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1. In an era of digitization, NARA continues to Microfilm records because Microfilm is a low-cost, reliable, long-term, standardized image storage medium

Microfilm, Medium

2. The equipment needed to view Microfilm images is simple, consisting of light and magnification

Microfilm, Magnification

3. English Language Learners Definition of Microfilm : film on which very small photographs of the printed pages of a newspaper, magazine, etc., are stored See the full definition for Microfilm in the English Language Learners Dictionary

Microfilm, Magazine

4. Verb (used with object) to make a Microfilm of.

Make, Microfilm

5. Microfilm is an analog storage medium using film reels which are exposed and developed into photographic records using a photographic process

Microfilm, Medium

6. A type of microform, Microfilm is available in the form of a thin, film reel

Microform, Microfilm

7. In the 1930s, the New York Times started to use Microfilm for archiving and storage purposes.


8. Microfilm in its different forms is often referred to as microform – indicating that the media is film-based, but not necessarily in strip form

Microfilm, Microform, Media

9. The Crowley Company manufactures and resells Microfilm scanners and products for the digitization of all types of microform — Microfilm , microfiche and aperture cards — and provides a number of

Manufactures, Microfilm, Microform, Microfiche

10. The Microfilm Shop manufactures and distributes the widest range of Microfilm and microfiche consumables and equipment available in the world

Microfilm, Manufactures, Microfiche

11. also provides quality Microfilm conversion services at discount prices

Microfilmworld, Microfilm

12. We can convert your microfiche, Microfilm rolls, 3M cartridges and aperture cards to digital formats quickly and afford ably

Microfiche, Microfilm

13. Microfilm and Plans Library Appointment or Image Viewing Online Guidelines This website allows you to make appointments to view or obtain copies of Building Plans on file in the Microfilm and Plans Library

Microfilm, Make

14. Microfilming is the process of turning a document into Microfilm

Microfilming, Microfilm

15. Microfilm most often refers to taking physical records (such as newspapers) and converting them into Microfilm

Microfilm, Most

16. However, there is a process by which you can convert digital images into Microfilm: this is called archive writing.


17. Microfilm scanning digitize convert 16/35 mm to PDF JPG other image types

Microfilm, Mm

18. Microfilm Catalogs NARA has Microfilmed over 3,000 series of Federal records that contain a wealth of valuable information for scholars and other researchers

Microfilm, Microfilmed

19. A comprehensive catalog that lists these Microfilm publications by record group is available, as are catalogs for Federal population censuses covering the years 1790-1930.


20. Request Building Records (Microfilm) Are you buying or renovating a property? The City keeps records of all permits and plans on any property, so that buyers and owners may be informed of a …

Microfilm, May

21. Microfilm reel and Microfilm storage box


22. The Microfilm machine created permanent film copies of bank documents by using a special camera, which took pictures of documents with black and white film

Microfilm, Machine

23. Microfilm in an ANSI Cartridge is basically your standard 16mm film in a more protective container

Microfilm, More

24. Micro-Image Capture 7M Motorized Microfilm Reader Scanner w/ 7-54X Lens, Universal Motorized 16/35mm Roll Film w/Fiche Carrier, Software, Footswitch, Cables & Instructions

Micro, Motorized, Microfilm

25. A Microfilm reader is a device used in projecting and magnifying images stored in microform to readable proportions

Microfilm, Magnifying, Microform

26. Microform includes flat film, Microfilm, aperture cards, microfiche, and ultra fiche

Microform, Microfilm, Microfiche

27. Using open reels or cassettes, Microfilm is often used as a way to store many documents in a small space.

Microfilm, Many

28. Microfilm is a records management tool used to store large amounts of records in small spaces

Microfilm, Management

29. This lesson will delve into Microfilm, storage, and the equipment used to read it.


30. The Microfilm Unit will perform an initial research over the phone (786-315-2340) to determine if your property is located in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, and to verify the year the property was built in order to determine if we may have records to research on file

Microfilm, Miami, May

31. The Microfilm Unit is located at the


32. Microfilm SCANNER The ViewScan 4 fast tracks Microfilm research using an 18-megapixel image sensor that is always on, delivering crisp and clear images in PerfectFocus

Microfilm, Megapixel

33. Microfilm and Microfiche Explore historical magazines and newspapers that you can read on Microfilm or microfiche at your library

Microfilm, Microfiche, Magazines

34. Microfilm synonyms, Microfilm pronunciation, Microfilm translation, English dictionary definition of Microfilm


35. Microfilm and Records What is the Florida Public Records Law? Chapter 119, Florida Statutes is commonly known as Florida’s “Public Records Law.” The law provides information on public records in Florida, including policies, definitions, exemptions, general information on records access, inspection, examination, and duplication of records.


36. Other articles where Microfilm is discussed: technology of photography: Microfilming and microreproduction: Microfilming is the copying of documents, drawings, and other such matter at a reduced scale—typically 1:15 to 1:42—for compact storage

Microfilm, Microfilming, Microreproduction, Matter

37. The Microfilm Shop is the largest independent supplier of Microfilm jackets in Europe and can offer very competitive prices


38. Film on which photographs of documents are stored in a very small form, or a piece of this film: Most libraries have old newspapers available on Microfilm.

Most, Microfilm

39. Microfilm is ideal for preserving irreplaceable documents and pictures for future generations


40. Fujifilm Microfilm solutions enable integration into digital information systems


41. Our global distribution network assures a steady supply of fresh Microfilm products


42. Microfilm is a standardized media

Microfilm, Media

43. ‘This extensive collection, all on Microfilm is a copy of the detailed compilation of all such records in the country which was carried out by the Mormons in Ireland in the 1950's.’ ‘Fearing loss and destruction of the rare texts, the Japanese government previously donated about 50 million yen to fund their preservation on Microfilm.’

Microfilm, Mormons, Million

44. A Microfilm reader (or reader printer) is used to determine whether the Microfilm is ready to be used for reading purposes by users


45. Using a Microfilm reader, it becomes possible to observe and evaluate the crispiness of the images as well as the order in which they have been filmed


46. GRM Records Management is a leading provider of lifecycle Microfilm and microfiche conversion, records and information management solutions

Management, Microfilm, Microfiche

47. The ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner delivers intuitive easy-to-use software controls that make Microfilm viewing and image retrieval the easiest task for even the most inexperienced user

Microfilm, Make, Most

48. To increase user-familiarity, the front of the ViewScan 4 carrier boasts near-identical film controls that mimic those on your old Microfilm machine.

Mimic, Microfilm, Machine

49. Find 53 ways to say Microfilm, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Microfilm, Most

50. Get all 15 Microfilm releases available on Bandcamp and save 35%.


51. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Hauntology Expanded: 2006-2020, Hauntology: 2010-2020, The Uncanny Adventures of Microfilm: Remixes, Belle & Sebastian - Protecting the Hive (Microfilm's Mantra for a State of Mind remix), White Cherry Noise, The Slingshot Orchestra

Microfilm, Mantra, Mind

52. IMAGELINK Microfilm Storage cabinets are the convenient way to simplify roll Microfilm storage and retrieval in your office


53. Whether you’re working with rotary and planetary equipment; fluorescent or xenon flash exposure; medium or high speed; we’ve got a silver halide Source Document Microfilm for

Medium, Microfilm

54. Microfilm is a 35mm film on which printed materials are photographed at greatly reduced size for ease of storage

Microfilm, Materials

55. The digital lens on the Microfilm reader enlarges the image, allowing you to read the contents


56. The Newspapers on Microfilm Collection holds more than 5,000 newspaper titles on over 100,000 reels

Microfilm, More

57. Microfilm Digitization Updated July 14, 2020 This service will remain suspended until further notice


58. Microfilm had become part of a campy joke about discovering dark, salacious secrets


59. Microfilm machines trained people’s eyes to read differently: A blur of …

Microfilm, Machines

60. Microfilm Scanning to Tiff, PDF and other Digital Formats on CD or DVD! *We can also create 16mm & 35mm Archive Microfilm from Tiff images!(see pricing below) Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning Services Document Imaging Supply Co

Microfilm, Microfiche

61. Utilizes state-of-the-art production Microfilm scanners to provide quality digital images from your Microfilm.


62. We scan Microfilm into digital images from 16mm or 35mm rolls or cartridges


63. Whether you have one roll or thousands of rolls, we can digitize all of your Microfilm into high quality images very cost-effectively using the most advanced, state-of-the-art Microfilm digital scanners in the industry.

Microfilm, Most

64. Join nextScan, the Microfilm conversion experts, as we walk you through the steps of planning an in-house Microfilm to digital conversion project from beginning to end


65. Discover best practices that can be implemented in your scanning operation so you can ensure the successful transition of your Microfilm assets to digital formats.


66. Also on Microfilm are large collections of medieval manuscripts, literary materials, United States and foreign government documents, Microfilmed editions of the papers of prominent individuals and organizations, and a wide variety of books, pamphlets, archival collections, magazines, scholarly journals, and photographs.

Microfilm, Medieval, Manuscripts, Materials, Microfilmed, Magazines

67. Microfiche definition is - a sheet of Microfilm containing rows of images of printed pages

Microfiche, Microfilm

68. Canon MS 500 Microfilm Scanner Front Screen with Adjustable Guide Lines

Ms, Microfilm

69. Canon F05 33.0x K05F for MP-60 Microfilm Lens Microfiche Microprinter

Mp, Microfilm, Microfiche, Microprinter

70. CANON EZ-02 16x-32x Microfilm/MICROFICHE ZOOM LENS …

Microfilm, Microfiche

71. Microfilm definition: Microfilm is film that is used for photographing information and storing it in a reduced Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Microfilm, Meaning

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MICROFILM [ˈmīkrəˌfilm]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does microfilm mean?

Definition of microfilm. (Entry 1 of 2) : a film bearing a photographic record on a reduced scale of printed or other graphic matter.

What is microfilm or microfiche?

Microfilm is a 100- to 215-foot roll of film. Microfiche is a small sheet of film, usually about 4 x 6 inches. Microfilm and microfiche use is widespread, with many companies allowing you to search through and view microfilm images online.

How is a microfilm used?

Microfilm is an analog storage medium using film reels which are exposed and developed into photographic records using a photographic process. It is typically used to store paper documents such as periodicals, legal documents, books and engineering drawings.

What does microfilm mean for kids?

Microfilm definition, a film bearing a miniature photographic copy of printed or other graphic matter, usually of a document, newspaper or book pages, etc., made for a library, archive, or the like. See more.

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