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1. Milieu definition is - the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops : environment


2. How to use Milieu in a sentence


3. Milieu Entered English in the 1800s Synonym Discussion of Milieu.


4. Surroundings, especially of a social or cultural nature: a snobbish Milieu.


5. Every story captures the look, the mood, the style of a place - its Milieu.

Mood, Milieu

6. / miːlˈjɜː / plural Milieux or Milieus the people, physical, and social conditions and events that provide the environment in which someone acts or lives: It is a study of the social and cultural Milieu in …

Mi, Milieux, Milieus, Milieu

7. Some common synonyms of Milieu are background, environment, mise-en-scène, and setting. While all these words mean "the place, time, and circumstances in which something occurs," Milieu applies especially to the physical and social surroundings of a person or group of persons

Milieu, Mise, Mean

8. An intellectual Milieu conducive to artistic experimentation


9. Milieu is a French word that is defined as a social environment or setting. An example of Milieu is the Champs-Elysees in Paris.


10. Milieu therapy is a method for treating mental health conditions using a person’s surroundings to encourage healthier ways of thinking and …

Milieu, Method, Mental

11. In The Milieu: Welcome to the Transhuman Resistance, you will learn: *The purpose and importance of the resistance group known as the Milieu *Why it s important for the Church to be involved in the discussion about transhumanism *The glaring, spiritual symbolism of the transhuman worldview, and how the Promethean Faith (a.k.a., Religion of Man

Milieu, Man

12. Milieu is such a stunning and unique building


13. In addition to the amenities, Milieu offers amazing services and conveniences that I haven't seen at many other buildings

Milieu, Many

14. Milieu intérieur [ me-lyuh´ an-ta″re-ur´] internal environment; the blood and lymph in which the cells are bathed. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition

Milieu, Me, Miller, Medicine

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17. Find 19 ways to say Milieu, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Milieu, Most

18. A Milieu is a surrounding culture


19. Your family, house, neighborhood, school, and people you hang out with make up your Milieu

Make, Milieu

20. If you live in a mansion and have rich friends, you’re part of the upper crust Milieu

Mansion, Milieu

21. 2005, Tom O'Regan, Australian National Cinema, →ISBN, page 213: It is a film and television Milieu configured by flows and transfers (of concepts, genres, styles, texts, fashions, etc.) which shape film-making, criticism and consumption in a variety of antipodal ways

Milieu, Making

22. The Divine Milieu is like the water in a fish tank or a pond or the ocean. AS big as the universe: Teilhard's evolutionary vision of Christ Milieu will also strive to …


23. Milieu definition constitutes a social environment as translated in English


24. The actual Milieu meaning in the French language is “middle.” Milieu therapy is based on the premise that changing the environment of a person can trigger positive changes.

Milieu, Meaning, Middle

25. Milieu came to English from French in the 19th century


26. Google Books uncovers a few instances from earlier, but most are in the phrase juste Milieu, an art term (referring to a middle way between opposing

Most, Milieu, Middle

27. At Milieu – just step outside and breathe in the view


28. Within the Egyptian Milieu the suggestion or mere questioning of the legalisation of prostitution is deemed thunderously scandalous

Milieu, Mere

29. This builds on and sharpens the theoretics describing the religious Milieu in which they operated.


30. Milieu Family Services, provides support to adults with disabilities


31. Milieu Meaning: "surroundings, medium, environment," 1854, from French Milieu, "middle, medium, mean," literally "middle… See definitions of Milieu.

Milieu, Meaning, Medium, Middle, Mean

32. The port of Marseille is a hub for Le Milieu to move large amounts of product into domestic and European markets

Marseille, Milieu, Move, Markets

33. The most prominent criminal organization within Le Milieu is the Corsican mafia (Milieu

Most, Milieu, Mafia

34. Definition of Milieu the environment in which one experiences life Examples of Milieu in a sentence Because my father grew up in a military Milieu, he knew he wanted to join the armed forces when he graduated from high school

Milieu, My, Military

35. The social environment, social context, sociocultural context or Milieu refers to the immediate physical and social setting in which people live or in which something happens or develops


36.Milieu” is a French word meaning “middle,” which is typically translated to mean the environment surrounding a patient or therapy group here in the United States

Milieu, Meaning, Middle, Mean

37. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of Milieu is “the physical or social setting in …

Merriam, Milieu

38. ‘It is a fascinating read and an essential source for anyone researching early steamboats and their social Milieu.’ ‘The social Milieu upon which they have up to now been based is deeply divided.’ ‘But I was only able to do this because of contacts I have in my Milieu of academic sociology.’

Milieu, My

39. A therapeutic Milieu is a structured environment that creates a safe, secure place for people who are in therapy


40. This Milieu involves not just the provision of safe physical surroundings, but also of supportive therapists and staff.


41. About Milieu Located in the dynamic West Loop of Chicago, Milieu is a luxurious apartment community offering studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartments for rent in downtown Chicago


42. Milieu invites residents to experience unsurpassed, elevated amenities paired with hotel-style hospitality


43. ‘It is a fascinating read and an essential source for anyone researching early steamboats and their social Milieu.’ ‘The social Milieu upon which they have up to now been based is deeply divided.’ ‘But I was only able to do this because of contacts I have in my Milieu of academic sociology.’

Milieu, My

44. Definition of Milieu noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


45. Milieu is a new apartment development by Crayton Advisors and White Oak Realty Partners in Chicago, IL


46. CONTACT US SUBSCRIPTION QUESTIONS: 855 521 0331_ or [email protected] BACK ISSUE PURCHASE 713.521.0331_ or [email protected] Editor in Chief Pamela Pierce [email protected] Editor at Large Shannon Bowers [email protected] Executive Editor David Masello [email protected] Assistant to the Editor in Chief Lauren Crane [email protected]Milieu

Milieu, Mag, Masello

47. How to say Milieu in English? Pronunciation of Milieu with 3 audio pronunciations, 13 synonyms, 4 meanings, 13 translations, 2 sentences and more for Milieu.

Milieu, Meanings, More

48. Some Milieu counselors may be tasked with providing transportation to patients

Milieu, May

49. The minimum educational requirement for Milieu counselors is a high school diploma or equivalent, but there are positions that prefer or require a bachelor's degree.

Minimum, Milieu

50. Milieu definition: Your Milieu is the group of people or activities that you live among or are familiar Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Milieu, Meaning

51. Definition and synonyms of Milieu from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Milieu, Macmillan

52. This is the British English definition of Milieu.View American English definition of Milieu.


53. Whitaker Date: February 19, 2021 Therapeutic Milieu is an approach to the treatment of psychiatric issues that emphasizes personal responsibility.


54. Therapeutic Milieu, sometimes also called Milieu therapy or community therapy, is an approach to the treatment of behavioral or psychiatric issues that emphasizes modeling, peer feedback, and personal responsibility in the context of a highly

Milieu, Modeling

55. Milieu intérieur [me-lyuh´ an-ta″re-ur´] internal environment; the blood and lymph in which the cells are bathed.

Milieu, Me

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57. Brian entered the landscape industry in 1983 and has been at Milieu since 2004


58. I happen to stumbleupon the works of Milieu when playing a game - eufloria on steam


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