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1. The leading Metallurgical engineers in the aluminium industry are available to consult with customers


2. Extensive Metallurgical testing has already been completed


3. The river is already heavily polluted by chemical and Metallurgical


4. Metallurgical, Mining and Geological Engineers are a type of engineering geologist that work with the logistics of mines and mining - existing and new mines

Metallurgical, Mining, Mines

5. Find Metallurgical equipment and other new and used laboratory equipment for sale and auction at LabX


6. Metallurgical Supply Co., Inc (METSUCO) has been in business for over 30 years

Metallurgical, Metsuco

7. Topics include various Metallurgical phenomena which, if disregarded, can lead to cracking, porosity, or welds with poor properties.


8. Metallurgical coal, also known as coking coal, is used to produce coke, the primary source of carbon used in steelmaking


9. The Metallurgical plants use coal, coke, oil, gas, and electricity (generally coal based) to meet their needs for energy

Metallurgical, Meet

10. ‘The main arguments for a date sometime after the mid-nineteenth century are those relating to electro-gilding, blow torch brazing and the Metallurgical analyses.’ ‘The grinding machine has no heat-affected zone, and operates without creating work hardening, a recast layer, or Metallurgical damage.’

Main, Mid, Metallurgical, Machine

11. Engel Metallurgical clients include attorneys, insurance company representatives and members of a broad range of industries, including chemical, agricultural, aviation, power generation, construction, transportation and manufacturing.

Metallurgical, Members, Manufacturing

12. Metallurgical technicians may conduct tests on the properties of metals, develop and modify test procedures and equipment, analyze data, and prepare reports

Metallurgical, May, Metals, Modify

13. Synonyms for Metallurgical in Free Thesaurus


14. 1 synonym for Metallurgical: metallurgic

Metallurgical, Metallurgic

15. What are synonyms for Metallurgical?


16.Metallurgical coke is made by destructive distillation of a blend of selected Bituminous coals (called Coking coal or Metallurgical coal) in special high temperature ovens in the absence of

Metallurgical, Made

17. Failure Analysis, Metallurgical Engineering, Corrosion Engineering, Hot tapping, Pipeline, Consultant


18. Ltd: proclaims the addition of a new report titled, Metallurgical Coke Market Report Till 2031 Global Manufacturers Analysis

Market, Metallurgical, Manufacturers

19. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is a diverse and interesting specialty that impacts nearly every facet of our economy

Metallurgical, Materials

20. According to the company, the anticipated 2018 Metallurgical coal sales consist of various grades of Metallurgical coal, with the majority of these sales from Alpha's Low Volatile, Medium Volatile and High Volatile A products.

Metallurgical, Majority, Medium

21. Metallurgical Analysis, also called Metallurgical Examination, Testing or Evaluation, can be a valuable source of information to any industry working with metals

Metallurgical, Metals

22. The engineers in Laboratory Testing Inc.’s Metallurgical analysis laboratory can examine samples to detect surface and internal flaws, determine microstructural features, evaluate

Metallurgical, Microstructural

23. The Metallurgical Laboratory (or Met Lab) was a scientific laboratory at the University of Chicago that was established in February 1942 to study and use the newly discovered chemical element plutonium.It researched plutonium's chemistry and metallurgy, designed the world's first nuclear reactors to produce it, and developed chemical processes to separate it from other elements.

Metallurgical, Met, Metallurgy

24. Definition of Metallurgical in the dictionary


25. What does Metallurgical mean? Information and translations of Metallurgical in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Metallurgical, Mean, Most

26. Metallurgical Testing Know Your Material’s Structure & Weaknesses

Metallurgical, Material

27. Metallurgical Testing typically uses microscopy to provide important information about the structure and properties of metal and alloy samples.These services are also called Metallography Evaluation, Metallographic Examination and Metallurgical Analysis.

Metallurgical, Microscopy, Metal, Metallography, Metallographic

28. Metallurgical (met) coal (sometimes referred to as coking coal) is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock found within the Earth’s crust

Metallurgical, Met

29. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering is an exceptionally broad field that encompasses five disciplines

Metallurgical, Materials

30. Applied Technical Services’ metallurgists and engineers analyze a variety of metals, ceramics, and composites each day and perform Metallurgical testing services for quality assurance, failure analysis, reverse engineering, and litigation support.

Metallurgists, Metals, Metallurgical

31. Metallurgical microscopes are offered in upright or inverted configurations

Metallurgical, Microscopes

32. An inverted Metallurgical microscope allows for examination of larger / taller samples, and will have reflected light only

Metallurgical, Microscope

33. Upright Metallurgical microscopes are available with both transmitted and reflected illumination.

Metallurgical, Microscopes

34. Metallurgical microscopes are useful for viewing a wide-array of opaque specimens – from rocks, to plastics and ceramics

Metallurgical, Microscopes

35. Typically, high powered, Metallurgical microscopes are designed for viewing solid objects which light cannot pass through and are equipped with larger stages, numerous objectives and a variety of light sources.

Metallurgical, Microscopes

36. The outlook for Arch's Metallurgical coal looks much better

Metallurgical, Much

37. Metallurgical Engineering Degree Requirements


38. Metallurgical Engineering majors spend a lot of time experimenting, research and writing reports on their findings.

Metallurgical, Majors

39. Metallurgical analysis reveals the condition and makeup of your materials with macro, micro and SEM examinations

Metallurgical, Makeup, Materials, Macro, Micro

40. 1 day ago · Amsterdam, 22 March 2021---AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V

March, Metallurgical

41. Metallurgical and materials engineering plays a role in all manufacturing processes which convert raw materials into useful products adapted to human needs

Metallurgical, Materials, Manufacturing

42. The primary goal of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering program is to provide undergraduates with a fundamental knowledge base associated with materials-processing, their properties

Metallurgical, Materials

43. Amsterdam, 11 March 2021 --- AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V

March, Metallurgical

44. The Electro Metallurgical discussion papers listed below are working documents prepared by NIOSH or its contractor for use in discussions with the Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health or its Working Groups or Subcommittees


45. A Metallurgical engineer is a type of materials engineer who specializes in the development, processing, and testing of metals

Metallurgical, Materials, Metals

46. Metallurgical Engineering is a broad field that deals with all sorts of metal-related areas

Metallurgical, Metal

47. Search Metallurgical engineer jobs


48. Get the right Metallurgical engineer job with company ratings & salaries


49. 718 open jobs for Metallurgical engineer.


50. Metallurgical, Mining & Materials Division - NSE, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Metallurgical, Mining, Materials

51. The Metallurgical, Mining and Materials (MMM) Division was inaugurated by

Metallurgical, Mining, Materials, Mmm

52. Metallurgical Product Engineer - 65K to 85K Base + Quarterly Bonus + Full Benefits + Matching 401K + Full Relocation Package

Metallurgical, Matching

53. Volt Workforce Solutions has an immediate opening for a Metallurgical Analyst to work in a long term contract position onsite with our customer in Mossville, IL

Metallurgical, Mossville

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METALLURGICAL [ˌmedlˈərjək(ə)l]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does metallurgical mean?

Meaning of metallurgical in English. metallurgical. › relating to metallurgy (= the scientific study of the structures and uses of metals): The leading metallurgical engineers in the aluminium industry are available to consult with customers.

What are the different types of metallurgy?

Different types of metals and their uses

  • Ferrous metals.
  • Non-ferrous metals.
  • Noble metals.
  • Heavy metals.
  • Metal alloy
  • What is metallurgical process?

    Modern metallurgy is divided into two subtypes. Process metallurgy refers to the steps involved in producing metals, in most cases, from sulfides or oxides, and then refining them in their reduced form through electrolysis or selective oxidation of impurities.

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