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1. Millefiori® Milano From reed diffusers to auto fragrances, Millefiori® offers a variety of home fragrance products which create an experience of scent and style in everyone's home, for own choice or for gifting.

Millefiori, Milano

2. Millefiori Assortments by Sizes: Millefiori Color Packs + Special Mixes: Marmo Millefiori: Millefiori Patterns: Flowers 1-2mm NEW! Flowers 2-3mm: Flowers 3-4mm: Flowers 4-5mm: Flowers 5-6mm: Flowers 6-7mm: Flowers 7-8mm: Flowers 8-10mm: Flowers 10-12mm: Flowers 12-14mm: Flowers 14-16mm: Flowers 16-18mm: Grand Tronconi 18-40mm: Geometrics

Millefiori, Mixes, Marmo

3. Millefiori Heart Beads, Lampwork Glass Shaped Hearts, 18 pcs Floral Heart beads 8mm & 12mm beads for DIY Jewellery and Gift making CraftoUK

Millefiori, Making

4. Add to Favorites Spring Mix Chips 90coe Murrini Murrine Millefiori WildernessGlass

Mix, Murrini, Murrine, Millefiori

5. Millefiori, also known as Murrine, is one of the best-known and highly sought after techniques of Murano glass making

Millefiori, Murrine, Murano, Making

6. Millefiori Quilts book 1 was released in 2011, Millefiori Quilts book 2, was released in 2014, and Millefiori Quilts book 3 was released in October of 2017


7. Millefiori is a top rated Med Spa that Melbourne Fl residents have trusted for years, offering cosmetic and aesthetic services including skin rejuvenation

Millefiori, Med, Melbourne

8. Designerii #Millefiori l-au înnobilat cu propria lui ”perlă„ de Murano, o micro galaxie de un rafinament aparte

Millefiori, Murano, Micro

9. Millefiori® Milano Dai diffusori a bastoncini ai profumatori per auto, Millefiori® offre una varietà di prodotti di home fragrance che creano un'esperienza di fragranza e …

Millefiori, Milano

10. Located in charming Evanston, Illinois, Millefiori is reminiscent of an old-world European flower shop


11. Millefiori Aroma is double concentrated to add flavor and fragrance of flowers to cakes, biscotti, and custards


12. SKU: 3907002 Categories: Baking Essentials, Flavorings Tags: aroma, extract, flavorings, Millefiori extract.


13. Millefiori, Millefiori & Dots, Millefiori & Dots - 90 COE, Millefiori & Dots


14. Millefiori Glass is a traditional form of art glass that is disk-shaped with different multicolored patterns and is used in glass fusing, jewelry and mosaic art

Millefiori, Multicolored, Mosaic

15. We have three different types in this category: the beautiful yet affordable Millefiori by Mud-Turtle Mosaic™, Translucent Millefiori Gems, and Rough Cut Millefiori Pieces.

Millefiori, Mud, Mosaic

16. Get the best deals on Millefiori Italian Art Glass when you shop the largest online selection at


17. Millefiori was bought and renovated in 2016 by Scandinavian adventurists


18. Millefiori is located in Valtournenche, a charming Italian alps village situated by Cervinia


19. Millefiori's founders saw immense potential in its location, just a few


20. Millefiori Beads are made from glasses of different colors, while their different shapes are formed by pressing upon the surface of glass canes.The technique of Millefiori Glass making involves the use of many slices of glass canes (Murrine Cane) in order to create a mosaic pattern.

Millefiori, Made, Making, Many, Murrine, Mosaic

21. Millefiori Murano Glass is made by glass canes or rods (Murrine Cane).

Millefiori, Murano, Made, Murrine

22. Millefiori Beads are a great addition to any jewelry-making, beading or crafting project

Millefiori, Making

23. Murano Style Millefiori Round Beads,6mm Flower Glass Beads,8mm Millefiori Beads,Colorful Bulk Beads for Jewelry Making,4mm Millefiori Beads TheBeadBazaarMiami

Murano, Millefiori, Making

24. Get the best deals on Millefiori Glass Paperweights when you shop the largest online selection at


25. Melted Millefiori gran tronconi (jumbo)- transparent

Melted, Millefiori

26. Of italian melted gran tronconi Millefiori which is jumbo size! there are approximately 18 pieces per 4 oz.…

Melted, Millefiori

27. Craftdady 100g Millefiori/Gold Sand Lampwork Glass Spacer Beads 8-14x3-13.5mm Random Mixed Styles Handcrafted Loose Charm Beads for Jewelry Making …

Millefiori, Mixed, Making

28. Murano Millefiori glass-making technique means ""a thousand flowers"" in Italian and is one of the most famous in Murano Glass Art

Murano, Millefiori, Making, Means, Most

29. Oct 31, 2018 - Explore Kara Overman's board "Millefiori quilts", followed by 244 people on Pinterest


30. See more ideas about Millefiori quilts, quilts, english paper piecing.

More, Millefiori

31. Millefiori glass, (Italian: “thousand flowers”), type of mosaic glassware characterized by a flowerlike pattern

Millefiori, Mosaic

32. Millefiori is a traditional form of art glass that is disk-shaped with different multicolored patterns and is used in glass fusing, jewelry and mosaic art

Millefiori, Multicolored, Mosaic

33. Millefiori is an Italian word meaning “thousand flowers.” Italian Millefiori resembles tiny pieces of Christmas candy and is made in a similar way.

Millefiori, Meaning, Made

34. Millefiori definition, decorative glass made by fusing multicolored glass canes together, cutting them crosswise, joining them into new groups, embedding the groups in transparent glass, and blowing the resultant mass into a desired shape

Millefiori, Made, Multicolored, Mass

35. "Fine" Millefiori, graduated, round bead necklace


36. This is called "fine" Millefiori, as opposed to the traditional Millefiori, and is the finest, and highest quality Millefiori beads; made by only one family in Italy

Millefiori, Made

37. Frantz Art Glass Millefiori is 104 COE Effetre glass Millefiori assortments of styles, patterns, colors and sizes


38. Berroco Millefiori is a self-striping, slightly thick and thin blend of wool and acrylic in a worsted weight


39. See how beautifully Millefiori looks with the knit-ups photos for …


40. Millefiori is Italian for “a thousand flowers”, and there’s no better way to describe this vibrant mix of stained glass in 12 blooming colors

Millefiori, Mix

41. Millefiori blends wool with acrylic for softness and stability with just a hint of shimmer


42. Also available in a finer weight, Millefiori Light, plus a version with just a little bit of sparkle, Millefiori Light Luxe


43. Millefiori definition is - ornamental glass produced by cutting cross sections of fused bundles of glass rods of various colors and sizes.


44. Millefiori Milano: aroma difuzéry, vůně do auta, ultrazvukové difuzéry, vůně do elektrické zásuvky a kompletní péče o prádlo

Millefiori, Milano

45. Millefiori Milano je renomovaná italská společnost, vnímaná jako nejpovolanější odborník na sofistikované interiérové vůně.

Millefiori, Milano, Man

46. Nejsou to jen sofistikované kompozice, ale také elegantní design, který z vůní Millefiori Milano činí

Millefiori, Milano

47. 55.2k Followers, 758 Following, 1,004 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Millefiori Interior (@Millefiori_interior)


48. Glowing Millefiori Glass Bowls (12) Handcrafted Mosaic/Craquélé Glass Coasters (11) Handcrafted Mosaic/Craquélé Glass Holders (11) Handmade Paper Wall Lamp (5) Happy Home Duftkerzen (38) Millefiori Lamp (5) Millefiori-Fimo-Cups @en (3) Mouth-Blown Color-Glass Windlights (20) Porcelain Lithophanies for Tea-lights (7) Propellos: Rotary Candle

Millefiori, Mosaic, Mouth

49. Millefiori Quilts > Shop > Books > The Millefiori Saga > Millefiori Quilts


50. Murano Glass Millefiori Black & Yellow Watch With White Leather Band

Murano, Millefiori

51. Murano Glass Millefiori Watch With Navy Leather Band

Murano, Millefiori

52. COE90 and COE96 Murrine, Murrini, Millefiori, Millifiori, Dots, Stringfetti, Bullseye Glass, Stringer, Zanfirico, Frit Balls

Murrine, Murrini, Millefiori, Millifiori

53. Handcraft charming jewelry with Murano Millefiori glass beads with intricate patterns and colors that will accentuate one's natural beauty

Murano, Millefiori

54. Murano Millefiori glass has rich history and appeals to everyone who appreciates Venetian artistry, rich tradition of Murano Glass craftsmanship, and world-f

Murano, Millefiori

55. DetailsVolume 1 of the Millefiori Quilts Series by Willyne Hammerstein for QuiltMania! Featuring the La Passacaglia quilt, this book has been a Best Seller since it's release in 2014.184 color pages / Book in English AND French19 projects


56. Glass Paperwe's board "Antique Millefiori Glass Paperweights", followed by 1228 people on Pinterest


57. See more ideas about glass paperweights, Millefiori glass,

More, Millefiori

58. Under The Sea Millefiori Assortment - 90 COE


59. Millefiori Murano Millefiori and resin mosaic small round pendant 18-20mm

Millefiori, Murano, Mosaic

60. Millefiori Murano Millefiori resin and glass multicolour square pendant

Millefiori, Murano, Multicolour

61. Regular price $45.00 * Clearance* Murano Millefiori fused polished pendant

Murano, Millefiori

62. Examples of how to use “Millefiori” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs


63. Concentric Millefiori Paperweights The purpose of this page is to let you explore the differences between different makers for concentric Millefiori paperweights from c1845 to the present

Millefiori, Makers

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MILLEFIORI [ˌmiləfēˈôrē]

millefiori (noun)

  • a kind of ornamental glass in which a number of glass rods of different sizes and colors are fused together and cut into sections which form various patterns, typically embedded in colorless transparent glass to make items such as paperweights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does millefiori mean?

Definition of millefiori in English: millefiori. noun. mass noun. A kind of ornamental glass in which a number of glass rods of different sizes and colours are fused together and cut into sections which form various patterns, typically embedded in colourless transparent glass to make items such as paperweights.

How are millefiori beads made?

Millefiori beads are made by experienced artisans. The artisans go through years of apprenticeship before they can start making their own beads. In most cases, two artisans are involved in the bead making process. One makes the cane in a glass factory and the other makes beads from the slices.

What does Millefiore glass mean?

Millefiore glass slender rods or tubes of colored glass fused together and embedded in clear glass; -- used for paperweights and other small articles Etymology: [It. mille thousand + fiore flower.]

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