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1. Metallicity definition is - the quality or state of being metallic.

Metallicity, Metallic

2. Metallicity is the property of a metal to conduct electricity or heat. A simple metal is directly tied to its transport properties

Metallicity, Metal

3. 3.2 Metallicity and SFR Together with the available gas supplies, Metallicity and SFR are properties that intrinsically depend on one another. As mentioned earlier, most of the heavy elements are produced in short lived massive stars and released after their terminal explosion.

Metallicity, Mentioned, Most, Massive

4. In astronomy and physical cosmology, the Metallicity of an object is the proportion of its matter made up of chemical elements other than hydrogen and helium.

Metallicity, Matter, Made

5. Metallicity (plural metallicities) The quality or state of being metallic. (astronomy) The abundance of elements heavier than helium in stars as a result of nucleosynthesis.

Metallicity, Metallicities, Metallic

6. However, the dependence of this law on Metallicity is still largely debated


7. In this paper, we combine three samples of Cepheids in the Milky Way (MW), the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) and the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) in order to derive the Metallicity term (hereafter $\gamma$) of the PL relation

Milky, Mw, Magellanic, Metallicity

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9. My current project is focused on calibrating the behavior of the tip of the red giant branch in the near-infrared, and I have previously worked on emission line stars, RR Lyrae period-luminosity-Metallicity relations, and instrumentation for the Wide-Field Camera 3 on the Hubble Telescope.

My, Metallicity

10. A second way to characterize Metallicity is through the alpha-to-iron ratio, [ /Fe], which involve elements built by combining helium nuclei, such as Oxygen, Silicon, Neon, etc


11. Two channels to build up Metallicity enhancements:


12. Metallicity is a term in astronomy that refers to the proportion of elements in an astronomical object (usually a star) that are other than hydrogen or helium.In astronomy, all elements heavier then hydrogen and helium are collectively referred to with the blanket term "metals"

Metallicity, Metals

13. Unlike carbon nanotubes (which can exhibit metallicity depending on their chirality), isolated armchair and zigzag graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) always feature a …


14. Metallicity The Metallicity of an object is the proportion of its material that is made up of metals. In astronomy, the term 'metals' is used for any element heavier than hydrogen or helium

Metallicity, Material, Made, Metals

15. Metallicity is an informative property of dwarf galaxies, offering insight into a dwarf galaxy’s history of gas accretion, loss, and star formation, which helps us understand the dynamics of galaxy formation


16. We studied the Metallicity, stellar age, and halo environment of satellite dwarf galaxies in the Justice League high-resolution


17. Metallicity project, Таллин


18. The Metallicity Distribution Function (MDF) is a hallmark of a stellar population

Metallicity, Mdf

19. For example, we know that the halo is characterized by a mean [Fe/H] ~ -1.6 while the MDF of the disk is centered closer to solar Metallicity.

Mean, Mdf, Metallicity

20. The Metallicity is typically determined by measuring the abundance of iron in the photosphere relative to the abundance of hydrogen.

Metallicity, Measuring

21. In the past years, a systematic downward revision of the Metallicity of the Sun has led to the "solar modeling problem", namely the disagreement between predictions of standard solar models and inferences from helioseismology.

Metallicity, Modeling, Models

22. Astronomers use the term “Metallicity” in reference to elements heavier than hydrogen and helium, such as oxygen, silicon, and iron.


23. Dimensional, volume-complete Metallicity distribution of »2.5 million F/G stars at heliocentric distances of up to »8 kpc

Metallicity, Million

24. SDSS spectroscopic Metallicity was used to calibrate a photometric Metallicity indicator based on the u ¡ g and g ¡ r colors, and an explicit Metallicity dependence term was added to the photometric parallax relation.


25. The Metallicity distribution function is an important concept in stellar and galactic evolution.It is a curve of what proportion of stars have a particular Metallicity ([Fe/H], the relative abundance of iron and hydrogen) of a population of stars such as in a cluster or galaxy.


26. The main factor in determining open cluster Metallicity appears to be galactocentric radius (e.g

Main, Metallicity

27. Since U-B color measures both simultaneously, to separate Metallicity and temperature effects one can make a "two-color diagram" where B-V sorts stars by temperature, and variations in U-B show Metallicity effects

Measures, Metallicity, Make

28. The Metallicity distribution of stars as a function of position in the Galactic disc would be an interesting constraint on chemical evolution studies of the Galaxy


29. Transition metal-free magnetism and half-Metallicity recently has been the subject of intense research activity due to its potential in spintronics application

Metal, Magnetism, Metallicity

30. More interestingly, room-temperature ferromagnetism, graphene–CaCl heterojunction, coexistence of piezoelectricity-like property and Metallicity, as well as the distinct hydrogen storage and release capability of the CaCl crystals in rGO membranes are experimentally demonstrated.

More, Metallicity, Membranes

31. They have been building Metallicity, extinction, and star formation maps of supernovae-rich galaxies like the Fireworks Galaxy

Metallicity, Maps

32. The Metallicity distributions of dIrrs resemble simple, leaky box chemical evolution models, whereas dSphs require an additional parameter, such as gas accretion, to explain the shapes of their Metallicity distributions

Metallicity, Models

33. Furthermore, the Metallicity distributions of the more luminous dSphs have sharp, metal-rich cut-offs that are consistent

Metallicity, More, Metal

34. Metallicity (met-ă-liss -ă-tee) (metal abundance) Symbol: Z

Metallicity, Met, Metal

35. Since metals are produced by nucleosynthesis in stars, the Metallicity of an object or class of objects depends on when it was formed: objects of later origin in general have a higher

Metals, Metallicity

36. We study the effect of multiple SNe using idealized 1D hydrodynamic simulations which explore a large parameter space of the number of SNe, and the background gas density and Metallicity.

Multiple, Metallicity

37. Http:// What is Metallicity? What does Metallicity mean? Metallicity meaning - Metallicity pronunciation - Metallicity defini

Metallicity, Mean, Meaning

38. In terms of Metallicity, massive ellipticals with bigger velocity dispersions are a bit more metal-rich than the Sun, whilst smaller galaxies may get down half the solar Metallicity

Metallicity, Massive, More, Metal, May

39. The gradient in Metallicity is attributed to the density of stars in the galactic center: there are more stars in the centre of the galaxy and so, over time, more metals have been returned to the interstellar medium and incorporated into new stars

Metallicity, More, Metals, Medium

40. By a similar mechanism, larger galaxies tend to have a higher Metallicity than their smaller

Mechanism, Metallicity

41. Katharsys - Metallicity LP by Katharsys, released 13 February 2017 1


42. Additional Metallicity measure- and Metallicity at z & 2, as the quantity 12 + log(O/H) ments, based on other indicators that use a wider set of increases monotonically from < 8.2 for galaxies with emission lines, are needed to confirm the trend with stel- hM⋆ i = 2.7 × 109 M⊙ to 8.6 for galaxies with hM⋆ i = lar mass revealed by the N 2

Metallicity, Measure, Ments, Monotonically, Mass

43. The Metallicity difference between the two hemispheres is nearly zero at pc and increases to Δ[Fe/H] = 0.05 dex at pc


44. We present optical longslit spectra for a subset of the xGASS and xCOLD GASS galaxies to investigate the correlation between radial Metallicity profiles and cold gas content


45. GRAPHENE Inducing Metallicity in graphene nanoribbons via zero-mode superlattices Daniel J

Metallicity, Mode

46. Metallicity (met-ă-liss -ă-tee) (metal abundance) Symbol: Z

Metallicity, Met, Metal

47. Since metals are produced by nucleosynthesis in stars, the Metallicity of an object or class of objects depends on when it was formed: objects of later origin in general have a higher

Metals, Metallicity

48. @article{osti_7188661, title = {Metallicity and RR Lyrae light curves}, author = {Simon, N R}, abstractNote = {The quantitative technique of Fourier decomposition is used here to revive the idea of a relation between Metallicity and light curve structure among the field RR(ab) stars


49. One of the ways we categorize stars is by their Metallicity


50. Metallicity effects on open cluster dynamics 1209 Hurley et al


51. Here we report a Metallicity of 0.09 times solar for a massive cloud that is falling into the disk of the Milky Way

Metallicity, Massive, Milky

52. Surprisingly, Trappist-1 type planetary systems, known as compact and multiple planet systems, seem to preferentially form around low-Metallicity stars

Multiple, Metallicity

53. The correlation between the gas giant planet occurrence and the Metallicity of their host stars has long been established


54. Metallicity project, Таллин


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