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1. Migratory [ mī ′grə-tôr′ē ] Traveling from one place to another at regular times of year, often over long distances


2. Salmon, whales, and swallows are all Migratory animals.


3. Synonyms & Antonyms of Migratory having a way of life that involves moving from one region to another typically on a seasonal basis most of the apple crop is picked by Migratory workers Migratory birds heading south for the winter

Migratory, Moving, Most

4. Sea eagles are not Migratory, so once extinct, there is no chance of them returning naturally


5. Relating to the migration (= travel in large numbers to a different place) of animals, birds, or people: The satellite tag will track the turtle's Migratory route for the first time

Migration, Migratory

6. The Rio Grande is a major Migratory

Major, Migratory

7. What does Migratory mean? Roving; wandering

Migratory, Mean

8. The Migratory birds are seen and heard flying northward by relays in hundreds of thousands


9. PRAIRIE SMOKE (SECOND EDITION, REVISED) MELVIN RANDOLPH GILMORE The game of the district comprises quails (during the Migratory season), hares, and gazelles

Melvin, Migratory

10. The Biden administration is moving to restore protections for Migratory birds, one of the many environmental rollbacks under former President Trump

Moving, Migratory, Many

11. The term highly Migratory species (HMS) has its origins in Article 64 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)


12. The Convention does not provide an operational definition of the term, but in an annex (UNCLOS Annex 1) lists the species considered highly Migratory by parties to the convention


13. Migratory (mi'gra-tor?e), adjective clot migration The movement of a venous thrombosis from a distal location to one

Migratory, Mi, Migration, Movement

14. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits the take (including killing, capturing, selling, trading, and transport) of protected Migratory bird species without prior authorization by the Department of Interior U.S


15. The Interior Department today formally erased a controversial Trump administration legal opinion that concluded the Migratory Bird Treaty Act covered only intentional killing or injuring of birds.


16. Illegal Killing of Birds (IKB) in the Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway is the greatest direct threat to Migratory soaring birds


17. The bird had strayed far from its usual Migratory route


18. The wetlands are home to Migratory birds


19. The whales are Migratory and can be seen heading north in late fall


20. They will soon start their spring Migratory


21. The Trump administration had claimed the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act barred the intentional hunting of birds, not unintentional deaths caused by industrial activities


22. (CN) — The Biden administration voided a Trump-era legal opinion Monday regarding Migratory birds and protections that have been in place for over a century.

Monday, Migratory

23. Migratory birds track climate across the year by Andy Fell, UC Davis Yellow warblers are found throughout North America and fly to Central and South America for winter.


24. In a statement, the Interior Department said it rescinded the 2017 legal opinion issued under then-President Donald Trump that reinterpreted a century-old statute, allowing companies that accidentally kill Migratory birds to escape prosecution.


25. Migratory Notes A weekly informed and concise guide to immigration news culled from hundreds of sources across the country.


26. For Migratory birds, there are three energetically demanding events they must undertake each year: breeding, migration and molt

Migratory, Must, Migration, Molt

27. During the wintertime, Ashe Juniper berries are typically found in abundance in the American Southwest, which is where you’ll find this Migratory bird.


28. Migratory birds track climate across the year Date: February 18, 2021 Source: University of California - Davis Summary: As climate change takes hold across the Americas, some areas will get wetter


29. The Biden administration has reversed a Trump-era regulation that allowed companies to kill Migratory birds without consequences


30. WILDLIFE Migratory bird advocates flock together Michael Doyle, E&E News reporter Published: Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Migratory, Michael

31. Any Migratory game birds not in the custody of the hunter must be tagged with the hunter’s signature, address, total number of birds by species, and dates such birds were killed

Migratory, Must

32. No person shall receive or have in custody another's Migratory game birds unless such birds are properly tagged.


33. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act was originally enacted to protect birds from poaching and over-hunting


34. Migratory shorebirds are among the most threatened bird groups

Migratory, Most

35. Migratory definition: A Migratory bird, fish, or animal is one that migrates every year

Migratory, Migrates

36. “The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is a bedrock environmental law critical to protecting Migratory birds and restoring declining bird populations,” Interior spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said in a statement

Migratory, Melissa

37. Definitions Migratory game bird hunting terms; General Rules Hunting hours, documentation, transfer & more; Methods Legal hunting methods for Migratory birds; License, Permit & Endorsement Requirements Requirements for hunting Migratory game birds; Duck Seasons, Limits & Regulations Teal, duck, merganser, coot & falconry; Goose Seasons, Limits & Regulations Light & dark geese

Migratory, More, Methods, Merganser

38. Details: Residents and nonresidents, 17 and under, need to purchase a Conservation and Base Hunting License and may purchase a Migratory Bird License at half cost (resident - $3.25; nonresident - $25).Federal Migratory Bird Stamp is also required for individuals, both resident and nonresident, 16 and older

May, Migratory

39. Why Migratory Birds Need Protection


40. The Migratory Bird Protection Act was passed out of the House Natural Resources Committee in the 116th Congress and had a bipartisan group of 90+ co-sponsors


41. The Migratory bird subsistence harvest regulations are developed cooperatively


42. The Alaska Migratory Bird Co-Management Council (Council or AMBCC) consists of the U.S

Migratory, Management

43. The Biden administration has put a one-month delay on the Trump administration’s rollback of protections to Migratory birds and is opening the rule back up for public comment.

Month, Migratory

44. Migratory arthralgia: pain in the joints that may involve different joints at different times as if traveling from one joint to another.

Migratory, May

45. Synonyms for Migratory in Free Thesaurus


46. 18 synonyms for Migratory: nomadic, travelling, wandering, migrant, itinerant, unsettled, shifting

Migratory, Migrant

47. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act dates back more than a century, making it one of the country's oldest environmental laws

Migratory, More, Making

48. For decades, it prohibited not just the purposeful killing of Migratory


49. Migratory bird hunting regulations: summaries ; Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994 ; Migratory Birds Regulations ; Migratory Bird Sanctuary Regulations ; Publications


50. Proposals to Amend the Canadian Migratory Birds Regulations, December 2019 - Consultation document, Hunting seasons 2020-21 and 2021-2022 ; Migratory birds regulatory report series


51. However, some earthquakes have Migratory foreshocks and possibly slow slip that travel large distances toward the eventual mainshock hypocenter (Migratory nucleation)

Migratory, Mainshock

52. Scarce observations of Migratory nucleation may result from real differences between faults or merely observational …

Migratory, May, Merely

53. 2018-2019 Migratory Bird General Regulations Federal Regulations Overview


54. In addition to state regulations, the following federal rules apply to the taking, possession, shipping, transporting and storing of Migratory game birds.


55. The art tells the 12-month story of Houston's Migratory birds as the species change throughout the seasons.

Month, Migratory

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MIGRATORY [ˈmīɡrəˌtôrē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name migratory mean?

Definition of migratory 1 : of, relating to, or characterized by migration 2 : wandering, roving Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about migratory

What does migrate mean?

Migrate(verb) to remove from one country or region to another, with a view to residence; to change one's place of residence; to remove; as, the Moors who migrated from Africa into Spain; to migrate to the West.

What is the definition of migratory movement?

The term in English for "migratory movement" is "travel" if the movement is temporary. If you are moving more or less permanently from one country to another, it is "immigration" to the new country and "emigration" from the former country.

What is an antonym for migrate?

Antonyms for migrating include fixed, settled, unmoving, established, rooted, inhabiting, permanent, nonmigrant, nonmigratory and resident. Find more opposite words ...

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