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Synonyms: 1. Spirit 2. Fortitude 3. Tenacity 4. Steel 5. Determination 6. Resolve 7. Resolution 8. Steadfastness 9. Indomitability 10. Backbone 11. Hardihood 12. Pluck 13. Nerve 14. Gameness 15. Courage 16. Courageousness 17. Bravery 18. Gallantry 19. Valor 20. Intrepidity ...21. Fearlessness 22. Boldness 23. Daring 24. Audacity 25. Guts 26. Grit 27. Spunk 28. Bottle 29. Caliber 30. Character 31. Disposition 32. Nature 33. Temperament 34. Temper 35. Personality 36. Makeup 37. Stamp 38. Kind 39. Sort 40. Variety 41. Mold 42. Kidney 43. Grain See more »
1. mettle is dangerous in a blind horse 
2. She showed her mettle by winning in spite of her handicap
3. Both players were on their mettle in the final round
4. The German athletes showed/proved their mettle in the final round
5. We'll have to be on our mettle from the start
6. The next race will put him on his mettle
7. You'll be on your mettle during the training period
8. She really showed her mettle under pressure
9. He'll have to be on his mettle if he wants to win the next race
10. The real test of her political mettle came in the May elections
11. His first important chance to show his mettle came when he opened the new session of the Legislature
12. The team will be on their mettle for the big game
13. Crises will strew his path to test his mettle
14. He had been on his mettle throughout
15. Variations in response put you on your mettle
16. Houston is the only team with proven playoff mettle
17. Frazer's disciple Malinowskihttp://sentencedictcom/mettlehtml was of a very different mettle
18. He thinks this keeps him on his mettle but it often leaves him at a loss for the right word
19. The best place to test a motorcycle's mettle is on a twisty mountain road
20. When the boss comes round I want you all to show your mettle
21. The school inspection is going to put the teachers on their mettle
22. The next game will be a real test of their mettle
23. Cooking for such important people really puts you on your mettle
24. This was just his way of keeping me on my mettle
25. Neither barber in their tight-fitting tee shirts and faded bathing trunks appeared lacking in backbone or mettle
26. He was an outstanding fighter pilot who proved his mettle in a variety of tough assignments including two wars
27. Graham led a lovely rib slabby and clean though it didn't test our mettle too severely
28. Louis Armstrong and Bunny Berigan may have been trumpet talents of a similar mettle but there the resemblance stopped
29. If Labour wins on Thursday it is likely that the markets will test the mettle of Mr Smith
30. Over time, however, mettle came to be used mainly in figurative senses referring to the quality of someone's character. It eventually became a distinct English word in its own right, losing its literal sense altogether. Metal remained a term primarily used for those hard, shiny substances such as steel or iron, but it also acquired a figurative use.
31. The true mettle of the new British system won't be apparent until it's tested in a crisis. He's the oddball who again proves his mettle as both a character actor and leading man. This woman of steel has proved her mettle many a time, in her feisty battle with the judiciary and opposition.
32. The word is sometimes interpretedparticularly in business parlanceas meaning the amount of courage, mettle or ardor that an individual has.
33. How to use mettle in a sentence. Example sentences with the word mettle. mettle example sentences.
34. On one's mettle, in the position of being incited to do one's best: The loss of the first round put him on his mettle to win the match.
35. Show (one's) mettle To show that one has endurance and strength of character, or the necessary skills, abilities, or traits to succeed in something. You may be the youngest lawyer in the firm, but you certainly showed your mettle in that high-profile murder case.
36. Use mettle in a sentence how to make sentence on mettle . mettle in a sentence. This set into motion a series of events which tested Kumbha's mettle as a warrior. The blue blooded, dynamic and individual left India to leave behind comforts and luxuries of the legacy to prove his mettle on his own capabilities. guild Siege This is a weekly event,
37. mettle is a free digital banking app for small and medium-sized businesses, which is operated by high street bank NatWest. Following a pilot phase, mettle saw its full launch in November 2019, and looks to rival the mobile app-based business accounts already offered by challenger banks like Starling and Tide.
38. 1 in 2 Canadians have—or have had—a mental illness by the time they reach 40 years of age.. The inter-relationship between addictions and other forms of mental illness, and their connection to physical health, is undeniable. mettleAI helps track your overall mental health just like you would physical health, and leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict
39. Definition of mettle strength of spirit; the ability to continue despite difficulties Examples of mettle in a sentence Of all the young men in the village, Caldor was the only one with enough mettle to face the dragon in its lair. 🔊
40. mettle in a sentence 1, mettle is dangerous in a blind horse. 2, She showed her mettle by winning in spite of her handicap. 3, Both players were on their mettle in the final round.
41. The mettle account is an e-money account provided by Prepay Solutions (PPS), a trading name of Prepay Technologies Ltd which is an electronic money institution authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN 900010) for the issuing of electronic money.
42. Where can I see samples of work that use mettle plug-ins? See all 9 articles Downloads and Installation. My anti-virus software says the mettle installer is malware. Do mettle plugins work in CC 2019? Do you have tutorials? How do I Install mettle Products; Which versions of the Premiere Pro do you support?
43. mettle OP? \/-----MORE INFO-----\/ First Game SOLO QUEUE Randoms : MEDIOCRE Map : GAS HEAVEN
44. With Mantids mettle ! Uldum Quest>! Ive been trying to get the mount. I received the petOnce you get the pet you get the quest Mantids mettle. I made a mistake and turned my pet to a 25 before I did the quest and now I can not complete it. The pet is supposed to be a level !. I am now stuck and im not sure how to fix or complete the quest line.
45. On your mettle prepared to use all your skills, knowledge, etc. because you are being tested The team will be on their mettle for the big game. See mettle in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary
46. Where can I see samples of work that use mettle plug-ins? How do I get volume pricing? Is there Academic pricing? Do you have Volume Pricing? Downloads and Installation. My anti-virus software says the mettle installer is malware. Do mettle plugins work in CC 2019? Do you have tutorials?

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