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1. Metrology definition is - the science of weights and measures or of measurement.

Metrology, Measures, Measurement

2. The Fluid Metrology Group leads the world in designing and using gas-filled acoustic resonators for measuring the thermodynamic temperature T, the Boltzmann Chemical Metrology for …

Metrology, Measuring

3. Metrology, the science of measurement

Metrology, Measurement

4. Metrology is the study of measurement

Metrology, Measurement

5. In order to thoroughly grasp the concept of measurement, Metrology is divided into three subfields

Measurement, Metrology

6. These three subfields in Metrology are: scientific or fundamental Metrology, applied or industrial Metrology, and legal Metrology.


7. Metrology is the science of measurement

Metrology, Measurement

8. What is Legal Metrology? Legal Metrology comprises the administration of measuring instruments, application for units of measurement, and testing procedures which are commonly established in either legislation or documented standards.

Metrology, Measuring, Measurement

9. The Science Behind Quality Control Put simply, Metrology is the science of measurement

Metrology, Measurement

10. The Fundamentals of Metrology seminar is an intensive course that introduces participants to the concepts of measurement systems, units, good laboratory practices, data integrity, measurement uncertainty, measurement assurance, traceability, basic statistics and how they fit into a laboratory Quality Management System

Metrology, Measurement, Management

11. Metrology is the scientific study of measurement

Metrology, Measurement

12. ASQ's Metrology training courses can teach you how to design and run measurement calibrations to …

Metrology, Measurement

13. MRM sells measuring instruments and provides trusted Metrology solutions

Mrm, Measuring, Metrology

14. Rolling Metrology Stands, Portable Metrology Tripods, Magnetic Mounts, and Rolling Granite Carts; CMM Fixture Plates and Kits; Hardware for Sale; Tools and Miscellaneous; News & Info

Metrology, Magnetic, Mounts, Miscellaneous

15. Metrologyworks announces a new line of M4 tips for new FARO(TM) arms; Point Probes and How to Calibrate them for Portable Coordinate Measuring Machines

Metrologyworks, Measuring, Machines

16. Metrology is the science of measurement

Metrology, Measurement

17. Nikon Metrology offers a range of non-contact, high accuracy, laser based Metrology solutions for a wide range of applications


18. Video Metrology Measuring Instruments

Metrology, Measuring

19. Metrology synonyms, Metrology pronunciation, Metrology translation, English dictionary definition of Metrology


20. Metrology definition, the science of weights and measures

Metrology, Measures

21. Metrology, while often confused with the science of measuring weather (meteorology), is a very widely used field

Metrology, Measuring, Meteorology

22. In this blog we often discuss one form of Metrology, but there are actually three major types of Metrology used in today’s world

Metrology, Major

23. Let’s take a look at the three different types of Metrology


24. Industrial Metrology – Industrial Metrology’s purpose is to ensure that instruments


25. Metrology is “the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology,” as defined by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM, 2004).

Metrology, Measurement, Measures

26. The Center for Precision Metrology is an interdisciplinary association of UNC Charlotte faculty and student researchers, allied with industrial partners in the research, development and integration of precision Metrology as applied to manufacturing

Metrology, Manufacturing

27. The Industrial Metrology business group is a leading manufacturer of multidimensional Metrology solutions

Metrology, Manufacturer, Multidimensional

28. These include coordinate measuring machines, optical and multisensor systems and Metrology software for the automotive, aircraft, mechanical engineering, plastics …

Measuring, Machines, Multisensor, Metrology, Mechanical

29. Industrial Metrology, also referred to as Applied Metrology, covers the calibration, maintenance and quality control of measurement instruments used in industry

Metrology, Maintenance, Measurement

30. Legal Metrology is the branch that looks after the regulatory aspects of measurement and measurement instruments

Metrology, Measurement

31. Metrology for digital transformation day- january


32. Whilst Metrology is a catch all term that refers to measurement in general, in particular the terms below are generally used in the context of industrial dimensional Metrology - that is, the measurement of physical dimensions (i.e

Metrology, Measurement

33. Metrology is an aspect that has transitioned over the years from a theoretical concept to practical applications


34. From accessing the science of measurement in theoretical and practical means during ancient times, to current development of national and industry standards for quality control purposes of manufactured parts, Metrology has provided a means of accountability …

Measurement, Means, Manufactured, Metrology

35. Starrett Metrology Systems provide quick Return-On-Investment through increased product quality, user time savings and alternative equipment reduction


36. A0106201Description01: With Starrett Metrology products, the system is only a part of the whole package.


37. Metrology is a very old science; however, the distinction between legal and scientific Metrology is to be carefully distinguished


38. The chapter discusses scientific Metrology as far as measurements of natural radiation (NR) are concerned

Metrology, Measurements

39. The Metrology Services offered by Laboratory Testing Inc


40. LTI’s full-service Metrology lab is called LTI Metrology and is located near Philadelphia, PA (USA).


41. Optical Metrology Simple and reliable: Optical measurements Surface, Contour and Form Measuring Machines Maximum precision is our world X-Ray Systems Measuring Technology of the Future Industrial Microscopy Accelerate decision making Non-Destructive Tire Testing

Metrology, Measurements, Measuring, Machines, Maximum, Microscopy, Making

42. Exact Metrology sells, services and implements Metrology equipment from the 3D scanning industry's leading manufacturers

Metrology, Manufacturers

43. Our highly trained team can configure our comprehensive lineup of portable CMMs, 3D scanners, 3D laser scanners and 3D Metrology equipment & digitization equipment and software for practically any application.


44. Grand Rapids Metrology takes pride in selling and servicing the most accurate and precise Metrology equipment on the market

Metrology, Most, Market

45. Our Metrology specialists work with you to find the exact equipment needed for your business


46. If you are unfamiliar with any new Metrology equipment, GRM is available to train your team on usage and upkeep.


47. Manufacturer of Dimensional Measuring Equipment including Calipers, Micrometers, Form, Surface Roughness and Contour Metrology Systems; Bore Gages, Dial and Digital Indicators; Air Gages, Electronic Gages, Height Gages, Dimensional Standards, Gage Calibration Systems, Metrology Lab Gages, Optical and Contact Shaft Measurement Systems, Gear Metrology Systems, Custom Design …

Manufacturer, Measuring, Micrometers, Metrology, Measurement

48. Metrology.X Industrial and Instrumentation Training System, Mandaue City

Metrology, Mandaue

49. Metrologyx Training & Assessment Center, Inc


50. Training and Degrees for a Metrology Specialist


51. Metrology generally means a method of measuring numbers and volumes, mainly by using Metrology equipment

Metrology, Means, Method, Measuring, Mainly

52. Metrology, though often considered synonymous with measurement, is a more comprehensive concept that refers not only to an act of measurement itself but to measurement performed by factoring in errors and accuracy, as well as the performance and mechanisms of Metrology

Metrology, Measurement, More, Mechanisms

53. Nikon Metrology's optical measuring systems include autocollimators, digital height gages, measuring microscopes, optical comparators and software

Metrology, Measuring, Microscopes

54. Metrology is the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology

Metrology, Measurement

55. Metrology News E-Zine is updated daily providing the very latest in global Metrology and quality news from manufacturing industry around the world

Metrology, Manufacturing

56. Metrology News showcases new product introductions, technology, innovation, research, people, customer applications, industry trends and sector dynamics


57. Make Metrology News Your Daily Read.

Make, Metrology

58. Most Metrology technicians actually find jobs in the manufacturing and technology industries

Most, Metrology, Manufacturing

59. Show more How To Become a Metrology Technician

More, Metrology

60. If you're interested in becoming a Metrology technician, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need

Metrology, Much

61. We've determined that 30.9% of Metrology technicians have a bachelor's degree.


62. CGTC’s Metrology program meets the precision measurement needs of industry by preparing graduates, through both theoretical and hands-on laboratory work, to successfully enter the work force

Metrology, Meets, Measurement

63. The emphasis of this program is physical and electrical dimensional Metrology


64. Metrology is the science of measuring and characterizing tiny structures and materials, and there are a number of tools and technologies within this category

Metrology, Measuring, Materials

65. The critical-dimension scanning electron microscope (CD-SEM) is the workhorse Metrology tool in the » read …

Microscope, Metrology

66. Corning Tropel manufactures a complete line of non-contact Metrology instruments that measure surface form for flatness, parallelism, height, depth, surface finish, roughness or thickness, with sub-micron to nanometer accuracy in just seconds.

Manufactures, Metrology, Measure, Micron

67. The Journal of Scientific and Industrial Metrology is an open access platform after a thorough peer reviewing process


68. The journal accepts research articles, reviews and short communication that cover various aspects of the Metrology including: Acoustics, Ultrasound, Fluid flow, Electricity and magnetism, Length Metrology, Mass and derived quantities, Metrology medicine, …

Metrology, Magnetism, Mass, Medicine

69. Mitutoyo and the Mitutoyo Institute of Metrology is a worldwide organization

Mitutoyo, Metrology

70. Verus Metrology Partners is the world-leading provider of turnkey Metrology solutions specializing in complex plastic component geometries


71. As measurement inspection specialists, we utilize our bespoke Metrology fixtures along with our in-house measurement expertise to service a variety of industries including Medical Technology, FMCG, Automotive and Aerospace.

Measurement, Metrology, Medical

72. Our Metrology Technicians Resolve group and customer issues, seek to improve the overall productivity of the department, anticipate problems and initiates appropriate actions to eliminate them.


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METROLOGY [məˈträləjē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the elements of metrology?

In the area of measurement, BIPM has identified nine metrology areas, which are acoustics, electricity and magnetism, length, mass and related quantities, photometry and radiometry, ionizing radiation, time and frequency, thermometry, and chemistry. As of May 2019 no physical objects define the base units.

What are the objectives of metrology?

Although the basic objective of a measurement is to provide therequired accuracy at a minimum cost, metrology has further objectives ina modern engineering plant with different shapes which are: Complete evaluation of newly developed products. Determination of the process capabilities and ensure that these are better than the relevant component tolerances. Determination of the measuring instrument capabilities andensure that they are quite sufficient for their respective measurements. More items...

What does metrologist mean?

• METEOROLOGIST (noun) The noun METEOROLOGIST has 1 sense: 1. a specialist who studies processes in the earth's atmosphere that cause weather conditions. Familiarity information: METEOROLOGIST used as a noun is very rare.

What is another word for metrology?

Synonyms for metrology include altitude, amount, amplitude, analysis, appraisal, area, assessment, calibration, capacity and computation. Find more similar words at ...

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