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1. Meteorite, any fairly small natural object from interplanetary space—i.e., a meteoroid —that survives its passage through Earth’s atmosphere and lands on the surface

Meteorite, Meteoroid

2. A Meteorite is a fragment of rock or iron from outer space, usually a meteoroid or asteroid, which survives passage through the atmosphere as a meteor to impact the surface of the Earth

Meteorite, Meteoroid, Meteor

3. Meteorites are believed to originate in the asteroid belt between the planets of Mars and Jupiter.

Meteorites, Mars

4. Meteorites may resemble Earth rocks, but they usually have a burned exterior that can appear shiny

Meteorites, May

5. This “fusion crust” forms as the Meteorite’s outer surface melts while passing through the atmosphere

Meteorite, Melts

6. There are three major types of Meteorites: the "irons," the "stonys," and the stony-irons.

Major, Meteorites

7. Meteorites come in three different large classes, Stone (Stony), Iron, and Stony-Iron Meteorites. But, to be honest there are a lot more actual types within the three classes so it can be complicated to make a refined classification

Meteorites, More, Make

8. Iron Meteorite: Detail of a polished and etched slice from a siderite (iron) Meteorite found in the Brenham, Kansas strewnfield in 2005 by professional Meteorite hunter Steve Arnold


9. Meteorite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Meteorite, Mythology, Myths

10. Appraised for its psychic ability, Meteorite contemplates as a genius boulder


11. The Meteorite is a nugget that is conceived to engage the energies of the universe


12. Your rock has a rough exterior, unlike the smooth appearance of most stony Meteorites. It has lots of vesicles (holes, gas bubbles); vesicles are rare in Meteorites but common in Earth rocks and slags

Most, Meteorites

13. Warning: The Campbell Geology Museum is not a Meteorite Identification Service

Museum, Meteorite

14. Definition: A rock that is believed to be a Meteorite but turns out to be an earth rock


15. Meteorites are the last stage in the existence of these type of space rocks


16. Before they were Meteorites, the rocks were meteor s

Meteorites, Meteor

17. GET HANDS ON The Holsinger Meteorite, weighing 1,406 lbs., is the largest ever found at Meteor Crater

Meteorite, Meteor

18. Come see and feel the surface of this incredible piece of history! THAT'S A BIG ROCK Traveling at speeds of over 26,000 mph, this 150 foot wide Meteorite weighed 300,000 tons and formed the 550 foot deep, mile wide impact crater.

Mph, Meteorite, Mile

19. A Meteorite is a space rock that passes through the atmosphere and lands on Earth


20. We have many Meteorites for sale including Iron, Stone, Stony-Iron, Martian, and Lunar Meteorites

Many, Meteorites, Martian

21. We also have tektites, impactites as well as unique gifts, Meteorite rings and jewelry.


22. Meteorites are pieces of solid cosmic material — iron, stone, or a mixture of both — that have landed on Earth

Meteorites, Material, Mixture

23. The Meteorite Market was the web's first Meteorite photo catalog

Meteorite, Market

24. If the rock you’ve found is a freshly fallen Meteorite, it will be black and shiny as a result of having burned through the atmosphere


25. After a long time spent on Earth, however, the iron metal in the Meteorite will turn to rust, leaving the Meteorite a rusty brown.

Metal, Meteorite

26. The surface of a freshly fallen Meteorite will appear black and shiny due to the presence of a "fusion crust," the result of frictional heating and abrasion (or ablation) of the outer surface of the rock as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere (see Pasamonte, below).


27. A Meteorite is a small piece of a meteor that fell from space

Meteorite, Meteor

28. When a Meteorite strikes Earth, it hits with such force that it heats the rocks and soil in the impact area


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30. A "fall" is a Meteorite that was observed as it fell, and then collected


31. A "find" is a Meteorite that was not observed to fall but that was later recognized by distinct features and collected


32. A “cold find” is a Meteorite find in an area where Meteorites have not previously been recovered or observed.

Meteorite, Meteorites

33. Once a meteor lands on the Earth’s surface, it is classified as a Meteorite.

Meteor, Meteorite

34. A Meteorite is a natural object of extraterrestrial origin that survives passage through the atmosphere


35. An unusual Meteorite, more valuable than gold, may hold the building blocks of life

Meteorite, More, May

36. Stony Meteorites contain small flecks of metal that are evenly distributed throughout the Meteorite

Meteorites, Metal, Meteorite

37. The metal in a Meteorite has the unusual characteristic of containing up to 7% nickel

Metal, Meteorite

38. This is a definitive test of a Meteorite, but requires a chemical analysis or acid etching to detect


39. The chunk that has survived its fiery journey is called a Meteorite


40. A small body starts its life as a meteoroid floating through space between the planets until it makes a bright streak of light in Earth’s atmosphere as a meteor and then, if it isn’t consumed by frictional heating, finally lands on the ground as a Meteorite.

Meteoroid, Makes, Meteor, Meteorite

41. Meteorite falls, also called observed falls, are Meteorites collected after their fall from space was observed by people or automated devices

Meteorite, Meteorites

42. Meteorite definition is - a meteor that reaches the surface of the earth without being completely vaporized.

Meteorite, Meteor

43. A fireball that lit up the sky over the United Kingdom and Northern Europe on February 28 was an extremely rare type of Meteorite


44. Meteorite is MKV / Matroska file repair engine

Meteorite, Mkv, Matroska

45. A Meteorite found in a Taiga biome


46. Meteorites are made up almost entirely of Sky Stone , and may be as small as 5 blocks in diameter or large enough to fill a small vanilla chest with Sky Stone

Meteorites, Made, May

47. Meteorites on the surface will be found in a crater, which may have random blocks scattered in the area (e.g

Meteorites, May

48. Glass for a Meteorite in a sandy biome


49. Meteorite is a treasure"―Robert M


50. In Meteorite, chemist and geoscientist Tim Gregory weaves a colorful tapestry of historical and scientific stories with an eye towards the latest developments


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52. Meteorite name: when found or purchased: lunar rock type 1: mass (grams) where found or purchased: total Fe as FeO (%) Th (ppm) click on number for chemical classification: less feldspathic (anorthositic norite and troctolite) breccias with little mare basalt: 97: Dhofar 925/ 960/ 961: 2003/ 2007: glassy to regolith breccia: 106: Oman: 7.2-10.9

Meteorite, Mass, Mare

53. Meteorite Bars are a pre-Hardmode tier of bars


54. Crafting most items involving Meteorite requires the Meteorite to be crafted into bars first

Most, Meteorite

55. Meteorite Bars can be found as common items in Shadow Chests or in Gold Chests that generate close to The Underworld


56. A Meteorite is the term given to a piece of a comet or asteroid that falls into the Earth’s atmosphere and survives to hit the surface


57. The 4-billion-year-old Gibeon Meteorite, weighing between 50 and 70 tons, burst into smaller fragments high in the atmosphere and fell to Earth sometime between 10,000 and 30,000 years ago


58. Evan Yurman, David and Sybil’s son, and the company’s Chief Creative Officer, chose Gibeon Meteorite for its unique markings and

Meteorite, Markings

59. Review the Some Meteorite Realities


60. If you’re certain that you have a Meteorite, follow his What to Do If You Think That You've Found a Meteorite


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65. A Meteorite is a solid piece of debris from an object, such as a comet, asteroid, or meteoroid, that originates in outer space and survives its passage through …

Meteorite, Meteoroid

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an earth rock and a meteorite?

In rocks that have been on the ground for a while, the fusion crust might have chipped away, revealing that the rock is a different colour inside. That is a helpful sign. Heavy : A meteorite is a dense rock, sometimes with iron inside, so it should feel heavier than a normal earth rock of the same size.

What is the meaning of a meteorite?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Meteorite. A meteorite is a meteoroid originating in outer space that survives impact with the Earth's surface. A meteorite's size can range from small to extremely large.

What are some interesting facts about meteorites?

Facts about Meteorites. Millions of meteoroids travel through Earth’s atmosphere each day. When a meteor encounters our atmosphere and is vaporized, it leaves behind a trail. That “burning” meteoroid is called a meteor. The appearance of a number of meteors occurring in the same part of the sky over a period of time is called “meteor shower”.

What does a meteorite look like?

Confirm that the rock has an irregular shape. Contrary to what you might expect, most meteorites are not round. Instead, they are typically quite irregular, with sides of varying size and shape. Although some meteorites may develop a conical shape, most will not appear aerodynamic once they land. Nov 18 2019

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