catch or hold (a ball) properly

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