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1. Minuscal products promise peace of mind when it comes to your weight-loss goals

Minuscal, Mind

2. Minuscal products can help boost your weight-loss efforts, control cravings, and …


3. Minuscal is a product designed for people who want to shed some extra pounds. The snack bar is more than a fat-blocking substance since it also supplements proteins that can be helpful for the body

Minuscal, More

4. Minuscal All Natural Fat-Blocking Meal Bar - Apple Cinnamon (Box of 12)

Minuscal, Meal

5. According to the Minuscal website, this proprietary ingredient, made from all natural fermented tea extracts, blocks fat absorption and thus can help increase weight loss or help prevent weight gain.

Minuscal, Made

6. Minuscal is a pre-revenue health supplement company from Nashville, TN, which should pretty much tell you everything you need to know about this deal if you know anything about Shark Tank.

Minuscal, Much

7. Ostensibly, Minuscal has created a snack bar and diet tablet that include an …


8. 'Minuscal' a weight-loss snack bar company was not only criticized by the judges for its false claims but also ended up risking the future of the company when Mark Cuban advised the audience to never buy it.

Minuscal, Mark

9. Minuscal creators Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael hope to convince the Sharks to invest in Minuscal, their fat-blocking protein bars and supplements


10. Minuscal is a protein bar crafted with choleve, an all-natural ingredient that blocks absorption of some calories from fat, the company says


11. Minuscal is the protein bar packed with goodness while limiting the amount of bad stuff your body absorbs. The secret ingredient is choleve, which uses a fermented tea extract to block absorption of fat by the body


12. Minuscal 12 followers on LinkedIn


13. See how Minuscal works and why people love it.


14. The Minuscal co-founder is a plant biologist at Vanderbilt who was isolating components of tea to find health benefits


15. Mark Cuban takes issue with the claims of the Minuscal entrepreneurs, Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael, and they all get into a heated argument over the p

Mark, Minuscal

16. S11.E11 - "Minuscal" - Health bars and pills that "block fat" There should be individual threads for each product


17. Minuscal bars come in three flavors, peanut butter, chocolate, and apple cinnamon


18. People can purchase them from the Minuscal website in …


19. Minuscal is a game-changing new player in the health and lifestyle marketplace that features all the energy-boosting benefits of your typical protein bar, while blocking the absorption of extra calories from fat

Minuscal, Marketplace

20. Minuscal Leaves The Shark Tank Empty-Handed


21. The Minuscal bar contains choleve—a tea-fermented extract that blocks the absorption of some calories from fat—as its main ingredient

Minuscal, Main

22. Photograph courtesy of Minuscal


23. Our latest feature is for our client Minuscal on Your Tango!


24. Check out Minuscal bars and block some of those extra calories from fat while feeling full from a delicious snack.


25. Minuscal is a health supplement company based in Nashville, TN


26. Barrett Jacques created the magical Minuscal Bars which are snack bars with a unique ingredient that comes originally from green tea and is then “amplified” by 20% so that it will lower cholesterol by …

Magical, Minuscal

27. Minuscal uses tapioca prebiotic fiber—the first ingredient listed on their packaging, providing 11 to 12 g of fiber per bar, depending on the variety


28. Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 1: TaDah Foods, Blueland Cleaning Products, Minuscal, The Baby Toon Soft Baby Spoon Summary: Entrepreneurs from New York City pitch their eco-friendly cleaning supply company which helps reduce plastic waste, while entrepreneurs from Nashville, Tennessee, introduce a science-based snack bar that blocks the absorption of fat when you eat it.


29. The Minuscal co-founder is a plant biologist at Vanderbilt who was isolating components of tea to find health benefits


30. 37 Likes, 126 Comments - Minuscal (@Minuscal) on Instagram: “Watch us on ABC’s “Shark Tank” Sunday, Sept 29th 98c!


31. [The slimming pill Minuscal does not stimulate energy expenditure]


32. This gave way to the Minuscal products


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it spelled miniscule or minuscule?

Minuscule is an adjective that means very small. Miniscule is a nonstandard variant that still shows up in published writing from time to time. In general, stick with minuscule, since it is true to the word’s origins. In summary, Minuscule is the correct spelling. Miniscule is a misspelling of minuscule.

What is the adverb for minuscule?

The adverb for minuscule is minusculely. Find more words at!

What is antonym for minuscule?

small letter, lowercase, lower-case letter, minuscule(noun) the characters that were once kept in bottom half of a compositor's type case. Antonyms: majuscule, large, big, uppercase, majuscular. Synonyms: lowercase, small letter, lower-case letter.

What is another word for miniscule amount?

other words for miniscule amount. bit. trivial amount. pittance. small amount. small change. small potatoes. small quantity. Band-Aid.

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